Rangiroa is a dream destination for all scuba divers. However, the atoll invites you to discover other natural wonders and the incredible life at the end of the world. Between the immensity of the lagoon and the Pacific Ocean, here are the best things to do in Rangiroa during your stay.

1. Drift Dive in Tiputa Pass

Diving in Rangiroa will be the central activity of your stay. Located between the two main villages of the atoll, the Tiputa pass is an exceptional site, where divers from all over the world meet. From the mouth of the pass, you will drift by the incoming current to meet the aquatic fauna. On the program: dolphins, sharks and rays.

Fantastic diving in Rangiroa

This experience is to be done and done again, as the natural spectacle is renewed each time. At the end of this drift dive, you will arrive in the Aquarium, an extraordinary site of life and excitement. Thousands of brightly colored tropical fish dance and twirl above a magnificent coral garden. If there is one dive you must do in Rangiroa, it is the Tiputa pass. It is also the perfect place to spend your first dive.

2. Day Tour to Blue Lagoon

Rangiroa has a secondary lagoon inside the main lagoon. The so-called Blue Lagoon is a natural wonder located at the other end of the atoll. Aboard a boat, you will reach a small corner of paradise, finally quite immense but lost at the end of the world.

Coconuts on a sandbank in Rangiroa atoll

In its outer part, the Blue Lagoon is home to a multitude of tropical fish, many sharks, including large lemon sharks. On the other hand, where the waters are shallow, you can enjoy a swim and a snorkeling session. Indeed, it is in these clear waters that a nursery of black tip sharks has been established. To conclude your excursion, the organizers will not fail to celebrate the place with a Polynesian buffet. You can book your trip to the Blue Lagoon now:

3. Day Tour to Reef Island

In the south of the atoll, spectacular and mysterious coral structures rise out of the water. This fantastic landscape is the result of thousands of years of corrosion. It is a new natural wonder that takes the form of a dead city where petrified corals surround small pools perfect for swimming. There is a delightful contrast between the warm and crystal clear waters on one side and the fantastic and threatening corals on the other. Nature is both delicate and hard.

Reef island and its clear waters in Rangiroa


It takes about an hour by boat to cross the lagoon and reach the Reef Island. However, it is worth the effort as this devastated landscape seems to come straight out of another world. This is definitely an atypical trip that you can only do in Rangiroa. You can now book a day trip to discover these landscapes!

4. Contemplating Dolphins

From Ohotu Point in the village of Avatoru, you can watch dolphins leaping in the Tiputa Channel. Very playful, the cetaceans perform a daily aquatic ballet in the hollow of the waves. At sunset, it is from the terrace of a snack bar or a restaurant that you will appreciate the ever more spectacular leaps of the dolphins.

Dolphins jumping in the Tiputa channel, in Rangiroa

Nearly sixty dolphins have taken up residence near the Tiputa pass. They are part of Rangiroa’s natural heritage. They are one of the pride of the population and an emblem of the atoll, which is mobilized around the Rangiroa Dolphin Association for the protection of cetaceans.

5. Bike Tour on Motu Avatoru

A bike ride on Rangiroa’s main motu is the best way to understand what it means to live at the end of the world. It is only about ten kilometers long on flat ground. From your hotel in Rangiroa and back, you will need only one hour. However, you will realize that this strip of land, only a few dozen meters wide, is wedged between the lagoon and the Pacific Ocean and that life on the atoll can only be lived in harmony with nature.

The Pacific atoll of Rangiroa

A bike ride will also allow you to observe the life of the village, its church and some shops. You can visit the Gauguin pearl farm, where guided tours are regularly organized. And why not leave with one of these famous black pearls of international renown? A good souvenir of your stay on Rangiroa.

Lots to Do in Rangiroa and in Polynesia!

Scuba divers will enjoy this atoll at the end of the world, and others will be just as charmed. The excursions you can make in Rangiroa show that there is also so much more to discover. Choose the best time to visit Rangiroa! But this is only one step of your stay in French Polynesia. Contact us today to organize your trip.