Staying in one of the hotels in Huahine is relatively easy, as there are so many providers on the island. The accommodation conditions are diverse and can meet the expectations of all visitors. When coming to Huahine, the most important thing is to know what you are looking for. Indeed, the experiences are not the same, whether you are in an isolated guesthouse in the middle of nowhere or in a residence close to local shops.

The question of a flight to Huahine does not present any difficulty, because departures from Tahiti are daily. However, as is often the case in French Polynesia, it is essential to make hotel reservations well in advance, between 6 and 12 months for the most popular establishments. Whether you are going on a honeymoon or with your family, there are different types of accommodations available to you. Let’s take a look at some of them to help you choose the right place to spend your vacation.

Where to Stay on the Island of Huahine: Choosing the Right Location

Huahine is composed of two mountainous massifs linked by a small bridge. A few sandy islands surround it, the famous motus, but most are uninhabited or privatized. Most hotels in Huahine are located in Huahine Nui in the north and Huahine Iti in the south. Experiences will vary greatly depending on which location you choose.

Jet Skiing in Huahine is hips of fun!

Huahine Nui concentrates almost all the shops and services. The village of Fare is the starting point for many excursions and its beach is simply unmissable. By the way, it is the ideal place for surfing in Huahine. Also, there is no difficulty to get supplies, either in supermarkets or in restaurants. On the other hand, this part of the island is more populated and therefore sometimes less immersive.

Huahine Iti offers a total immersion, wilder and more authentic. The impression of having reached the end of the world is real. It is the destination of choice for visitors seeking a complete change of scenery. However, the distance from the stores can make the organization of the stay more difficult. To remedy this, car rental in Huahine is an adequate solution.

Depending on your itinerary in French Polynesia and the length of your stay on Huahine, an accommodation in Huahine Iti may be advisable. It is to make the choice of a privileged meeting with a luxuriant nature and paradisiacal landscapes.

Types of Accommodation in Huahine: Hotels, Guesthouses and Camping

For visitors, renting or choosing a hotel in Huahine are two very different experiences. Here is an overview of the types of accommodation available.

The Family Guesthouse

Staying in a family guesthouse in Huahine means sharing the daily life of the locals and meeting more people. Some offer guest rooms or private bungalows. In both cases, meals are taken together at the main table with the other travelers. What you gain in conviviality, you can sometimes lose in comfort. It is the ideal solution for small budgets, couples and isolated travelers.

The Hotel

The hotels in Huahine Island take the form of a bungalow accommodation, either garden side or lagoon side. Travelers benefit from classic hotel services that gain in quality and comfort depending on the range of the establishment. In addition to a reception desk, a restaurant allows guests to enjoy meals with a cuisine that is sometimes highly sought after. The hotel can be equipped with a swimming pool and offers several activities to its guests. It is an accommodation for romantic couples and people looking for optimal comfort.

A bungalow on turquoise lagoon waters in Huahine, French Polynesia

The Villa for Rent

Huahine has many Airbnb villas and some vacation villages. These accommodations are usually spacious, featuring a kitchen and the comforts of a standard house or apartment. Some owners provide their guests with a vehicle to facilitate travel on the island. This offer is recommended for families and groups who plan to spend time in Huahine.


This is the least expensive option. Ideally located in Huahine Iti, the campsite welcomes a generally younger and more resourceful population. Sanitary facilities and a common living room are at the disposal of the visitors. This is a solution that will please globetrotters, but perhaps less so for travelers who need a minimum of comfort.

A Selection of the Best Guesthouses and Hotels in Huahine

Among the many establishments in Huahine, five stand out both for the quality of their services and for their magnificent location. Here is our selection.

Pension Moana Lodge: Comfort and Conviviality

Located in the small village of Parea in Huahine Iti, this pension benefits from a magnificent natural setting with a view of the lagoon and the rising sun. In a tropical garden, four functional and very clean bungalows offer the best of comforts. A quality of welcome guaranteed by attentive managers and a kitchen offering Polynesian dishes copiously served. It is the perfect accommodation for couples on vacation. Click here to visit their website.

Pension Tupuna: A Rustic Charm at the End of the World

Pension Tupuna in Huahine - Credit:

Not far from the isthmus connecting the two parts of the island, this family-run guesthouse offers a typically Polynesian service. The various brightly decorated bungalows offer a timeless experience. The cuisine is of high quality and the hosts honor the local hospitality. No beach for swimming here, but a complete change of scenery. Click here to check Pension Tupuna’s availability.

Hotel Le Mahana: For Romantic Stays

Hotel le Mahana, Huahine | Credit:

At the southern tip of Huahine Iti, the hotel is the preferred destination for honeymooners. A range of bungalows is available: from the simplest to the most luxurious version. Its location facing the lagoon is fantastic and meals at the restaurant are spent with your feet in the sand. The welcome is warm and the staff bends over backwards to satisfy the expectations of their customers. Just the best of the hotels in Huahine. Click here to book your stay in this hotel online.

Villa Maroe: The Best Rental

Villa Maroe, rental in Huahine - Credit:

In Huahine Nui, this dream rental is located on the shores of Maroe Bay. Ideal for family vacations, the accommodation includes an entire floor of a modern and spacious villa. Equipped with a fully equipped kitchen and access to the owners’ outdoor pool, the accommodation offers impeccable comfort and cleanliness. The best rental on the island for the perfect stay. Click here to check out this rental.

Te Fitii: The Most Atypical Campsite of All

Te Fitii camping in Huahine - Credit:

In Huahine Nui, a tented accommodation awaits travelers looking for original and affordable experiences. Set in a garden, the teepees are spacious and comfortable and overlook the property’s private beach. The common areas are solid and sufficient. Lost in the wilderness, this luxury campground is perfect for short stays. Click here to check this accommodation’s availability.

Sleeping in a Hotel in Huahine: Rusticity or Luxury?

The accommodation offer in Huahine can be summarized in two words: simplicity and quality. Most of the time, the conditions are satisfactory, both in terms of cleanliness and general comfort.

However, the accommodations are far from the superlative quality of some hotels on Tahiti and Bora-Bora. As such, staying in an overwater bungalow in Huahine is still a disappointing experience in terms of superior quality. This is something to keep in mind when organizing a honeymoon for example.

The wide range of hotels and guesthouses available in Huahine can meet the expectations of most travelers. Whether you are a family, a couple or a group of friends, everyone will find the right accommodation for the best stay ever.

Booking the Hotel, and Then What?

This time, you have decided on the ideal accommodation on Huahine. Now you can discover the different activities and excursions that the authentic island offers. To personalize your stay and make it unforgettable, contact us: we will be delighted to help you prepare your vacation!