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Moorea, a Condensed Polynesian Land

Located less than 30 km from Tahiti, Moorea is the second largest island in the Society Archipelago. Its name refers to ancient beliefs and marvelous stories: the island owes its name to a yellow (= rea) lizard (= mo’o) abandoned by its parents and washed ashore. A land of stories and legends, it is the gateway to Polynesian culture. Its natural landscapes are of great beauty and are enhanced by discreet and quality tourist infrastructures. The island that is called the “sister island” of Tahiti is also very easy to access by plane and boat. Moorea is the ideal destination for a first experience of the beauty of the islands.

About Moorea

  • Location: Society Archipelago

  • Area: 134 km²

  • Population : 17.700 inhabitants

  • Main City: Afareaitu

  • From Tahiti: 27 km, 15 mins

  • Airport: Temae

Why Visit Moorea

Moorea offers a heavenly setting, multiplying colors and contrasts. The turquoise blue of the lagoon blends with the green of the majestic mountains and the white of the fine sand of the beaches. The beauty of the relief is striking. The steep slopes almost entirely covered with vegetation overhang lush forests but also pineapple plantations that will put all your senses to work. This incredible diversity allows fantastic panoramas.

More authentic and wilder, the island can be appreciated in the calm of the natural wonders and the Polynesian culture. After visiting the overflowing Papeete, one appreciates the change of atmosphere and the ambient tranquility. However, the island is far from being cut off from the rest of the world. Moorea lives at the rhythm of a discreet modernity, avoiding for the traveler a too brutal disorientation. The local shops are there and many restaurants of various ranges will satisfy the desires of the most gourmands. In addition, the island offers a wide range of aquatic and pedestrian activities to make your stay unforgettable.

For couples or families, Moorea is the perfect place to start or end your stay in French Polynesia.

The Essentials Of Moorea

1. Beaches and Lagoon

Moorea offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Polynesia. Regularly maintained and with sanitary facilities, they are a must-see. Among the most popular beaches on the island, the magnificent public beach of Temae with its white sand provides a breathtaking view of the lagoon. As such, the experience is already unique.

The lagoon benefits from a remarkable biodiversity. It is a protected natural park, where endangered species now find refuge. One can observe coral, crustaceans and mollusks in clear and translucent waters. Further on, black tip sharks and stingrays are doing their usual ballet. At certain times of the year, you can also watch dolphins and whales in the ocean. There is no doubt that this extremely rich underwater fauna is an important asset for Moorea and a must for snorkeling fans.

2. Mountains

On the land side, Moorea offers incredible mountains. No less than eight mountain ranges cover the island’s surface. Mount Tohiea, the highest point, and Mou’a Puta, the famous pierced mountain, rise to more than 1,000 meters and are a reminder of past volcanic activity. In addition, some of the coves with an almost mystical charm are among the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Even the most inexperienced hikers will find here an adventure ground. One can enjoy the search for remarkable viewpoints. Excursions with flowers and fruits take place in almost unreal landscapes. There is also nothing like venturing into the pineapple plantations which also make the reputation of the island. Hiking in Moorea is a must.

3. Polynesian Culture of Yesteryear and Today

It is undoubtedly on Moorea that the initiation to the Polynesian culture will begin, by discovering in particular its legends. Many inhabitants continue to pass on these heroic tales. The island has several archaeological sites that are relatively easy to access. The ruins of these sanctuaries are an opportunity to learn more about the ancient religious and warrior rites.

Besides the tourist areas in the north of the island, a more authentic life appears along the west and south coasts. Villages follow one another, revealing several beautiful immaculate churches. Everywhere else, the pastel colors of the houses are lost in contact with a rich and green nature. On Moorea, the important thing is to let yourself be surprised.

Villas on Moorea's Lagoon

Moorea in a Nutshell

Moorea benefits from an exceptional natural environment. Its paradisiacal beaches, its lagoon with varied corals and impressive fauna are combined with a vegetation and a relief just as remarkable. It is one of the most complete places in Polynesia and the proximity between the mountains and the lagoon reinforces the contrasts and the immersion.

Moorea will be one of the essential steps of a stay in French Polynesia. Discovering the island and its population requires time. Given the generosity and diversity of activities, three nights on the island are necessary. For any information, please contact us. Our travel agents team will be happy to help you organize the best vacations in Moorea!

Good to Know

  • Access: Flying is not the only option to get to Moorea. From Papeete, several ferries run in less than an hour. This is both an economical and environmentally friendly solution. In addition, the crossing by boat will give rise to nice pictures.

  • Accommodation: The hotel offer on Moorea is very diverse: guesthouses, luxury hotels, camping and even Airbnb accommodations. Whether it’s for a romantic trip or a family weekend, there is something for everyone.

  • Beaches: Moorea has three beautiful public beaches. Far from the private spaces of the big hotels, it is a local and family atmosphere that you can enjoy in all relaxation on weekends. Perhaps the opportunity to meet the residents.

  • Transport: Moorea is far too big to walk around it. It is still 60 km in circumference! For getting around, you can turn to a scooter or car rental agency to hire a vehicle by the day.

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