The island of Tahaa is an intimate and romantic destination. Without an airport, it is accessible from the neighboring island of Raiatea with which it shares a lagoon. Less exposed to mass tourism, the Vanilla Island breathes calm and authenticity in a dreamy landscape. All your senses will be put to work. The views of the lagoon and the distant island of Bora Bora are extraordinary, while the flavors of vanilla drying in the sun will tickle your taste buds. Contemplation and relaxation are enough in themselves.Yet there is no shortage of activities. Wondering what to do in Tahaa during a stay in French Polynesia? Here is a small selection of the best tours and activities on the island.

1. Visit the Vanilla Valley

Vanilla from a plantation in Tahaa

Tahaa is famous for its vanilla production which is among the purest in the world. There is nothing like buying vanilla directly from the island’s vanilla factories in the purest Polynesian tradition. One of them stands out: the Vanilla Valley. Located on the eastern side of Tahaa, the establishment is a small family farm, where visitors are welcome.

Guided tours can be arranged to learn more about the vanilla production process. From the hand pollination to the drying of the pods in the sun, you witness the transformation of vanilla from green to absolute black. The speakers provide valuable information in a friendly manner and are very helpful. At the end of the visit, a visit to the store will allow you to buy some vanilla beans and other products.

Let yourself be won over by the flavors of vanilla, this delicious spice that will make the experience unforgettable. On Vanilla Island, it would indeed be a shame not to enjoy these exquisite flavors. So don’t miss the visit to the Vanilla Valley, one of the best things to do in Tahaa.

2. Drift Diving at the Coral Garden

Drift dive at the Coral Garden in Tahaa

Off the main island, near the motu Tautau, the Coral Garden is the must-see spot for snorkeling in Tahaa. It is a shallow passage between two strips of sandy land. Carried by a weak incoming current, you will drift in the crystal clear waters above the corals of all colors. Very well preserved, these coral massifs are the natural habitat of an extremely rich and varied aquatic fauna. Hundreds of butterfly fishes accompany you next to clown fishes, parrots and many others. The show is truly marvelous and this aquatic discovery is to be done and done again.

To get there, the easiest way is to stay at Taha’a by Pearl Resorts, the best hotel in Tahaa. You will have direct access to the site from the resort. Others can enjoy this exceptional experience as part of an organized tour from the main island. However, guests staying in guesthouses also have the option of taking the daily shuttle provided by Taha’a by Pearl Resorts free of charge if they have lunch at one of the resort’s restaurants. They can then spend the day on the motu and, of course, experience the drift dive at the Coral Garden.

3. Take the Coastal Road to Discover the Local Crafts

Typical french polynesian church in Tahaa

The Vanilla Island amazes by its magnificent and wild setting. Touring it by car or bicycle is one of the best things to do in Tahaa. You will first take the coastal road before taking the cross-country road. The landscapes are enchanting. Sparsely populated, the island has little infrastructure and lives to the rhythm of eight small villages. This is an opportunity to promote small businesses, often family owned. These are one of the links in the social fabric of Tahaa. The experience itself remains above all warm and human. The hospitality and benevolence of the resident population are real.

Rum alcohol is honored on the West coast. In the village of Tapu’amu, the Pari Pari distillery has even built a solid international reputation. Tours of the distillery and a tasting in moderation are on the program for each visitor. And why not leave with a small souvenir of Tahaa? Of course, vanilla rum is the main product. The other pride of Tahaa is its pearl production: the Tahitian black pearl. Several pearl farms are located in the commune. It is possible to visit the Champon Pearl Farm, known for the excellence of its pearls.

4. Hiking to the Belvedere of Vaiautea

Hiking in Tahaa offers magnificent views of the island and its motus

Tahaa is a high, mountainous island and therefore offers the possibility of beautiful hikes. In the heart of a preserved nature, you will discover fantastic panoramas on the bays of the main island. As the hiking trails are not well marked or cross private properties, the alternative to wilderness excursions is to go up the crossing road between the villages of Haamene and Ruutia. After a two-kilometer climb with a medium gradient, you will arrive at the Vaiautea pass.

At the top of the hill, you will have an impressive view of the bays of Hurepiti and Haamene. During a break, you will be able to observe the particular layout of Tahaa. Indeed, the bay of Haamene goes deep into the interior. As such, it is the largest bay in French Polynesia. The viewpoint also allows a nice panorama on the mountainous massifs, in particular the Ohiri (590 m) and Puurauti (550 m) mounts. A hike in contact with the mountains and a route that can also be done with an electric bicycle or a motor vehicle.

5. Spend Your Honeymoon on a Motu

Motu Mahana in Tahaa, French Polynesia

Certainly, Bora Bora appears as the ideal charming destination to celebrate romance and love. However, the Vanilla Island has nothing to envy to its neighbor. The natural landscapes are just as amazing. Its lagoon is also beautiful and promises unforgettable excursions by boat, kayak or paddle. Quieter, less exposed, Tahaa is a natural wonder to be experienced in vanilla flavors.

But that’s not all: the hotels in Tahaa are among the best in French Polynesia. Often luxurious, they offer optimal accommodation and an impeccable quality of service to spend the most beautiful honeymoon. At Taha’a by Pearl Resorts, couples will appreciate the charm of the overwater bungalows. In a more intimate style, La Pirogue Api welcomes you to the end of the world in the enchanting setting of beach bungalows. And for those who miss Bora Bora, you will see the island every evening at sunset when the sky and the ocean light up and become one. Will Tahaa be the place for your next romantic trip?

What Else to do in Tahaa and French Polynesia?

The Vanilla Island is a dream destination of excellence that will leave you with unforgettable memories. Getting to Tahaa, you will have to pass through the neighboring island of Raiatea and why not spend a few days there too. You will explore the Polynesian culture in its most sacred aspect: temples and traditional rites will be on the program. Indeed, the islands of French Polynesia present very different profiles. It is this complementarity and diversity that we invite you to discover.

You are wondering what you will do in Tahaa, Moorea or Maupiti? We are at your side to define together the itinerary of your next stay in the Pacific Islands. Contact us now to benefit from our personalized advice.