To come to the Pacific Islands is to go in search of a gentle way of life and complete relaxation. The tropical setting lends itself greatly to this. The nature is luxuriant, the climate ideal and the landscapes are among the most colorful there is. During this time dedicated to a change of scenery and relaxation, take a trip to a spa in Moorea. This will be an opportunity to have a relaxing massage and to get rid of your daily stress.

The Benefits of a Spa in Moorea

Life in the islands calls for tranquility. The pace is much slower than in Western cities. Many people come to recharge their batteries in a still preserved nature. It is also the possibility to find oneself and to relearn one’s body. We are talking here about releasing tensions and wellness.

The spa also has therapeutic virtues. The access to the baths and the massages allow the elimination of toxins accumulated due to the worries of daily life. The cares given facilitate the evacuation of fatigue and renew energies. In addition, they will relieve you of certain joint pains and other muscular problems.

Spa in Moorea : Relaxation and Wellness in the Pacific Islands

Wellness is both physical and psychic. It is a real suspension of time that allows you to better find yourself. Whether you choose to experience it alone or as a couple, the spa in Moorea is a must.

Resorts and Spa in Moorea

On Moorea, the main resorts each offer their own wellness center within their facilities. You will find the Moorea Lagoon Spa for the Hilton Resort, the Manea Spa for the Manava Beach Resort, and perhaps the best of the three: the Jardin Spa & Beauty for the Sofitel Resort.

Access to the spa is subject to capacity and advance reservations, so it is important to plan ahead for your massage session. Smiling and professional, the staff offers many services. Each one is based on different techniques and inspirations. You can choose a hot stone massage or a body scrub to better oxygenate your skin.

The spa section of luxury hotels is not reserved only for their clients. Visitors from other establishments can also access them by purchasing a day pass costing about $90. This gives them access to the spas and pools. Some packages even include lunch.

However, day passes are suspended until the anti-covid health measures are lifted. You will have to wait a little longer before you can enjoy them.

Bungalows over the lagoon in Moorea

Body Care by External Providers

For maximum comfort and a personalized service, we recommend that you use independent masseurs and massage therapists. First of all, these professionals have a complete mastery of their art and of body care. You can trust them completely. Secondly, most of them attach great importance to the psychic and even spiritual dimension of relaxation. It is because they are looking for harmony between body and mind that the spa experience becomes unique.

Two establishments stand out as much for the personality of their owners as for the quality of the services offered. Their prices are also very attractive: count less than $80 for one hour and between $150 and $190 for an intense two-hour session!

Given the quality of the service, it is imperative to book in advance. In some cases, providers will come directly to your hotels in Moorea.

Moo Janzu Massages & Spa

With a unique view on Opunohu BayMoo Janzu spa welcomes you in a magnificent setting on the water’s edge. Enchanted by the scent of essential oils, you will relax to the sound of the waves in a place at the end of the world. Your massage therapist combines meditation and body knowledge.

Opunohu Bay in Moorea, French Polynesia

In such expert hands and with such a deep reflection on well-being, you will reach a certain fullness, both physical and psychic. It is a unique and intense personal experience.


The team of masseurs of Reikilibre-Toi will provide you with exceptional treatments designed to rebalance you and stimulate your energy. Listening to your body, the practitioners will make you live an intense moment of relaxation.

In a comfortable formula, they put at your disposal small semi-open bungalows on the beach. To the sound of lapping waves, you will enjoy a complete service with scrub, massage and foot reflexology. Ideal for honeymooners.

Relax and Enjoy Yourself

Wellness is an art of living in Polynesia. Taking the time to relax means saving time on the one to come. It is also about pleasing yourself and rediscovering your body and your senses. In expert hands, your body will be invigorated to make the most of your stay in the islands. Organize your trip today and contact us for personalized advice.