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Tahaa, the Vanilla Island

Tahaa is located less than four kilometers from its sister island Raiatea, with which it shares the same lagoon. According to legend, the two islands were one, until the day a hungry eel devoured the pieces of land that connected them. The only island in the Leeward Islands without an airfield, Tahaa is only accessible by sea from Raiatea. Consequently, the natural landscapes are largely preserved and the island lives at a quiet and restful pace. Known as the “Vanilla Island” because of its many vanilla plantations, Tahaa insland is a fragrant destination. On every path, the sweet flavors put the senses to work. More discreet, Taha’a is also the place of love and the perfect place to spend your honeymoon.

About Tahaa

  • Location: Society Archipelago

  • Area: 88 km²

  • Population: 5,300 inhabitants

  • Main City: Patio

  • From Tahiti: 220 km, 120 mins

  • Airport: Uturoa (Raiatea)

Why Visit Tahaa

Because of its isolation, Tahaa is an intimate destination, a real treasure hidden away from the tourist circuits. Nature is sumptuous and enchanting. The high island is crossed by several mountainous massifs, on which are drawn fantastic crests on the tops. The visual is striking. The mountains dominate a lagoon with blue and transparent waters, from which emerge dozens of sandy islets covered with palm trees.

Sparsely populated, Tahaa Island is animated by the daily life of eight small pastel-colored villages. The population honors the Polynesian hospitality and is extremely benevolent towards new arrivals. The inhabitants do not miss an opportunity to value their land and it is with great pleasure that they will show you their crafts, vanilla plantations and pearl farms. There are many activities in Tahaa. The island is open to the outside world and has adapted accordingly. In addition to the numerous local shops, Tahaa Island offers quality hotels and is the perfect romantic destination.

The Vanilla Island is an original stop during a stay in French Polynesia. Perfumed and fascinating, its discovery will leave an unforgettable memory.

The Essentials Of Tahaa

1. The Thousand Flavors of the Vanilla Island

Tahaa is known as the Vanilla Island, a nice nickname that makes its international reputation. The island is indeed famous for its production of vanilla considered as one of the purest in the world and generally intended for the luxury market. However, you will be able to buy it directly from the vanilla farms once you are there and even visit a plantation.

The island is thus discovered in the exotic perfume of vanilla. In the mountains or on the road, these sweet flavors infuse the whole island. Sometimes, the scent of coconuts drying in the sun replaces those of the vanilla plantations. The atmosphere is delicious, a real feeling of paradise and an absolutely memorable experience.

2. A Honeymoon at Taha’a by Pearl Resorts

Taha’a by Pearl Resorts is perhaps the most beautiful upscale hotel in French Polynesia. The quality of the accommodation is superlative in an intimate resort. Luxurious overwater bungalows offer all the comforts you would expect in a discreet and excellent setting.

With direct access to the warm waters of the lagoon, it is very easy to spend your entire stay in such a perfect place. Ideally located on a motu in front of the main island, this hotel invites you to escape and enjoy the tranquility. It is the preferred destination for lovers and newlyweds.

3. Discover the Island by Foot, Car or Kayak

Tahaa Island offers many hiking trails to discover the vanilla plantations and panoramic viewpoints. One of the most popular excursions is the ascent to the Lookout of Haamene. To the south, a crossing road offers a spectacular view of the mountains and the large bays that cut the island in depth.

This extraordinary nature can also be appreciated from the lagoon and the motus. During a kayak trip, you will also enjoy the richness of the lagoon and its abundant aquatic fauna. Tahaa Island has one of the best spots in all of French Polynesia for observing multicolored fish. A snorkeling session at the Coral Garden allows you to fly over a real natural aquarium.

Aerial view over Tahaa, French Polynesia

Tahaa Island in a Nutshell

Tahaa is a small paradise, secret and authentic. The idyllic setting allows a wonderful discovery of the beauty of the southern islands in a very relaxed atmosphere. Moreover, there is no lack of activities on the island and the friendly population promises great encounters. It is a stay cut off from the world which awaits the visitors in search of peace, of intimacy and of fantastic landscapes.

The proximity to the Raiatea Island makes this experience enjoyable in a single day. Tours offer the opportunity to visit all of Tahaa’s treasures and leave in the late afternoon. For those who wish to take their time and live at the local pace, two to three nights on site are necessary. Contact us!

Good to Know

  • Acces: In the absence of an airport, how to get to Tahaa? Located in the south of the island, the port of Tapuamu is Tahaa’s opening to the world. From the port of Uturoa on Raiatea, it takes 20 minutes to cross the island on a water shuttle.

  • Culture: Long closed to outside influences, Tahaa has a particular attachment to the Tahitian language. More than three quarters of the island’s population speak it fluently within the family.

  • Celebrations: In Autumn, Tahaa hosts a stage of the great pirogue race: the Hawaiki Nui. Starting from Raiatea, a speed race goes around the island of Tahaa. Beautiful traditional events, mixing sport, dance and culture, are organized for the occasion.

  • Shopping: In addition to pearl farms and vanilla plantations, Tahaa has made a name for itself in the field of alcohol distillation. Among the souvenirs to bring back from a trip to French Polynesia, a vanilla rum is a must.

Turquoise lagoon and white sand beach in Taha'a

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