Moorea is a small paradise 30 minutes from Papeete by boat. You will be able to venture on hiking trails, discover the motus on the lagoon and of course enjoy the dream beaches. As is often the case in French Polynesia, you will have to take into account the seasons to avoid the rains and travel at low prices. What is the best time to visit Moorea? Let’s find out.

November to April: Moorea in the Rain

Que faire à Moorea quand il pleut ?

Expect Some Rain!

During the austral summer, French Polynesia goes through a wet season. Rainfall is higher and more frequent than the rest of the year. Sometimes storms last several days, especially in January and February. Even during the breaks in the weather, the sky often remains dull and overcast. However, temperatures are always warm at 28°C. Therefore, be prepared for sweltering humidity.

Showers are mostly sudden and heavy. In between showers, you will be able to swim in the warm waters of Moorea’s beaches and discover the island as you never imagined. However, when traveling at this time of year, you will certainly not be able to go hiking.

Take the Time to Discover Moorea

There is always something to do in Moorea when it rains! You can do several lagoon or ocean dives in peace and quiet. Fewer people means a unique welcome in the dive centers. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to visit the island in a cocoon: you can attend Polynesian workshops on cooking or tattooing. You can also enjoy the scent of monoi during a massage in Moorea.

The other advantage of the season is of course more affordable prices in hotels in Moorea. They take advantage of the low season to offer very interesting discounts on overnight stays, especially in overwater bungalows. Airfare is also significantly reduced. It is a good deal to discover the islands quietly.

May to June: The Sun Comes Back!

Randonnée à Moorea : À la découverte des plus beaux panoramas

Best Time to Visit Moorea: When the Austral Winter Starts

With fewer rain showers and still warm temperatures, the cool air makes mountain trips possible and lagoon excursions almost seamless. However, you will not be completely safe from a thunderstorm.

Nevertheless, the weather conditions are much more clement. This time of year is very pleasant and will satisfy all lovers of water sports and hiking in Moorea.

When Getting to Moorea Is Still Affordable

The tourist season is starting in French Polynesia, but international visitors and Tahitian residents are still quiet. The school vacations have not yet started: the weather is still quiet and above all very cost-effective.

Airline tickets are still affordable and inter-island flights with Air Tahiti are in low season until May 31, thus cheaper. In addition, hotels are continuing their seasonal practice of offering low-cost packages.

July to August: Perfect Weather to Visit Moorea

Plage publique de Temae à Moorea, Polynésie Française

Enjoy the Mountains and the Lagoon!

From July onwards, rainfall reaches its lowest level and you will enjoy maximum sunshine. The dry season is also characterized by temperatures averaging 25°C and the night brings the ideal coolness for a restful sleep. Go to Temae beach or to the Moorea golf course: the climate lends itself to it and you won’t regret it!

July and August are the ideal time to visit Moorea. Activities on the lagoon take place in good weather and you will enjoy long walks in the interior of the island. The Belvedere is the focal point of all hiking on the island, revealing intimate trails in the heart of the green and beautiful vegetation.

Going to Moorea When Tourism Is Highest

These great visiting conditions coincide with the peak of tourist activity on the island and it gets a little more crowded. You’ll have less privacy, perhaps less authenticity, and you’ll have to book your table well in advance for lunch at one of Moorea’s best restaurants.

As a result, prices increase and availability at the best guesthouses is reduced. International and domestic flights are also more expensive. Deals are still possible, but are rare. In any case, remember to book well in advance if you wish to visit Moorea during these perfect months.

September to October: Best Time to Visit Moorea

Sortie snorkeling à Moorea, Polynésie française

Golden Months to Visit Moorea

By September, most international visitors have returned home and Tahitian residents only visit Moorea on weekends. Tourist sites are less crowded and hotels are more affordable than in July and August.

By choosing this period, you will benefit from a still very pleasant climate: little rain and a perfect sunshine. However, the tourist activity continues before the beginning of the wet season and everything works perfectly! This is your opportunity to discover and appreciate Moorea in a discreet and authentic way.

Meet Whales in Moorea

September and October are also the ideal period for whale watching in Moorea. The huge whales swim off the island until early November, before migrating again. So board a boat and go meet them in the company of an instructor.

The observation is done in the respect of the animal and its environment. If the security conditions are met, you can even swim with them! This is one of the best activities in Moorea that you can enjoy as a group, family or couple. This experience will leave you with wonderful memories of French Polynesia.

On Your Way to the Polynesian Paradise!

It’s time to take the road to French Polynesia and discover all these treasures by yourself. Going to Moorea has never been so close at hand. Contact us today to organize your stay in the South Pacific Islands.