The magical landscapes of Polynesia will whet your appetite and it’s time for you to eat. The island of Moorea offers a wide range of restaurants for all tastes and budgets. Gastronomy can be enjoyed in the local colors and is a social experience in its own right. Where are the best restaurants in Moorea? Here is a small selection that will make your mouth water.

Restaurants Not to Be Missed in Moorea

Visit Lézard Jaune Café

The Lézard Jaune Café is an address that is both tasty and relaxed. With a big smile and his unbeatable sense of conversion, the owner will know how to put you at ease and will present you his menu with passion. Polynesian specialties will no longer have any secret!

The portions are generous and beautifully presented. Freshness and quality are the order of the day: the fish is delicious. You may taste the best tuna hot and cold with sesame of your stay in Polynesia: melting and wonderfully seasoned. A rare thing: the Lézard jaune Café is one of the only restaurants in Moorea to offer a vegetarian menu!

Thanks to this success, the gourmet restaurant is often sold out. Therefore, we advise you to book a few days in advance.

How to Get to Lézard Jaune Café?

Ke’iki: Most Secret Restaurant in Moorea

Just a few minutes walk from the Manava Beach Resort, a roadside gourmet establishment hides its game well. Its rustic appearance will not fail to amaze you, as will the pretty terrace that will welcome you for an unforgettable meal.

The chef will also surprise you: a fusion cuisine that perfectly blends the best flavors of French and Polynesian gastronomy. The dishes are succulent and served generously. The fish is in the spotlight, as well as the meats, all perfectly seasoned and presented.

Some will regret the absence of alcohol on the menu. But don’t worry: the taste will be even more intense. To take advantage of the daily specials and the best catches, we recommend that you make a reservation by phone or simply go there on foot.

How to Get to Ke’iki?

Atypical Restaurants in Moorea

Unforgettable Experience at Coco Beach

If food alone is not enough, add a heavenly atmosphere for the best of memories. Coco Beach is one of those magical places not to be missed during a stay in Moorea. Located on a secluded motu, dugout canoes shuttle you to the restaurant. A 10-minute crossing to paradise! The more adventurous can also go there directly by kayak.

The setting is exceptional: an incredible view of the main island for photos, a pleasant white sand beach for swimming and a great snorkeling spot for adventure. Don’t forget the masks and snorkels! Then go to the table: we recommend the fish dishes as well as the very good salads. And why not a delicious cocktail?

Coco Beach is a very successful restaurant, but the prices are quite high and a reservation is imperative. More than a simple meal, it’s a wonderful half-day on site for the pleasure of children and adults. Our advice: book a table for lunch and be there by 10am.

How to Get to Coco Beach?

Dinner Shows: A False Good Idea?

Many people wish to discover the voluptuousness of Polynesian dances during their stay. To meet this demand, several hotels organize Polynesian evenings with buffet and shows. These festivities combine folklore and tourism in a way that will put off some people.

The prices are quite high and the general quality of the meal can literally leave one hungry. However, visitors who are aware of the overrated nature of these events can also appreciate the simple fact of sharing a festive moment during a themed evening.

For hotels, let’s mention the Polynesian evenings at the Sofitel and the evening shows at the Manava, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You will attend the opening of the traditional Polynesian oven and the dance and fire juggling shows.

Finally, some will go to the Tiki Village, a Polynesian cultural center, to attend the traditional buffet and shows. Children will love it. However, we can regret the random quality of the organization and the catering. Positive point: the transfers with your accommodation are assured by the establishment.

Snacks & Foodtrucks in Moorea

Snack Mahana: An Institution in Moorea

If the foodtrucks belong to the local cultural identity, Snack Mahana competes with the best restaurants in Moorea. This address is so popular and mythical, that it is better to arrive early enough to avoid the crowd and make sure of the best choice.

At the edge of the lagoon, you will taste the best Polynesian specialties. Don’t miss the delicious mahi mahi and especially the unavoidable raw fish in coconut milk. Authenticity lovers: welcome to Snack Mahana.

How to Get to Snack Mahana?

Spot 64: Enjoy Temae Beach

Temae Beach is certainly the most beautiful of all the beaches in Moorea. For those who are hungry, we recommend Spot 64. The ingredients are fresh and the fish is delicious. This trailer offers excellent value for money. The spot is also very pleasant: facing the lagoon!

How to Get to Spot 64?

Choose the Best Restaurants in Moorea

You want to discover the Polynesian gastronomic specialties. Don’t forget to make reservations by phone or email, to observe the opening hours and to ensure your return trip after the meal. On this last point, most of the classic restaurants do not take care of the transfers with the accommodation. Of course, and fortunately. The practical solution would be to rent a car in Moorea.

Want to discover more? The best activities in Moorea are waiting for you! Contact us now to organize your stay in French Polynesia.