The hotels in Rangiroa are mainly located on two motus in the northwest of the atoll. They are not so much hotels as family-run operations where human contact is essential. Less than an hour’s flight from Tahiti, Rangiroa has the image of a destination at the end of the world. As such, your hosts will welcome you with respect and will be honored to show you around their island. Depending on where your accommodation is located, you will be in the heart of the village or close to nature. Make your choice with our selection of the best hotels and guesthouses in Rangiroa.

Luxury Hotels in Rangiroa?

Hotel Kia Ora Resort is the only 4-star hotel in Rangiroa. It presents itself as a charming destination and offers a superior service. The site is beautifully located facing the lagoon and in the heart of a coconut grove. Mainly, we retain the gourmet quality of the catering and the very pleasant animations including the famous Polynesian evenings.

Regarding the accommodation, opinions are divided. In general, the quality of the accommodation is much better than most of the lodgings offered by guesthouses in Rangiroa. However, it only partially meets the expectations of visitors and does not match that of similar establishments in Bora Bora or Tikehau.

For this reason, we advise you to choose a more modest accommodation, but one that you will be completely satisfied with. However, there is nothing to stop you from having a drink at the Kia Ora Resort bar one evening.

Half-Board Accommodation in Rangiroa

Pension Punua et Moana: The Pension at the End of the World

Pension Punua et Moana in Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Lovers of tropical adventure will see all their expectations fulfilled with this guesthouse. Your accommodation is located on a motu on the other side of the Avatoru pass. The disconnection will be complete. First of all, the comfort is picturesque and rudimentary. Then, the distance from the villages allows a real communion with the preserved and resplendent nature. Finally, this timeless journey is lived in the company of an admirable and attentive family.

The Pension Punua et Moana at the Green Lagoon offers accommodation in bungalows that can accommodate up to five people. These houses are all equipped with a bathroom and essential mosquito nets protect the beds and guarantee your sleep. The comfort is simple but sufficient. There is no electricity outside of certain hours and no hot or drinking water.

This little “Robinson Crusoe” side does not lack authenticity. You will live the lagoon intensely thanks to a small white sand beach and to the equipment put at your disposal for the practice of kayak and paddle. Your hosts are engaging people who will introduce you to the culture of the Tuamotus. They also organize their own activities on the lagoon and, depending on your schedule, provide a shuttle service to the main island of Avatoru.

The Pension Punua and Moana is a simple and beautiful destination for those who know what to expect. It is also the ideal accommodation for families with children. It costs about 140€ for a night in half board for two people.

Pension Bounty: Simply in the Center of Rangiroa

Pension Bounty in Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Near the charming Kia Ora Resort, the Bounty welcomes you in the middle of a pretty tropical garden. This family-run guesthouse offers accommodation in studios. These are clean, functional and practical. All of them are well equipped for self-catering and the bedding is of high quality. We also appreciate the presence of wood which gives a very nice aesthetic hiding to the building.

Because of its privileged location near the Tiputa pass, you will have very quick access to the centers of interest and shops on the motu. Closer still, a small beach about 100 meters away offers good moments of relaxation. In the evening, you can enhance your stay by enjoying the Polynesian evenings organized by the Kia Ora Resort. This accessibility is even more so since the pension offers several bicycles for self-service to facilitate escapades between the ocean and the lagoon.

The Pension Bounty offers half-board meals that are varied and hearty, based on fresh fish and local products. It is the opportunity to exchange with the other guests in a beautiful conviviality and a picturesque setting. Your hosts are also people who care about your comfort. Although children are not accepted, this guesthouse will delight travelers passing through Rangiroa.

Pleasant Rangiroa Guesthouses

Poe Guesthouse: Perfect for any Occasion

Poe Guesthouse in Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Ideally located on Avatoru, this guesthouse is certainly one of the best accommodations in Rangiroa. Poe Guesthouse enjoys a privileged location. Not far from the Tiputa pass, you will be close to the activity centers, especially for diving in Rangiroa. Most importantly, you will enjoy the proximity of a mini-mart for your food shopping and snack bars for your meals. Finally, you will stay a few meters from a small and pleasant beach.

The guest room is a bungalow with private bathroom. Spacious and nicely decorated, this accommodation offers all the necessary comfort for a stay of several days. The whole in an irreproachable cleanliness. Breakfast is served on a beautiful covered terrace, where it is nice to meet. Your hosts show a great sense of hospitality and welcome you as one of their own, putting you in the best conditions.

In addition to this quality accommodation, the Poe Guesthouse has the advantage of providing bicycles and kayaks. Thanks to this generous offer, you can visit the motu and the lagoon freely and independently. For a stay of at least two nights, count on a base of 110€ per night. A very good price considering the general quality.

Rangiroa Tiputa Lodge: Worthy of the Best Hotels in Rangiroa

Pension Tiputa Lodge in Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Tiputa Lodge is a guesthouse that can almost compete with hotels in Rangiroa. Located in Tiputa, away from the village, it enjoys a remarkable location for a quiet stay in a privileged setting. A small private beach awaits you and promises beautiful moments of relaxation and snorkeling.

Several studio accommodations are available, including a beautiful apartment for a more comfortable stay. The layout is very clean and modern with bathroom, small living room and kitchenette. We appreciate the quality of the bedding. From your large terrace, you will also enjoy a nice view of the lagoon.

The distance with the centers of interest is very quickly overcome thanks to the implication without fault of the owners. Very attentive and good advisors, your hosts take on the logistical issues, especially the transfers to the center of the village for shopping.

With regard to the quality of the accommodation it offers, Tiputa Lodge offers a better quality/price ratio than some hotels in Rangiroa, including those in the higher ranges. For a dream stay, count on 150 to 200€ per night and per accommodation. The prices are then decreasing.

Chez Pilar Guest House: A Unique Human Experience

Chez Pilar in Rangiroa, French Polynesia

On the motu Avatoru, a pretty little house offers bed and breakfast accommodation. You will stay in contact with your host and share the common areas. The location, a few hundred meters from the Tiputa pass, gives you quick access to the main points of interest, especially for shops and restaurants. In addition, it’s a two-minute walk to the lagoon’s edge. For excursions to the motu, bicycles are available for your convenience.

Your accommodation is charming, clean and well equipped. For sleeping, a comfortable room with high quality bedding will ensure calm and restful nights. In its Bed&Breakfast formula, your host will offer you an excellent and delicious breakfast using local or home-made products. You can also enjoy delicious meals on site in the evening.

While the comfort of the room is great, so is the presence of your host. From the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment you leave, expect to meet a genuine and authentic person. With kindness and discretion, your host will put you at ease so that you can enjoy Rangiroa to the fullest. A very high quality guesthouse and an intimate destination, a stay at Chez Pilar costs about 100€ per night for a couple.

Discovering Rangiroa… and More!

Your bags are packed. It’s time to explore the atoll’s hidden treasures. The best things to do in Rangiroa are dedicated to the discovery of the local fauna and flora. From amazing lagoon tours to scuba diving, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy on site. Not to mention the incredible panoramas.

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