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Rangiroa, a Diving Paradise

Located in the Tuamotu Archipelago, Rangiroa is one of the largest atolls in the world. Its immense lagoon, 80 km long and 20 km wide, is like a real inland sea. Rangiroa means “endless heaven”. This gigantic ring is made up of nearly 240 sandy islets, only two of which are permanently inhabited. Staying on the atoll is first of all a feeling of the end of the world. Its relief has almost entirely disappeared, so much so that the highest point barely reaches 2 meters in height. You will literally find yourself alone facing the immense Pacific Ocean. In a paradisiacal landscape, Rangiroa is an intimate destination to experience nature intensely. Its underwater sites with intense aquatic life are exceptional.

About Rangiroa

  • Location: Tuamotu Archipelago

  • Area: 79 km²

  • Population: 2,700 inhabitants

  • Main City: Avatoru

  • From Tahiti: 355 km, 60 mins

  • Airport: Rangiroa

Why Visit Rangiroa

Rangiroa is world famous for its remarkable diving spots, which are among the most beautiful and impressive in French Polynesia. Excursions on the lagoon allow you to discover a preserved nature. The drift dives are extraordinary and show the diversity and richness of the aquatic fauna. Sharks, rays, multicolored fish and even dolphins will be present in the peaceful and transparent waters. Rangiroa is definitely a paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts.

Most of the population lives in the two main villages: Tiputa and Avatoru. All local life is organized on a long and thin strip of land, wedged between the lagoon and the ocean. The feeling of being in front of the forces of nature is very present. However, Rangiroa offers quality accommodation with some luxury resorts with overwater bungalows. The best comfort at the end of the world.

Rangiroa is an atypical and very attractive destination. It is also charming because the island is specialized in the cultivation of the Tahitian black pearl. With success: the local farms produce the most beautiful pearls in the world every year.

The Essentials Of Rangiroa

1. Tiputa’s Drift Dive

The main activity is at Tiputa pass, where you will fly over a generous and impressive aquatic fauna, carried by the current. Gradually, this drift dive takes you to the aquarium, an exceptional natural coral site. The coral gardens are teeming with life and color. Thousands of tropical fish are swimming around in all directions.

Towards the ocean, it is literally a wall of black tip sharks that offers itself as a spectacle. Next to them, there are also manta rays and sea turtles. The experience is definitely magical. Between January and March, grey reef sharks and hammerhead sharks come to this aquatic reserve for the most striking of ballets.

2. Beauty of the Blue Lagoon

Rangiroa has the particularity of having a second lagoon in its own lagoon. This extremely rare phenomenon is to be discovered during a boat trip. As such, crossing the main lagoon is already a very emotional experience. Besides the feeling of being on the high seas, you will observe with pleasure the play of colors of the motus where the beaches are covered with pink sand in the sun.

The blue lagoon appears as if suspended on the coral reef, surrounded by a few motus with coconut trees scattered around. It takes the form of a huge natural pool where the aquatic fauna is always present. The multiple shades of blue give an extraordinary visual.

3. Visit to Reef Island

In the south of the atoll, the forces of nature and time have brought out the seafloor, which now rises almost 2 meters above the water. Carved by erosion, the volcanic rocks have been transformed into extremely sharp coral reefs, creating a surreal landscape.

For several kilometers, the sculpted reefs give the impression of being out of time. The nature appears at the same time surprising and bewitching but hostile and wild. On the other side of the natural reservoirs, the powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean roar and disturb the tranquility of the place. The experience is absolutely fascinating.

Aerial view of the islands of Rangiroa atoll

Rangiroa in a Nutshell

Rangiroa is distinguished by its immensity and its memorable landscapes. One becomes truly aware of the fragility of this ecosystem at the end of the world. A stay on the atoll will delight scuba diving enthusiasts. The others will be able to take advantage of excursions on the lagoon of any beauty and of a stay definitely exotic.

To discover the island and its seabed, three to four nights on site are necessary. However, Rangiroa will be only one step of your stay in French Polynesia. Contact us now to benefit from our personalized advice to better prepare your trip to the South Pacific islands.

Good to Know

  • Accommodation: The most humble guesthouses often have to adapt to the difficulties of island life, especially the management of fresh water supply. In the absence of groundwater, people often shower with sea water.

  • Religion: Even more than in the rest of French Polynesia, the population lives intensely its religious faith. Places of worship are above all meeting places. Two buildings stand out: the beautiful Catholic church of Saint Michael the Archangel in Avatoru and the temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tiputa.

  • Celebrations: Since 2011, Rangiroa has hosted the Farerei Haga festival every September. The event features traditional dance performances and atypical events such as coconut weaving and shelling.

  • Shopping: Rangiroa is home to the only winery in French Polynesia. Located on an islet west of the Avatoru pass, an impromptu visit will be an opportunity to taste the famous Blanc de Corail.

The Pacific atoll of Rangiroa

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