Although sparsely populated, Tikehau Atoll has a satisfactory and often high quality hotel offer. Tourism plays a central role in the local economy. You will therefore have no difficulty in finding accommodation on the spot. In Tikehau, you will mainly have the choice between luxury hotels and guesthouses. The former are mostly located on private islets. They guarantee a total change of scenery in a preserved natural space. On the contrary, the guesthouses are located on the main island, close to the airport and the shops. Of course, prices vary greatly depending on the establishment you choose. We propose to you to discover a selection of the best accommodations and hotels in Tikehau.

Luxury Hotels in Tikehau

Far from the standards of the luxury resorts on Bora Bora, the general quality of the hotels in Tikehau remains very satisfactory. However, you will have to accept the obvious constraints imposed by the geographical isolation. Food supplies are sometimes uncertain, as is Internet access.

The Tikehau by Pearl Resorts: Overwater Bungalows

The Tikehau by Pearl Resorts: Overwater Bungalows

Secluded on a motu, the Tikehau by Pearl Resorts is the only prestigious hotel on the atoll. This 4-star establishment offers deliciously old-fashioned accommodation in a traditional Polynesian style. Above all, its size is relatively small, ensuring the tranquility of visitors and especially honeymooners. Thus, they will be able to appreciate a breathtaking natural landscape. The immediate proximity of the lagoon offers a privileged space for relaxation and nautical activities.

Accommodation is in beach bungalows or overwater bungalows. They are very spacious and comfortable. However, for an exceptional and unforgettable stay, we advise you to prefer the Premium overwater bungalows or those located on the beach. You will have then direct access to the lagoon. The hotel’s facilities include a restaurant, a bar and also a wellness center. Numerous water activities, excursions and theme nights will brighten your stay. Above all, you will appreciate a reception staff that is both attentive to your wishes and extremely friendly.

The Tikehau by Pearl Resorts is not a superlative hotel in French Polynesia. But it does offer an idyllic setting for a honeymoon. By opting for a range of superior bungalows, you’ll even experience an unforgettable romance. Trust the hotel’s staff to shower you with the nicest little touches. You can also celebrate your union during a Polynesian wedding. Aboard a pirogue and to the sound of traditional songs, the moment becomes magical. Count on $740 per night in a beach bungalow and $850 in a superior overwater bungalow.

Ninamu Resort : The Adventure at the End of the World

Ninamu Resort in Tikehau, French Polynesia

Ninamu Resort is a luxury, atypical and absolutely charming establishment. Located on a private motu, it benefits from a wonderful natural setting and offers a unique experience at the end of the world. Despite the isolation, you will enjoy quality common facilities with a library, billiards, restaurant and lounge. In addition, you will have access to individual kayaking and paddle boarding facilities on the lagoon. The owners of the establishment will also offer you many boat trips and excursions. This is an adventure to be lived with full board and privileged contact with caring hosts.

The establishment puts at your disposal a dozen bungalows, sometimes on the garden side and sometimes on the lagoon side. Following the codes of sustainable development, each bungalow was built with natural materials available on site. The wood is particularly emphasized and gives a unique aesthetic touch to the whole. Lost in the middle of the forest, the bungalows take on the appearance of exotic cabins for an exceptional vacation experience. Although they are not modern, they are nonetheless comfortable and impeccably clean. In addition, a charming decoration guarantees the best of the immersions.

Ninamu Resort is therefore a choice destination, both intimate and friendly. The establishment offers accommodation on a human scale, perfectly integrated into the natural environment and disconnected from the hassles of daily life. The quality of service rivals that of the major hotels. Even better: Ninamu Resort is the place to be for families with children and teenagers. Count between $340 and $510 per night and per person for a stay in full board.

For a Unique Contact With the Locals: Guesthouses

Pension Tetua Justine in Tikehau, French Polynesia

To discover the local way of life, accommodation in a guesthouse is preferable to large hotels in Tikehau. Among these guesthouses, one in particular stands out: the Pension Tetua Justine.

Located near the airport on the main motu of the atoll, this family-run guesthouse offers accommodation in bungalows. Although they are basic, they are still comfortable enough to spend a pleasant stay. They all have their own bathroom and a small terrace to enjoy the evening coolness. In the middle of a beautiful tropical garden, you will have direct access to a small private beach. You can also take advantage of the kayaks put at your disposal by the owners for an escapade on the lagoon.

Your hosts are very friendly and concerned about your well-being. Above all, you will have the feeling of a real meeting because the atmosphere is typically Polynesian. With half board, you will appreciate the quality of the cooking, based on freshly caught fish and vegetables from the garden. For lunch, you can use the pension’s bicycles to reach the shops quickly. Pension Tetua Justine is just the best guesthouse in Tikehau. Count about $170 per night for a couple in half-board.

Tikehau Fafarua Lodge Private Island: Worthy of the Best Hotels in Tikehau

Tikehau Fafarua Lodge Private Island

If happiness in Tikehau could be achieved by renting a private island? This is the unique experience that Fafarua Lodge offers. Just 30 minutes by boat from the airport, a large villa awaits you on an isolated motu that is now yours. In typical Tuamotu style, your new home offers comfortable and modern accommodations.

The owners provide a pilot for excursions on the lagoon, but above all they provide full board for meals. The staff lives away from the main villa to guarantee you the most perfect tranquility. Without any constraint or worry, you will be able to fully enjoy an incredible natural setting. The area is perfect for swimming, relaxing and water activities with kayaks and paddleboards.

Accommodating up to six guests, Fafarua Lodge is an ideal destination for couples, groups of friends and families looking for privacy. With such high quality services, this establishment is definitely an alternative to traditional luxury hotels in Tikehau. Count on $900 to $1800 per night depending on the number of people.

Tikehau Hides Many Wonders

Once you have chosen your accommodation, find out how to get to Tikehau as part of an itinerary in French Polynesia. Indeed, the atoll is an intimate, almost secret destination that you won’t want to miss. Despite its small size, there are numerous activities in Tikehau. Outings on the lagoon are a must, and you can discover even more isolated islets. During your stay, you can learn diving in Tikehau to meet a rich and surprising aquatic fauna.

Have you also thought about visiting Rangiroa, the neighboring atoll of Tikehau? There is so much to see and do in the Tuamotu Archipelago and in French Polynesia. Contact us to plan your next trip to the South Pacific Islands.