From your hotel or just for a day trip from Tahiti, driving around Moorea is a real pleasure. Along the coastal road, you will find the most beautiful spots. Go through a car rental agency in Moorea and discover the best offers.

Discover Moorea With a Car Rental

Moorea is one of the largest islands in French Polynesia. In the absence of a cross-country road, the discovery of the island is mainly done along a coastal road of about 60 kilometers. Without a means of transportation, you will be confined to a limited geographical area and may miss the diversity of Moorea.

Getting to Moorea: How to get there and when to go?

Renting a vehicle is not just about exploring the island as a whole. Some hotels in Moorea do not have direct access to the lagoon and others are even several miles from the first beach. For vacation rentals, you will also need a car to do your shopping at the supermarket to go to one of the best restaurants in Moorea.

If you don’t want to drive, you should choose accommodations based on location and services offered. Large luxury hotels and some guesthouses have everything on site and you can make do with them, even if you can’t visit the island.

Touring the Island by Car

Driving around Moorea can be done in a little over an hour. The drive through the villages is quite charming, picturesque and colorful. The stops will give you the opportunity to admire the panorama and to enjoy the local life and its shops. On the way, many virgin spaces will be offered to you and there is nothing better than an improvised swim or a delicious ice cream facing the lagoon.

The car is not an end in itself, only a means to discover the island and its treasures. Take your time and multiply the stops and experiences. At best, you can drive around the island twice in a day and enjoy the changing colors of the sunset. This is indeed an activity in its own right.

If you don’t like to drive or prefer someone to accompany you, join a public guided tour. You will visit the main points of interest on Moorea in record time and benefit from the knowledge and practical advice of your guide. Interested in the experience? Book online today.

Car Rental Agencies in Moorea

Car Rental Upon Arrival in Moorea: Choose Avis

When you arrive in Moorea by sea, go to the Avis agency located directly at the ferry terminal. Reservations can be made online and you can get the car you want immediately. You will have the choice between many models with manual or automatic transmission, all equipped with air conditioning. The prices remain reasonable: count about $80 per day for a small city car and up to $140 for the higher standings.

The agency also organizes a shuttle service for passengers arriving at Moorea airport. This is the possibility to enjoy your rental car directly. In the end, Avis is certainly the most practical solution in Moorea.

Opunohu Bay in Moorea, French Polynesia

Buggy Adventure With Moorea Fun Roader

Car rental in Moorea can also take a less conventional form. Why not combine the useful with the unforgettable? This is what Moorea Fun Roader offers you. The agency puts at your disposal buggies and jeeps to make the experience unique. The only constraints will be a more limited comfort and a pleasure depending on the weather conditions. But visiting the island in a small car with wind in your hair is extremely pleasant.

The staff of the agency is very friendly, not hesitating to do the impossible to satisfy you. In addition, a pick-up system at your place of accommodation facilitates the exchange. The prices are naturally a little higher: count about $240 for a day rental. However, you can also rent a 4-hour package, which will be more affordable: about $150. In short, Moorea Fun Roader is a high quality address that breathes adventure.

Electric Motors Moorea: Rent a Scooter ?

You want to visit Moorea easily and prefer two-wheelers to cars? Call on Electric Motors Moorea. It is on board a scooter that you will discover the beaches of Moorea and the elevated viewpoints on the lagoon. The couple will enjoy this very practical means of locomotion and the total freedom.

The day rental is very cheap. For $55 per vehicle, you are ready for the adventure. The process is even simpler as your scooter will be delivered to you upon your arrival at the ferry terminal or directly to your accommodation. And if the scooter doesn’t suit you, there is always the option of electric bikes.

Moorea, a Polynesian Paradise

With your vehicle, you will be able to enjoy the best of Moorea. The most athletic will be able to easily go to the Golf of the island, one of the most beautiful in the South Pacific. Others will go to the best spa on Moorea. How to get to Moorea? Follow the guide and contact us to start planning your stay in Polynesia.