Tikehau Atoll is famous for its extraordinary aquatic fauna. Diving enthusiasts come from all over the world to observe the multitude of multicolored fish and the many sharks in the lagoon and ocean waters. But diving in Tikehau is just one of the wonderful activities you can do there. Here are the best things to do in Tikehau.

1. Guided Tour on the Lagoon

Tikehau atoll from the sky

You will go to the site of an old pearl farm. There is a cleaning station for manta rays that you can observe during a snorkeling session. Afterwards, you will go to the motu Puarua, also called the Bird Island. Here, thousands of birds live and reproduce in the shelter of predators. This is the most important outing for families in Tikehau. Finally, the day will be embellished by a passage on these famous pink sand beaches.

This day trip allows you to have a quick overview of Tikehau. The program of visits is rich and so diverse that everyone will find something to do. For the organization, ask your hosts in the hotels in Tikehau. Count on about $70 per person, including lunch. An incredible value for money for an unmissable excursion! For optimal comfort, remember to bring good shoes as well as your mask and snorkel.

2. Drift Dive at Tuheiava Pass

Scuba diving on the island of Tikehau, in French Polynesia

Tuheiava pass is perhaps one of the best diving spots in all of French Polynesia. The only opening of the atoll to the Pacific Ocean, it is characterized by an exceptionally rich aquatic fauna. Because of the current, the dives are drift dives. You will see big fish with the appearance of grey, black and white tip sharks, and sometimes also the imposing tiger sharks and great hammerhead sharks.

A dive at Tuheiava pass is a must for any diver in Tikehau. Beginners will have to take a first dive. In both cases, we recommend the services of the Tikehau Diving center, the best address on the atoll. With pedagogy and friendliness, these professionals will know how to make you feel confident and make you experience unforgettable dives.

3. Kayak Escapade

Aerial view over Tikehau, French Polynesia

Tikehau has the particularity of having motus in the middle of the lagoon. This is an unusual phenomenon, considering that motus are generally located on the coral reef. Therefore, beautiful kayaking expeditions are to be expected. The experience is all the more pleasant as the current is quite weak and the water shallow. On the way, you will enjoy stops on isolated and paradisiacal beaches.

Most of the hotels and guesthouses in Tikehau have kayaks available for their guests. To be sure, it is best to ask your hosts before booking. The excellent Pension Justine is one of the establishments offering this service to its guests.

4. Sunset at the Hina Bell

Beach of the Bell of Hina in Tikehau, French Polynesia

At the western end of the main motu, an extraordinary natural site is hidden. A small beach overlooking the ocean is covered with huge fossilized rocks millions of years old. These coral formations are both monstrous and fascinating. Their jagged appearance and their height which can reach two to three meters recall the force of nature. The site is surrounded by beautiful Polynesian legends.

The strength of the site is its west-facing location. At the end of the day, it becomes the privileged place to watch the sunset. With a view on the coral reef, you will enjoy the natural beauty of the place. The experience is contemplative and even meditative.

5. Massage at the Tikehau by Pearl Resorts Spa

A massage in Tikehau

In addition to its natural wonders, Tikehau is also a charming destination. Tikehau by Pearl Resorts offers a romantic setting that is ideal for relaxation. This resort is beautifully located on a secluded motu. On-site, you’ll have access to the services of Tavai Spa Tikehau, a small wellness salon and traditional treatments. Relax in the scent of essential oils and let the masseurs’ expert hands bring you back into balance.

Residents of other hotels can take advantage of a free boat shuttle to this 4-star resort. All they have to do is book a massage session with the Tikehau. A vacation in Tikehau is also an opportunity to simply enjoy the moment.

Things to Do in Tikehau and Then in French Polynesia

Despite its small size, the atoll has no shortage of activities to do and sites to visit. You can find all the information to know how to get to Tikehau. As magical as this destination is, it will only be a stopover during your stay in French Polynesia. Contact us now to prepare the trip of your dreams at the end of the world.