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Tikehau, the Pink Sand Island

Located more than 300 km from the island of Tahiti, Tikehau Atoll is one of the most beautiful atolls in French Polynesia. With its lovely oval shape, it hosts a magnificent lagoon of nearly 26 km in diameter. In fact, it is a real natural aquarium where the biodiversity remains preserved and intact. The beauty of nature is both indescribable and unforgettable. The changing colors of the sand and water of the lagoon make the experience fantastic. Tikehau is also the feeling of being alone in the world. Very sparsely populated, the atoll has only a few villages, the main one being on a sandy islet barely 900 meters wide. Between the ocean and the lagoon.

About Tikehau

  • Location: Tuamotu Archipelago

  • Area: 20 km²

  • Population: 600 inhabitants

  • Main City: Tuherahera

  • From Tahiti: 340 km, 55 mins

  • Airport: Tikehau Atoll

Why Visit Tikehau

Tikehau offers a timeless experience. It is a privileged encounter with a preserved nature and with paradisiacal colors. The aquatic fauna is extremely rich and diversified. It accompanies all excursions on the lagoon. Sharks are omnipresent and it is not uncommon to see dolphins and manta rays. It is enough to swim a few meters from the shore to become aware of this living and generous nature. The atoll becomes the ideal destination for scuba diving or snorkeling with fins, mask and snorkel.

Nature expresses itself through the stunning beauty of its landscapes. On the one hand, the intense harmony between sea and sky promises the most magnificent sunsets. On the other hand, the lagoon is dotted with numerous motus which are distinguished by the changing color of the sand from white to pink during the day. It will be the occasion to make a boat trip and discover these absolutely virgin spaces. Other sites are even more enigmatic: the bell of Hina is a beach covered with fossilized volcanic rocks, impressive and majestic.

The small village of Tuherahera concentrates most of the atoll’s population, which lives mainly from fishing and tourism. Consequently, the hotel offer is satisfactory, both varied and of good quality. Tikehau appears as a unique destination for total relaxation in contact with an intense nature.

The Essentials Of Tikehau

1. The motus on the lagoon

A trip to the lagoon is essential to feel the harmony of the atoll. Exploring the wild islets is an exceptional adventure. You can enjoy a moment of relaxation on a motu with pink sand as well as a swim in the company of the aquatic fauna. The experience can be done alone or in a group, by boat or kayak.

If the islets are not inhabited by humans, they are nevertheless inhabited by a surprising fauna. Called “the island of birds”, the motu Puarua is a real nature reserve, where species of sea birds have found refuge. It is an original way to observe the incredible biodiversity of Tikehau: a forest of palm trees where hundreds or even thousands of birds live.

2. Scuba diving

Tikehau has several diving centers, able to accompany you on the two main sites of aquatic life. The only opening to the Pacific Ocean, the Tuheiva pass allows you to observe Javanese moray eels, barracudas and sometimes even bigger predators such as hammerhead sharks at a depth of more than 10 meters.

A second, more contemplative dive is at the Manta Ray Cleaning Station. Every day, the Manta Rays fly over the coral spats so that the small fish that live there can rid them of their parasites. Manta Rays are one of the most graceful fish in the world and their aquatic ballet is an unforgettable sight.

3. Escape to the hotel of your dreams

Tikehau by Pearl Resorts is the place to stay. Only accessible by sea shuttle, this establishment offers an exceptional quality of accommodation, worthy of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in Polynesia. The overwater bungalows offer optimal comfort and a magnificent view of the lagoon.

Everything on site is designed to ensure a perfect stay with activities and catering. The welcome is a tribute to the warmth of the Polynesian people. With such quality and affordable prices compared to resorts on Moora and Bora Bora, Tikehau can become a destination of choice for honeymoons and honeymooners.

Semi-aquatic view on the lagoon and bungalows in Tikehau

Tikehau Island in a Nutshell

Tikehau Atoll is a hidden treasure and a dream destination, off the beaten track. Its magnificent nature gives rise to a moment of relaxation in front of landscapes of a thousand colors and unforgettable encounters with a surprising fauna. For those who like privacy and secrecy, Tikehau is a must. Two to three nights on the atoll are fully sufficient.

Although quite far from Tahiti, Tikehau is relatively easy to reach. Flights are direct from the capital of French Polynesia and, as part of an itinerary, Tikehau is only 15 minutes away from the neighboring atoll of Rangiroa. To organize your stay in the South Pacific Islands, contact us now and benefit from our personalized advice.

Good to Know

  • Acces: As part of an itinerary including Tikehau, Air Tahiti offers two multi-island passes: Lagons and Bora-Tuamotu, combining Leeward Islands and Tuamotu Islands (Fakarava and Rangiroa).

  • Shopping: The possibilities of supply on the atoll are very limited. There is only one grocery store where you can buy basic necessities. So remember to do your shopping before you arrive on Tikehau.

  • Religion: A religious community lives in self-sufficiency on a motu on the eastern side of the atoll. This “Garden of Eden” groups a few families around a spiritual leader. Some tourist agencies offer tours of the agricultural and breeding facilities as part of a day trip.

  • ATMs: There are no banks or ATMs on Tikehau Atoll. Visitors should bring sufficient cash in Pacific francs (xpf) prior to arrival.

Beautiful beach on the island of Tikehau, in French Polynesia

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