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Huahine, The Authentic Island

Less than an hour’s flight from Tahiti, Huahine is a wild paradise where watermelon and coconut plantations emerge from the jungle. It is nicknamed “the authentic”. The island is divided between Huahine Nui in the north and Huahine Iti in the south. The two territories are connected by a bridge of a hundred meters. Huahine is much larger than Bora-Bora but has far fewer inhabitants. It offers lush vegetation and unspoiled landscapes, far from the tourist circuits. Its charm is appreciated at the slow pace of a rediscovered Polynesia. There is a bewitching feeling of a return to nature.

About Huahine

  • Location: Society Archipelago

  • Area: 74 km²

  • Population: 6,400 inhabitants

  • Main City: Fare

  • From Tahiti: 180 km, 45 mins

  • Airport: Fare

Why Visit Huahine

Many beautiful discoveries await the visitor on Huahine. The lagoon is wonderful and its turquoise waters are home to multicolored fish, black tip sharks and even turtles. The views from the island’s many beaches are breathtaking. Huahine is indeed a wild island. Its particular relief and its luxuriant vegetation hold all the attention. The experience becomes almost initiatory as the legends of men have mystified this environment.

Coming to Huahine is not only to enjoy an unequalled nature, but also to be in contact with a population concerned with preserving its rites and traditions. Living mainly from farming and fishing, the inhabitants value their ancestral skills and give a great place to handicrafts. The authentic Huahine is one of the cradles of the Polynesian culture of yesterday and today.

However, the island has adapted to the tourist circuits. You can now find satisfactory accommodation and hotels in Huahine as well as quality restaurants. In addition, the visitors can turn to numerous sports and cultural activities.

The Essentials of Huahine

1. Enjoy The Natural Beauty

Huahine has a stunningly lovely lagoon and its beaches are among the most beautiful in Polynesia, especially in the villages of Fare in the north and Parea in the south. The warm waters are both crystalline and tinted with infinite shades of blue. Beyond, the green mountains and the cliffs participate in a real explosion of colors. The landscape is magical and lends itself to relaxation but also to the most beautiful experiences.

A boat trip around the island allows you to see the incredible relief and the intensely colored landscape. From the beaches, excursions are also possible by jet ski or kayak to explore the surrounding sandy motus. On land, you will find that hiking in Huahine offers unforgettable views.

2. Meeting Traditional Polynesia

Huahine has an exceptional archaeological heritage. It has many marae, ancient Polynesian sacred places. On the shores of Lake Fauna Nui, the remarkable Maeva marae impresses by its size and takes the form of an open-air museum. The coral rock platforms and the vertically erected stones are voluminous. The mana, the spirit of Huahine, is palpable.

Local life is logically permeated by traditions, rites and customs. On the central lake, impressive stone aquatic enclosures, called fish pens, recall ancestral fishing techniques. Further on, in the village of Faie, one marvels at a stream teeming with huge blue-eyed eels, which, according to popular belief, are the reincarnation of the ancients. Everything is legend on authentic Huahine.

3. Discovering The Local Life

Staying on Huahine gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Polynesian culture and enjoy the best the island has to offer: a privileged contact with its population. You will not miss the chance to stroll through the small town of Fare, nor to participate in the traditional Tahitian Sunday oven. Having a rental car in Huahine is a great way to go around, which will allow you to meet the inhabitants and their craftsmanship while passing through picturesque villages.

In the south, on Huahine Iti, you can enjoy the secrets of a vanilla plantation and then have fun customizing your pareo, the traditional local garment. In the north, on Huahine Nui, you can visit a pearl farm and a shell museum before going to a distillery for a wine tasting. The local artisans are happy to show you around their facilities and share their passion.

The Marea Paepae Ofata in Maeva, on the island of Huahine

Huahine in a Nutshell

Huahine is a raw gem whose charm will leave no one unmoved. Its wild nature and the beauty of its lagoon are its main assets. On the bangs of mass tourism, the island has a satisfactory and diversified offer of accommodation and activities. Much less popular than Maupiti or Bora Bora, Huahine remains economically more affordable and has many points of interest related to history and daily life.

With daily flights from Tahiti, Huahine is one of the most accessible destinations in French Polynesia. Three to four nights on site are necessary to discover and enjoy the island. You wish to obtain personalized advice and benefit from the expertise of tourism professionals? Our team is here to help you. Contact us today to start planning your vacation in Huahine and French Polynesia!

Good to Know

  • Etymology: The island owes its name to the fantastic silhouette of a pregnant woman lying on her back, drawn by the peaks of Mount Tavaiura. One can see her forehead, her face and the curves of her belly. Huahine literally means ” sex of a woman “.

  • Culture: Next to the Maeva marae, a traditional building on stilts now houses a documentation center dedicated to navigation and Polynesian customs.

  • Celebrations: In September, Huahine is the annual starting point of a great dugout canoe race: the Hawaiki Nui. In addition to the competition, the inhabitants organize beautiful traditional events, mixing sports, dance and culture.

  • Custom: The inhabitants are deeply attached to the land of their ancestors. In a concern of transmission and memory, they bury their dead on their own properties.

Jet Skiing in Huahine is hips of fun!

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