Among the best activities in French Polynesia, snorkeling in Tahaa will be for many a colorful and emotional discovery. Flying over corals and exotic fish in the water promises an unforgettable memory.

Snorkeling in Tahaa

A Drifting and Wonderful Snorkeling

The observation of aquatic life takes on an extraordinary dimension in Tahaa. Go to the motu Tautau off the main island to experience drift snorkeling at the Coral Garden.

Between two motus, a small shallow passage allows easy entry into the water. Then, you will be carried by a weak incoming current. The trip looks fantastic. Above absolutely magnificent corals, you will drift slowly to meet a wonderful aquatic fauna. Butterfly fishes, clowns, parrots and so many others accompany you happily. At the end of the passage, you will have only one desire: to repeat the experience again and again!

View of Bora Bora during the day trip to Tahaa lagoon

Stay at Taha’a Island Resort & Spa

One of the most beautiful hotels in Tahaa is located on the motu Tautau. With its overwater bungalows, beautiful surroundings and fine dining, everything is here to make your stay or honeymoon unique and close to perfection.

By staying at Taha’a, you will have direct access to the Coral Garden. Other visitors can take advantage of the hotel’s maritime shuttle if they have lunch on site. It’s the perfect opportunity to do some drift snorkeling and then enjoy the excellent cuisine of the Relais-Châteaux in Polynesia range!

View of Tahaa's overwater bungalows

Choose a Day Trip

The real solution would be to visit the Coral Garden as part of a more comprehensive day trip to the island of Tahaa. Aboard a boat, you will sail around the Tahaa lagoon with several stops at different points of interest. The adventure allows you to experience the Vanilla Island between land and sea, between crafts and nature. You will visit a vanilla plantation, a pearl farm and the Coral Garden. In one day, you will do all the best activities on Tahaa.

This group tour is a great opportunity for travelers living on Raiatea. Since there is no airport, getting to Tahaa by sea is a practical and fun way to get there. Don’t forget your mask, snorkel and water shoes!

Some Diving Sites in Tahaa

Snorkeling in Tahaa is not the only aquatic adventure. There are also several scuba diving sites to discover. Because of the proximity between Raiatea and Tahaa, which share the same lagoon, diving centers visit spots on both islands. You can visit Tahaa Diving and Te Mara Nui.

In Raiatea, the diving sites are relatively accessible. On the other hand, the experience in Tahaa is mainly recommended to experienced divers. Indeed, the most beautiful dives take place either in a closed environment or in the passes with an incoming current. They require divers to have self-control and good stabilization.

If these conditions are met, you will certainly discover the Hole of the Octopus. This succession of caves takes you up to 60 meters deep into the reef. The adventure is worthy of the best caving trips with a touch of ancient and mythological legends.

Scuba Divers Watching a Couple of Raccoon Butterfly Fish in French Polynesia

Organize Your Snorkeling in Tahaa!

Vanilla Island is a small paradise to visit at least for a day. Let yourself be charmed by the aquatic adventures and beaches in Tahaa! Without a doubt, the discovery of the Coral Garden will be a highlight of your stay. Contact us today to organize your stay in French Polynesia.