Very often when the rain invites itself in French Polynesia, it is enough to take its pain in patience. Most of the time, the showers are brief. However, during the wet season, the rain can last for days and even in August, no one is safe from a storm. Fortunately, there is plenty of things to do when it rains in Moorea, and these dry or almost dry activities are some of the best on the island.

1. Go Diving When It Rains in Moorea

First Dive in Moorea

Diving in Moorea is the number one rainy day activity. Take your boat to the most impressive sites and discover the intense local aquatic life. The excellent underwater visibility will allow you to visit the coral gardens where countless exotic fish live. Further out, you’ll encounter Javanese moray eels, black tip sharks and even the imposing lemon shark.

Our advice: buy a diving package and define with the professionals the ideal program. If you’ve never been scuba diving before, you can take your first dive, alone or with other divers, at quieter but wonderful sites.

2. Join a Polynesian Cultural Workshop

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When it rains in Moorea, plans to hike or swim fall by the wayside. Put this precious time to good use and take a Polynesian course at the Cultural Center Tamaeva. Upon reservation and according to the formula of your choice, you will participate in several practical workshops to learn the Polynesian culture.

The members of the association center will introduce you to the local cuisine, especially the preparation of raw fish. They will also show you Polynesian arts such as Ori Tahitian dance, ukulele music and sarongs. The Tamaeva Cultural Center is an extraordinary cultural initiative to be seized, even when it is not raining in Moorea.

3. Enjoy a Polynesian Massage

Massage and spa in luxury hotels for a moment of complete relaxation in Moorea

Evacuate negative energies in the expert hands of wellness professionals. In Polynesia, massage is a source of pleasure and planitude to be experienced alone or as a couple. Moreover, this well-being is both physical and psychological. Release tension for good and re-learn your body.

The spa in Moorea is a cultural institution and many of the top hotels have their own wellness center. Naturally, resorts give priority to their guests. However, outside visitors may prefer independent massage professionals whose excellence has been proven.

4. Visit the Cultural and Environmental Museum

Te Fare Natura Museum - Photo: Fare Olivier

A newcomer on the local scene, Te Fare Natura eco-museum testifies to Moorea’s dynamism. This space dedicated to biodiversity and culture is resolutely modern, interactive and multimedia. The highlight of the exhibition is the Naturascope, a room covered with screens giving the impression of being underwater and where you will observe the aquatic life

The educational approach intelligently develops the inseparable links between nature and culture. You will learn in a playful way about the issues related to the natural heritage of French Polynesia and the preservation of the sea bed. This one-hour visit is both enriching and very popular with children, for whom admission is free.

5. Enjoy a Delicacy

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The weather is changeable in French Polynesia. Between two rain showers, you will be able to take advantage of the lagoon for swimming and snorkeling. Waiting for the rain to pass, a bit of shopping in the souvenir stores seems appropriate: pareos and tikis will no longer hold any secrets for you.

And why not take a sweet break near one of the most beautiful beaches in Moorea? Not far from Tiahura beach, you will find the best ice cream shop in Polynesia! Les Sorbets de Moorea welcomes you in a covered space with delicious and improbable ice creams. These exotic treats have the flavor of the sun. And to end this rainy day: go to one of the best restaurants in Moorea!

Things to Do in Moorea When It Stops Raining!

The good weather is finally back! Water activities and land excursions are yours. Between hiking, lagoon trips and swimming, there is definitely a lot of things to do in Moorea. Start organizing your stay in the South Islands now and contact us to plan your activities.