The island of Moorea has many beaches, both public and private. All of them bring their own surprises, comfort and encounters. Some are more popular with locals and foreign visitors. Others offer a privileged contact with the aquatic fauna. Whether you go to the beach to swim, practice a water sport or enjoy an exceptional setting, everyone chooses according to their preferences and expectations. Five of them stand out as the most beautiful Moorea beaches.

1. Temae Beach

Probably the most popular beach in Moorea, Temae is located in the northeast of the island. Bordered by a row of coconut and palm trees, its white sand and crystal clear waters make it a must for swimming, snorkeling and contemplation. The lagoon is not deep, so the beach is ideal for both children and adults. In these warm waters and thanks to a light current, the aquatic fauna and the coral massifs are right on. Stingrays and multicolored fish accompany you during your snorkeling trips. Coming to Temae beach is definitely one of the best things to do in Moorea.

Teama Beach in Moorea, French Polynesia

This public beach offers a breathtaking view of the island of Tahiti, the mountains of Moorea and the adjacent Sofitel hotel‘s bungalows on stilts where you can enjoy fruit cocktails and other tropical flavors. It is all the more appreciable that this establishment belongs to the best hotels in Moorea. Easily accessible with parking and shower/toilet facilities, the beach is a popular place for locals to gather on weekends for family celebrations. An opportunity to meet them in a setting worthy of the most beautiful postcards.

How to Get to Temae Beach?

2. Ta’ahiamanu Beach

A large golden sand beach awaits visitors at the tip of Opunohu Bay. The view of the lagoon and the sailboats is breathtaking, and the place benefits from a very active aquatic fauna due to the presence of a pit nearby. So be careful not to drift towards the lateral ends which open on the ocean. It is a spot appreciated for snorkeling and the discovery of turtles, rays and multicolored fish. Ideal to leave with flippers and mask. The work of cuttings brings the coral back to life.

Ta'ahimanu Beach in Moorea, French Polynesia

Bordered by palm trees and coconut palms (beware of the head), the beach has the merit of being well maintained and offers regularly cleaned showers/toilets. Therefore, the place is popular with locals on Sundays and holidays, and less with daily tourists. A typical atmosphere, mixing songs and laughter, and the promise of beautiful meetings. During the week, the beach will be deserted, and thus perfect to enjoy nature intensely. The sunsets are exceptional and contribute to make this place a must-see.

How to Get to Ta’ahiamanu Beach?

3. Tiahura Beach

Located on the west coast of Moorea, on the site of the former Club Med, this public beach was inaugurated in October 2017. The objective was to revitalize the local attractiveness, at half-mast since the closure of the tourist complex in the 2000s. Open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., the site offers, in addition to its white sand beach, a relaxation area and amenities such as showers/toilets. All this in the shade of palm trees and close to shops to better enjoy a picnic in the park and a morning at the beach.

Tiahura Beach in Moorea, French Polynesia

The beach is beautiful with an incredible view of the lagoon and the immensity of the ocean. Less popular with tourists and day-trippers, it offers peace and quiet, and snorkeling is as easy as ever: the areas are indeed shallow. It is an ideal area for families and for those who love bright skies. The west orientation offers breathtaking sunsets until the last rays and the play of colors becomes quite stunning.

How to Get to Tiahura Beach?

4. Private Beach of the Hilton Hotel

At the Hilton, you will have access to one of the most beautiful beaches in Moorea, as well as to snorkeling and kayaking equipment. In fact, directly across from the hotel’s private beach is one of the finest diving spots in Moorea to observe aquatic life.

The private beach of Hilton hotel in Moorea, French Polynesia

Afterwards, you can enjoy some refreshments and snacks. So going to the beach is no longer an end in itself. It’s also an opportunity to experience the services of a luxury hotel. Some may even book a massage session and enjoy the magic of the spa in Moorea. It’s a real little piece of paradise.

How to Get to Moorea Hilton Hotel?

5. Private Beach of the Coco Beach Restaurant

Ideally located on an islet in the northeast of the island, Coco Beach offers a magical dining experience. The motu Tiahura on which it was built off Hauru Point is isolated from the rest of the world. It offers an extraordinary view of the turquoise blue lagoon and the green mountains of Moorea. You can reach it by shuttle from the pier of the Tipaniers hotel. The meal is taken at the edge of the lagoon. You can reserve your table well in advance and, given the location, the bill will be high.

Moorea Tiahura & Fareone Motu, French Polynesia

This would be forgetting the paradisiacal setting and the grandiose perspectives that the spot offers. A small beach allows a time of bathing or digestive relaxation. Before taking the shuttle again (the last one leaves the motu at 4 pm), we will practice snorkeling. Indeed, black tip sharks and rays are here in number. When you come to Coco Beach, it is not only a meal that you will enjoy but also an enchanting experience.

How to Get to Coco Beach Restaurant?

Go to the activities on the lagoon!

The best way to enjoy the lagoon is to take part in the many activities that take place there. It is also to discover the beautiful beaches of Moorea from another angle. Snorkeling, kayaking or even va’a canoeing allow you to take to the sea and appreciate the panoramas even more.

Guided tours are also the perfect opportunity to learn more about the ecosystem, the aquatic flora and of course the Polynesian culture. You can book your activities directly online!

Exploring Moorea Beaches and More!

It is best to follow your mood and vary your approach in exploring Moorea beaches. Their diversity will greatly enrich your stay and bring you unforgettable memories. Discover more articles and start exploring French Polynesia now on Polynesia Paradise. And if you’re planning a trip in this beautiful part of the Pacific Ocean, don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information and customized advice.