Despite the absence of a lagoon and the cliffs that surround it, Easter Island has a few beaches perfect for a dip or an afternoon at the water’s edge. The Moai are never far away, imbuing the place with a delightful sense of timelessness. Discover the best beaches on Easter Island.

Beaches in the North of Easter Island

Anakena Beach: the Best Beach on Easter Island

Located in the north of the island, Anakena Beach is the ideal place to live the Polynesian dream. Its white sand and calm waters make it a favorite bathing destination. In addition to a picnic area, you can enjoy a meal at one of the on-site snack bars and also have access to public toilets for a fee. Just 25 miles from Hanga Roa, you can reach Anakena beach in less than half an hour by car and 90 minutes by bike.

Anakena beach is also a formidable historical site. You’ll be swimming close to the magnificent statues of Easter Island: the Moai of Ahu Ature Huki and Ahu Nau Nau. Culture and relaxation come together in an extraordinary atmosphere.

Anakena Beach, north of Easter Island

How to Get to Anakena Beach?

Ovahe Beach: a Jewel Case of Paradise

Not far from Anakena beach, Ovahe beach looks like something out of a fairytale. The pinkish colors of the sand, the turquoise blue of the ocean, the red rock of the cliff and a tiny strip of sand facing the forces of nature. It’s an exceptional sight: Ovahe beach is a natural jewel.

This is a time for contemplation, as swimming is not recommended. Difficult to access due to tides and rocks in the way, Ovahe beach is unsupervised and the risk of rockslides cannot be ruled out. A beautiful destination for the pleasure of the eyes.

Ovahe Beach, north of Easter Island

How to Get to Ovahe Beach?

Beaches on Easter Island in Hanga Roa

Pea Beach: a Natural Pool Downtown

After a hike on Easter Island, when you return to Hanga Roa, you’ll enjoy a refreshing swim at the tiny Plea Beach. Situated on the roadside, the beach continues with a natural pool. Safe and shallow, the pool fills up as the waves roll in: an ideal place for children to play before enjoying a meal in one of the many nearby establishments.

We recommend visiting Pea’s natural pool at the end of the day. You’ll enjoy a beautiful sunset and the immediate presence of the two Moai of ahu Tautira. A picture-postcard setting in the city center and a well-deserved vacation atmosphere!

Pea Beach pool, Easter Island

How to Get to Pea Beach?

Hanga Vare Vare Beach: a Natural Swimming Pool

Not far from downtown Hanga Roa lies a magnificent natural swimming pool. Rarely visited by tourists, the pool enjoys an extraordinary view of the waves and ocean. The water is warm and the grass replaces the sand, ideal for lounging after a swim. For safety reasons, it’s best to bring water shoes and beware of slippery steps.

Between swims, you can visit the nearby cemetery. This place of remembrance is beautifully decorated with lots of color and flowers. A great opportunity to discover the forms of remembrance and local culture on Easter Island!

Natural ocean pool at Hanga Vare Vare

How to Get to Hanga Vare Vare Beach?

Discover the Beaches on Easter Island

Easter Island’s beaches sometimes offer paradisiacal landscapes, often atypical experiences. All you have to do is discover them for yourself! Find your flight to Easter Island and contact us to organize your next trip to the Polynesian Triangle.