Hiking in Huahine means discovering the island at its wildest and most authentic. The imposing mountain massifs and the luxuriant vegetation that covers them promise a total immersion. As you climb, magnificent views of the lagoon, its creeks and bays appear, full of mysteries and legends. Are you ready to go on an adventure?

Where to Hike in Huahine?

Mount Tapu on Huahine Nui

On Huahine Nui, in the north, Mount Turi rises majestically above the Fauna Nui Lake. However, it is another mountain that attracts all the attention: Mount Tapu. Its name refers to the forbidden: according to popular belief, its ascent would be reserved only for the initiated. The excursion takes place on less than 2 km, and it will be necessary to count approximately 2.5 h to make the round trip. The departure is from the village of Maeva, on the banks of the lake.

Mount Moua Tapu in Huahine, seen from the lagoon

During the walk, you will be able to observe with wonder the local fauna, hidden in the corners of the forest. At an altitude of 400 m, a viewpoint allows you to contemplate the lagoon and the sister island of Huahine Iti. The path is quite steep, so this hike can be considered difficult. In case of doubt, we advise you to use the services of a professional guide who will be able to put you at ease.

Mount Pohue Rahi on Huahine Iti

Climbing the ancient volcano Pohue Rahi on the southern twin island offers another extraordinary hike. Reaching the summit, at more than 460 m of altitude, will nevertheless require a little effort. You will be largely rewarded with an extraordinary panorama. From the village of Tefarerii, a path offers many panoramas on the lagoon and the distant island of Moorea. During the ascent, you will be able to admire the magnificent vegetation beaded with wild flowers. It is one of the best things to do in Huahine.

This 3-kilometer hike is relatively accessible until its last section. From there, the path narrows on slippery terrain. It is therefore preferable that families stop at the first viewpoint at the belvedere. The view is already striking. To reach this first level, less than 45 minutes will be sufficient before returning to the starting point. The others will be able to go back down by another path to reach the village and the beach of Parea.

Precautionary Principles When Hiking in Huahine

Before embarking on a hike in Huahine, make sure that each participant knows his or her strengths and limitations. As is often the case in French Polynesia, mountain routes are not safe and the lush vegetation can obscure visibility. As you approach the summit, the paths become less accessible and can be very slippery. If there are showers in the days leading up to the summit, it is better to cancel the trip rather than take an unwise risk.

These mountain trails can quickly become steep and steep. For the last few meters to climb, it is common to have to use your hands. Some passages are quite technical, even difficult. If you are prone to vertigo, you will probably prefer to stop at the lower levels, more accessible and less constraining.

Hiking in Huahine requires a good physical condition in the mountains. It is best to start the excursion early in the morning, in order to avoid the high temperatures. You should also bring good shoes and all the usual protection: headgear, sun cream, a small first aid kit and plenty of water.

Choose More Accessible Routes

Hiking in Huahine offers much easier routes along the roads. You can also add to your trip by discovering unusual sites, while contemplating the mountains and the lagoon. One of the most popular routes takes you from Lake Fauna Nui to an old hotel complex and one of the most beautiful beaches in Huahine.

Walking around the island of Huahine, French Polynesia

First, you can admire the fish pens near the channel leading to the lagoon. On the way, the rich Maeva and Manunu marae will remind you of the history and traditions of Polynesia. Also consider taking a break at the Tifaifai Café, one of the Hotels in Huahine. A beautiful spot will allow you to swim and snorkel. The most daring can then swim to the motu Mahare, just in front.

Still on Huahine Nui, a magnificent itinerary proposes to reach the Fauna Nui lake from the Maroe bay. In addition to a fantastic view from the Maroe lookout, you will pass through the village of Faie and discover the legendary blue-eyed eels. Shortly before entering Maeva, visit the pearl farm to learn about the mysteries of the Polynesian black pearl. Finally, a small history museum on the culture of the islands awaits you at the end of the tour.

This itinerary can also be experienced with a professional guide. You can book it online today!

Visit Differently, According to Your Desires and Expectations!

While you are on Huahine, why not also plan a boat trip or a jet ski tour in Huahine? From the lagoon, you will enjoy the colorful landscapes and mountainous terrain just as much. Similarly, some may prefer to drive around the island in a car rental in Huahine. It is an equally rewarding experience to meet Huahine and its people. Want to know more? Contact us to discover all the options available to you!