Thrill seekers don’t usually shy away from motor sports. If you enjoy this kind of activity, you’ll be pleased to know that you can go on a 4×4 and jet ski tour in Huahine. It’s an exciting and fun way to experience the island’s breathtaking scenery, both on land and sea.

In this article, we’ll look at how to plan your day of activity on the island for maximum fun. What types of jet ski tours and excursions are available? What are the prices? And how do you go about planning your Huahine adventure today?

Take a Jet Ski Tour in Huahine

It is no secret that French Polynesia has some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in the world. Huahine, with its paradisiacal motus, its fine sandy beaches, its blue-turquoise lagoons, is among its most pleasant destinations.

One way to discover the beauty of the island is to take a jet ski tour around Huahine Iti. Several companies offer these tours that will allow you to go for a memorable half-day of aquatic exploration.

The program includes a tour of the island on a jet ski, snorkeling in a coral garden, a stop on a motu for a tasting session… During your tour, you will be able to observe tropical fish and manta rays… With a little luck, you will even see groups of dolphins.

Jet Skiing in Huahine is hips of fun!

This activity is one of our recommendations for all travelers to Huahine — provided, of course, that you are comfortable driving a personal watercraft. If it’s your first time on a jet ski, your guide will explain everything to you to make sure the trip goes smoothly.

Practical details: These jet ski tours last from 2 to 3 hours. This is more than enough time to practice all the activities listed, the island of Huahine being small. The price is about 25,000 XFP, or $250 per jet ski. Each jet ski can carry two people, so the price if you do this activity in tandem will be about $125 per person. Are you ready to book? You can do it online today!

Combine a Jet Ski Tour and a 4×4 Tour to Discover the Island

Huahine is known for its lagoons, beaches and motus paradise. But not only. There is no shortage of best things to do in Huahine. On the island, you can also visit pearl farms, vanilla plantations and important archaeological sites. For this reason, planning an expedition inland is a must.

There are several options available to you. One of the best is to take a 4×4 half-day tour. You can do it with the guidance of an experienced guide. This activity is an excellent way to visit the island. Especially when you combine it with your water scooter tour!

View on Huahine lagoon and its turquoise waters

Practical details: If you choose to combine 4×4 touring and jet skiing in Huahine, your PWC tour will last 2 hours, and the 4×4 tour about 3 hours. This represents a full day of activity. In terms of rates, count on 6,000 XPF for a public tour. If you prefer to go for the whole day in a 4×4, it’s also possible, with a private tour, starting from 50,000 XPF.

Compared to the price of the jet ski activity alone, this combination of jet ski and 4×4 tour is very good value for money. We work with several companies that offers 4×4 and jet ski tours. Our objective, and theirs, is to offer you excursions and tours on the island with a focus on quality.

To learn more about the possibilities of tours on Huahine, please contact us. We will be happy to help you organize your activities and your stay on the island, as well as in the rest of French Polynesia.