Huahine is an essential destination for those who want to discover Polynesia differently. Huahine Nui in the north is the most accessible part. On the other hand, Huahine Iti in the south is much more immersive. Looking for a place to swim? Visit the most beautiful beaches in Huahine.

Caution on the Beaches in Huahine

Some beaches in Huahine are difficult to access and not supervised. Therefore, it is necessary to observe certain safety rules. If you go to an isolated beach, don’t forget to bring enough water and food.

We recommend that swimmers do not go far from the shore. In Huahine, the ocean passes are numerous and the currents can be violent. Swimming in the ocean is out of the question. Then, some sites are abandoned. Do not attempt a hazardous climb or a perilous balancing act.

Huahine Nui: Fare Beach

Fare Beach in Huahine: The Lying Woman

Located a few hundred meters from the harbor, the public beach of Fare is a beautiful white sand beach. To get there, you just have to take the coastal road that goes to the Maitai Lapita Village hotel.

The waters of the lagoon are beautiful and offer a very good snorkeling spot. Don’t forget your mask and snorkel! Above all, you will appreciate the incredible view of the neighboring islands of Raiatea and Tahaa. The relief of the mountains and the ridges will make you see the silhouette of a pregnant woman lying down. A great moment of pleasure, both magical and legendary.

Its proximity to the main street of Fare, where shops and restaurants are located, makes it an essential stop on your visit to the island. The beach is also famous for surfers who can then go to the famous spots of Fare. Surfing in Huahine is indeed a second religion.

How to Get to Fare Beach?

Huahine Nui: Beach of the Former Sofitel Hotel

Huahine Nui: Beach of the Former Sofitel Hotel

Urbex enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the site of the former Sofitel hotel. The establishment closed its doors in the year 2000 and the abandoned infrastructures give an extraordinary character to the place. The beach is now free and offers access to the best snorkeling spot in Huahine. A marvelous coral garden is indeed facing the beach.

The visit of this atypical site is accompanied by the visit of the Manunu marae. If the remains are impressive, seeing the coral reef less than ten meters from the shore is just as impressive.

How to Get to the Beach of the Former Sofitel Hotel?

Huahine Iti: Avea Bay Beach

Huahine Iti: Avea Bay Beach (Creative Commons : Apollo11)

Rather wild and authentic, the southern coast of Huahine offers an almost entirely preserved nature. The immersion is total with a direct jump in the distant past of the island.

The beaches in Huahine Iti have fine white sand and are relatively protected from the wind. Less popular for snorkeling, The beach of Avea Bay is ideal for swimming and relaxation. Calm and tranquility are key.

At noon, you can have lunch in a snack bar along the road or on the terrace of the Mahana, one of the most beautiful hotels in Huahine. The latter option will also give you access to the hotel’s private beach. Walkers can then visit the ancient Anini marae during a cultural and digestive tour.

How to Get to Avea Bay Beach?

Huahine Iti: Hana Iti Beach

View from Mount Pohue Rahi in Huahine

How about a beach at the end of the world? Hardly accessible by sea or by a small path through the forest, Hana Iti beach looks like a lost paradise.

A superb white sand beach is hidden on the site of a former hotel ravaged by a cyclone in the 1990s. Despite the isolation, the place is quite well maintained. You will have the feeling to have a beach for you alone. You will appreciate the immensity of the sea and the wild nature. However, there is nothing else around: no toilet, no restaurant on the spot.

How to Get to Hana Iti Beach?

Visit Beaches in Huahine!

If you had to see only one beach in Huahine, take advantage of your stopover to visit the public beach of Fare. This view of the lying woman is a must-see under no circumstances. Of course, the beaches on Huahine Iti to the south are more authentic and you can see them on a day trip by boat or 4×4.

There are so many wonders to see and things to do in Huahine! Polynesian relics and extraordinary nature are waiting for you. Contact us now to organize your stay on the island of the woman or start booking your activities online: