Since 2007, the Green Pearl Golf Course has been welcoming golf lovers to an 18-hole course. The Moorea golf course bears the hallmark of the Nicklaus firm, named after the legendary player who specialized in designing some of the world’s most renowned golf courses. It also bears the seal of excellence and offers many technical challenges. For both experienced players and novice amateurs, the experience on this green is unique.

Advantages of Moorea Golf Course

A Challenging Course

Moorea golf course offers a Par 70 course with a very progressive difficulty curve. The first hole is on a wide fairway and allows for an excellent workout. The first half of the course is played at a leisurely pace, despite some cleverly placed bunkers. The “front nine” offers progressively deeper fairways, all in length, which requires a little more power or technique, depending on the hole.

After a relatively accessible first half, the “back nine” offers a completely different experience. More technical, the course continues into the hills with impressive elevation changes. The sloping fairways are more and more spaced out, the tee shots become very narrow and the difficulty goes up a notch. It is certainly from hole 12 onwards that golf enthusiasts can fully appreciate the experience.

A Magnificent Natural Setting

Due to its location alone, Moorea golf course naturally promises exceptional conditions. Between the sea and the mountains, the site shines by its geographical location near one of the most beautiful beaches of Moorea, with its spectacular landscapes. Golfers enjoy views of the Pacific Ocean and can admire the island of Tahiti from the hillsides. The impression of being in the middle of a mountainous cirque is further enhanced by the lush vegetation in the immediate vicinity of the fairways.

Temae Beach in Moorea, French Polynesia

But it is really the layout of the course that makes for an extraordinary experience. To be convinced of this, one only has to appreciate the signature holes of the course. No. 7 faces the wind and the ocean and practically ends on the beach.  The mountainous part of the back nine is particularly immersive: hole 13 is one of the most complicated holes on the course and is played in stages. The moment becomes almost epic, when sport, relaxation and nature come together in perfect harmony.

Playing Golf in Moorea

Who Is Moorea Golf Course for?

Golfing in Moorea is for golfers who want to enjoy an exceptional and atypical setting. The golf course is mostly accessible and playable. However, the variety of holes requires a certain technical mastery. The numerous bunkers and the absence of grass cuts on the green can make the game difficult for beginners. For beginners, a 9-hole course on the front nine will be an excellent adventure.

Golf enthusiasts will appreciate the back nine and its many challenges for a great game of golf. However, it is good to keep in mind that a course in the tropics will have the defects of its advantages. Therefore, it is far from the quality of maintenance of a championship course. Some fairways may lack grass, and bunkers may lack white sand. The main thing to remember is that it is fun to play.

Price Range

The Green Pearl Golf Course offers a price range that can be adapted to your needs. For a golfer coming without equipment and looking for the best experience, the basic price is about $150. This package includes green fees, club and cart rentals. Green fees alone are $65 per person on weekdays. In a comfortable package, you can benefit from a transportation service from your hotel in Moorea (Sofitel, Manava, Hilton) or directly from the pier to Tahiti.

In addition, two-hour introductory and advanced courses allow beginners to benefit from the advice of a professional. It is an excellent initiative to practice on a small “pitch & putt” and then on the “Practice” in front of a brackish lake, using floating balls. The exercise is surprising and convincing thanks to the distance markers on the surface.

Tips Before Going to Moorea Golf Course

Best Time to Come & Play Golf

The best time to visit Moorea is between May and September, during the dry season. Locally, the Golf of Moorea is most popular on holidays and weekends. Indeed, on Saturdays and Sundays, residents of Tahiti’s sister island take the ferry to Moorea to putt on the green. Also, for golfers visiting French Polynesia, it is preferable to come during the week. The atmosphere is a little quieter but prices are cheaper and tee times are almost immediate.

Aerial view of Moorea's Golf Course, in French Polynesia

For optimal playing conditions, it is advisable to start early enough to avoid the mid-morning heat. However, the Green Pearl restaurant on site does not start serving until 11:30 am. So think about having breakfast at your hotel or guesthouse. Also bring enough water and a small snack.

If it has rained in the previous days, take a mosquito repellent with you. Mosquitoes are usually more numerous on the hillside route.

Do I Need to Bring My Own Equipment?

The Green Pearl Golf Course has all the necessary equipment available for golfers at the ProShop. Depending on your budget, you may prefer regular or high-end clubs such as Mizuno or Srixon sets. Of course, rental prices vary according to quality. To avoid ending up with a tired or unsuitable club, it is advisable for real golfers to bring their own equipment (clubs, gloves, tees, etc.).

Also, remember to have enough balls. It is common to lose balls at the start, especially from hole 12. In any case, the driver must be used sparingly.

A Must-See in Moorea

Moorea golf course has a magnificient natural setting and the course is varied and generous. The different approaches to play make it an extremely rewarding experience. Although the course is not the easiest, it is still within the reach of most people.

Let us guide you to the most beautiful beaches in the world and the most amazing mountain hikes! Contact us today to plan your stay in Moorea and French Polynesia.