To our great regret, there are no more public beaches on Tahaa. To enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, you have to leave the main island and visit the motus on the lagoon. You still have to find one that is not yet privatized. Beaches of Tahaa must be earned: get in your kayak and let’s go for an adventure!

Recommendations Before Leaving

Beaches on Tahaa are charming but isolated coral islets full of mosquitoes. Be sure to bring plenty of water, food and mosquito repellent. Don’t forget sunscreen and a head covering.

Respect private areas and if in doubt always ask the locals. These areas are natural wonders: preserve them by not leaving any garbage behind. If you don’t feel comfortable kayaking, arrange your boat transfers with your hotel or professional tourism agencies.

Motu Tehutu: Adventure on the Beaches of Tahaa

Turquoise lagoon and white sand beach in Taha'a

Accessible from the north coast of the main island, Motu Tehutu is located a short distance from the village of Patio. To get there, you can either negotiate a transfer from the marina or rent kayaks.

The islet is gigantic, one of the largest in Tahaa. However, it is preferable not to walk inland and simply stay on the beaches facing west. These are very beautiful. During your swims, you will enjoy the aquatic activity and maybe you will have the chance to meet several rays. Finally, enjoy a walk along the beaches for an impressive view of the ocean.

How to Get to Motu Tehutu?

Motu Mahaea: A Day on the Lost Beaches of Tahaa

Best Things to Do in Tahaa: Top 5 Activities on the Island

From the bays of the eastern coastline, you reach the tiny Motu Mahaea. It is the ideal place to simply lounge on the beaches and enjoy a good half-day alone on these uninhabited lands. You will feel like you have an island all to yourself. The waters of the lagoon are purer than elsewhere and make the place magical.

The distances to be covered and the proximity of the Toahotu pass make it preferable to be taken there by boat. Some agencies offer low cost transfers (about $25 per person). We recommend Terainui Tours Excursions.

How to Get to Motu Mahaea?

Motu Tautau: Beaches, Coral Garden & Luxury on Tahaa

Aerial view over Tahaa, French Polynesia

On the west side of the main island, you will find one of the most beautiful hotels in Tahaa and even in all of French Polynesia: the Taha’a by Pearl Resorts. Located on Motu Tautau, this luxury hotel offers its guests a heavenly setting and provides non-residents with a free shuttle transfer if they commit to having lunch on site. The opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Tahaa is great. Some will even go to the hotel’s spa and massage salon.

The hotel is located near a wonderful coral garden. You will be able to observe the exceptional aquatic fauna with a mask and snorkel. The more adventurous will experience a drift snorkeling. This is simply one of the best things to do on Tahaa.

How to Get to Motu Tautau?

Prepare Your Trip to Tahaa

The beaches of Tahaa offer more than just swimming. The experience is also initiatory. French Polynesia has never been so wonderful. To live this daydream, find out how to get to Tahaa and start planning your stay in the southern island paradise. Contact us to organize your activities!