Of all the Leeward Islands, Huahine is probably the one where the contact with nature is the strongest. Its luxuriant vegetation and its mountainous relief have earned it the nickname of “the authentic island“. It is also a unique encounter with the habits and customs of traditional Polynesia.

For a long time, the island has remained out of the tourist circuits and is still little visited. However, the activities are numerous and varied. Explore this wild island and learn what to do in Huahine, where each discovery becomes an unforgettable experience. Here is a small summary of the best activities around the island.

1. Enjoy the beaches for sports and relaxation

Fare Beach in Huahine: The Lying Woman

Huahine has some of the most beautiful beaches in Polynesia. It is an opportunity to enjoy the warm water in an enchanting setting. On Huahine Nui, the public beach of Fare attracts attention. It offers a remarkable view of the silhouette of the reclining woman, to which Huahine owes its name: the island of the woman. Further south, on Huahine Iti, one should not miss the beach of Avea Bay in the village of Parea. The setting is once again enchanting and promises an excellent moment of relaxation.

With a beautiful lagoon, water activities are naturally numerous on the island. Hotels in Huahine usually provide kayaks for their guests, giving them the opportunity to observe the wild island from a different perspective. Motorsports enthusiasts will enjoy a Jet Ski tour in Huahine, and experienced surfers will discover stunning spots for surf in Huahine. On the authentic island, the beach is a way of life.

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2. Tour the island by boat or car

Aerial view over Huahine Island

If Huahine is nicknamed the authentic island, it is because of its generous and wild nature. To get a feel for the island’s full character, a tour of the island is a must during your visit. A bicycle tour is not an option, as the distances are so great on Huahine. However, an excursion by car rental in Huahine or during a guided tour on a quad bike is quite accessible. It is also possible to stop on the way to visit some local sights or to enjoy the beautiful views of the lagoon and bays.

Others will prefer to do this excursion on board a boat. Again, it is possible to rent a boat or simply take a private tour. Going through the waters of the lagoon is the promise of a unique encounter with the aquatic fauna. Snorkeling enthusiasts will not miss the chance to jump into the water at motu Mahare.

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3. Climbing Mount Pohue Rahi

View from Mount Pohue Rahi in Huahine

Huahine is a high island. Its mountainous massifs offer extraordinary panoramas at an altitude of several hundred meters. On Huahine Iti, Mount Pohue Rahi will be the occasion of an exhilarating hike in the heart of a preserved nature.

At its summit, the breathtaking view of the lagoon rewards all efforts. The ascent remains accessible to people of normal physical condition. However, using the services of a local guide will allow you to enjoy the Polynesian legends and stories that are passed down from father to son.

4. Visit the marae in Maeva

Hiking in Huahine: Climbing the Wild Mountains

On the shores of Lake Fauna Nui, there are many archaeological sites of the Polynesian civilization: the marae. These vestiges bear witness to the past wealth and power of the island of Huahine. Freely accessible, they give a view of the local pre-European culture. There is an atmosphere of mystery and legends.

The discovery of the sites can be enhanced by a visit to a small adjacent museum: the Fare Pote’e. In a reconstructed traditional house, a magnificent exhibition evokes the daily life of the ancient inhabitants and the different navigation techniques.

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5. The discovery of the village of Fare

Walking around the island of Huahine, French Polynesia

After all these adventures, you are still wondering what to do in Huahine? In this case, you can simply enjoy the colorful and picturesque daily life of the islanders. Spending part of the day in the village of Fare is an experience that combines observation and discovery.

Visit the local craft market during the week and especially the Sunday morning open-air communal market. One rises at dawn to watch and listen to the inhabitants exchange fruits and fish of all kinds. You can also visit Motu Trésor, a souvenir store that hides an incredible shell museum. More than an already considerable collection, we meet and share.

Huahine offers an immersion in an authentic daily life, far from the tourist centers. There is still much to discover, from scuba diving to the sacred eels of Faie. To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to help you prepare your stay in French Polynesia!