Hiking in Moorea is a must-do activity, as are excursions on the lagoon. The mesmerizing mountains provide an opportunity to discover breathtaking panoramic points. Hiking also means taking the time to explore the rainforest.

Opunohu Lookout: Center of Hiking in Moorea

Easily accessible by foot or by car from Cook’s Bay, the Opunohu Lookout is an extraordinary viewpoint. It offers a panoramic view of Moorea’s bays on both sides of Mount Rotui. It is also the central point for many hikes to discover the valleys.

Pass of the Three Coconut Trees

From the Lookout, you will go to the meeting of a most bewitching nature. You will see an incredible and unexpected bamboo forest. On your way, you will cross several streams and will be able to admire a magnificent waterfall.

The round trip hike is 7 km long. Of moderate difficulty, you will need less than three hours. In the heart of the tropical forest, this excursion is done in the shade. However, you must be careful not to leave the marked path. Also pay attention to where you put your feet, so as not to stumble on the roots.

Hike to Mount Mata Ara in Moorea

Pineapple Road

This time, direction Lookout. From Opunohu Bay, you can walk or drive to the parking lot of the Tiki Parc. Here begins the Pineapple Road. You will cross impressive pineapple plantations and the remains of the Titiroa marae, an ancient stone temple. During two hours, you will enjoy an unreal landscape until the Lookout point of Belvedere.

After enjoying the fantastic panorama, you can make a stop at the Agronomy High School on your way back. A visit here is a must for all lovers of exoticism and sunny flavors. Fresh fruit juices, ice creams and jams await you.

Mount Mata’ara

Looking for a more mountainous challenge? Climb Mount Mata’ara! In the commune of Haapiti, in the southwest of the island, a guided hike of about 4h30 takes you into the heart of the tropical forest.

The walk is steep and quite physical. But once you reach the top, the panoramas reward all your efforts! It is also an opportunity to discover untouched landscapes and a vegetation full of mysteries.

Looking for More Accessible Viewpoints

Every trip to or from the Lookout point can be made with the help of an all-terrain vehicle. These modern-day safaris allow you to discover valleys and waterfalls. Because of the often muddy terrain, quad bikes are a good choice. However, walking is the safest way to reach all points. Fortunately, other routes are more accessible.

Magic Mountain: Essential Hiking in Moorea

The place bears its name very well. The magic mountain offers a breathtaking panorama on the Opunohu Bay and the immensity of the ocean. The path to take may seem quite steep but remains accessible to all. On the way, you will pass through a vegetation of fruit trees and wild flowers. It takes less than 45 minutes to reach the summit, at an altitude of 200 meters.

The departure is from a fruit stand. The path crosses a private property and you will have to pay a right of way of about $1,5. On your return, you can enjoy a delicious plate of tropical fruits. The Magic Mountain hike is certainly one of the best things to do in Moorea.

View on the bungalows in Moorea

Toatea Lookout

Less than an hour’s walk from the ferry landing is one of Moorea’s best views. From the ridges, this new lookout overlooks the overwater bungalows of the Sofitel Hotel. Below, you’ll see the incredible Temae Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Moorea. The scenery is magical and, in the distance, the sister island of Tahiti appears. Facing east, there is no sunset to admire, but an impression of intense beauty.

Very easily accessible by road, you can get there by car or by bike without any difficulty. It can be your first stop after leaving the ferry terminal.

Advice Before Going Hiking in Moorea

Although a good physical condition is required, the trails are generally accessible to all. However, some passages require more attention and can therefore sometimes become dangerous. For example, you can hike the sacred mountain Moua Puta, or “pierced mountain”, only with a professional guide.

Most of the paths are marked and well maintained. To explore the valleys from Opunohu Lookout, however, requires some experience in hiking or trail running. Bring a trail map and a GPS location to avoid getting lost.

Of course, follow the usual recommendations for hiking in Moorea as well as elsewhere in Polynesia by providing the necessary equipment. Sufficient water supplies, good shoes and a strong mosquito repellent are essential. It is also preferable to leave in the morning to avoid the tropical heat.

Exceptional panorama in Moorea

Want to Discover Moorea?

Moorea is a condensed Polynesian land waiting for you. The mountain tours are amazing, but the island has so much more to offer. Wondering what to do in Moorea during your stay? If walking is too much, then take a guided tour in a mini-van: less physical and just as rewarding! Contact us today!