The island of Moorea is one of the most culturally and touristically developed islands in French Polynesia. For example, among the annual events, the Moorea Marathon is one of the most popular with international participants. There are many sites to visit and new experiences to discover. Let us guide you with a selection of the best things to do in Moorea.

1. Whale Watching

From August to October, humpback whales are transiting off Moorea. This is the period of courtship and seduction games. On this occasion, you will embark on a boat and observe them up close. If the security conditions allow it, you can even get into the water and swim with them. The experience is extraordinary.

Private Whale Watching Half-Day Tour in Moorea

Whale watching in Moorea is done with the respect and well-being of the animals. During the tour, you will learn about the biology and behavior of these mammals. If you are lucky, you will be able to see gatherings of several specimens, in a magical and unforgettable aquatic show.

2. Climbing the Magic Mountain

Hiking in Moorea is a must. Overlooking Opunohu Bay, the Magic Mountain offers an extraordinary panorama at its summit. This short hike gives you the choice between two routes with different levels of difficulty. Therefore, everyone can climb the slope at his or her own pace and ability. The road being well maintained, some can even climb it with the help of a quad!

Getting to Moorea: How to get there and when to go?

The Magic Mountain is a must do as soon as you arrive on the island. It is a first impression of the beauty of the island and its lagoon. The colors are splendid and the visual is breathtaking. You will have the sensation of living a waking dream.

3. A Kayak or Va’a Pirogue Excursion

Discovering Moorea’s lagoon combines cultural activities and water sports. The va’a is a pirogue traditionally used in French Polynesia, so much so that it has become a very famous sport. A va’a excursion allows you to appreciate the lagoon as closely as possible to the islanders. The guides are experienced and authentic rowers. Between tradition and authenticity, the va’a makes you discover Moorea at the rhythm of the water.

Traditional pirogue tour in Moorea

A more modern alternative to the va’a is the transparent kayak. You will be able to observe the aquatic fauna 2.0! Off the shore, you will enjoy extraordinary views of the lagoon and the island of Moorea. These beautiful excursions along the water are to be experienced in a good mood and a very Polynesian atmosphere.

4. Diving in the Lagoon

Moorea‘s lagoon has an intense aquatic life. Several diving spots allow you to observe the multicolored fish and the coral reef. This is the time to discover this universe in motion. Contemplating the huge lemon sharks and black tip sharks around you in the translucent waters of the lagoon is an intense experience.

The impressive lemon shark, seen during a dive in Moorea

Because of the weak currents, diving in Moorea is ideal for beginners and refresher courses. Don’t hesitate to do your first dive at the Aquarium and then go meet the stingrays. The Polynesian islands live in contact with the water: the opportunity to learn more about the aquatic biodiversity!

5. Pineapple Road Hike

Starting from Opunohu Bay, a path leads you through pineapple plantations in a fantastic landscape. This hike of a little more than two hours leads you to the Lookout. From here you will enjoy a sensational view of Cook Bay and Opunohu Bay on either side of Mount Rotui.

Opunohu Bay in Moorea, French Polynesia

On the way, the Pineapple Road will take you through the remains of an ancient Polynesian temple, the Titiroa marae. You will also enjoy a stop at the agricultural high school, where you can taste some of the best fruit preparations. This hike combines legends, landscapes and encounters for an unforgettable moment. This is one of the best things to do in Moorea. Looking for a more mountainous challenge? Climb Mount Mata’ara!

6. White Sand Beach at Temae

Temae Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Moorea. It evokes all the idealized representations that people have of the paradise of the southern islands. This white sand beach falls into the turquoise waters of the lagoon where tropical fish and rays frolic. The coconut trees complete the postcard effect.

Temae Beach in Moorea, French Polynesia

You will enjoy the beach for a moment of relaxation. The warm waters are an invitation to swim and snorkel. Moreover, the shallow depth of the lagoon makes the beach perfectly accessible to families. Nearby, numerous food outlets offer tropical and exotic refreshments. A dream in its purest form.

7. Snorkeling by Day or Night

Snorkeling is a fun activity that allows you to learn to swim next to the aquatic fauna. Moorea’s beautiful lagoon offers an extraordinary field of exploration, meeting black tip sharks, turtles and multicolored fish. This is an ideal activity to do with family or friends upon arrival on the island.

Manta Ray during a night snorkeling tour in Moorea

At sunset, snorkeling takes on a whole new dimension. With the help of a flashlight, you will meet the creatures of the night. Under the artificial light, their colors become even more impressive than in daylight. The experience is fascinating, with a touch of thrill and forbidden! A sudden encounter with a manta ray is sure to be a moment of intense discovery.

8. Driving Around the Island

Moorea is quite large and getting around requires some form of transportation. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit the main points of interest on the island and go to places that are inaccessible on foot. You will have many viewpoints on the lagoon and discover many beaches. Why not stop at one of the best restaurants in Moorea?

Your guide for the tour in Moorea

A rental car or a guided tour will do the trick. You’ll get to know the local people, visit their everyday places and other more unlikely places. A complete tour of the island will make you discover the landscapes in the south, less touristy, with a more authentic charm. This is one of the best activities you can do in Moorea to appreciate the rhythm of Polynesian life.

9. Visit the Cultural and Ecological Museum

The latest addition to the local cultural scene, the Te Fare Natura eco-museum is an incredible educational initiative whose primary ambition is to combine nature and culture. With a superb architecture, this interactive and modern museum space offers a very convincing educational immersion with successful and surprising exhibition rooms.

Te Fare Natura Museum - Photo: Fare Olivier

This museum marks a major evolution in Moorea. Indeed, the respect of the species and their natural environment becomes an essential element for a sustainable development on the island. French Polynesia needs this kind of initiative: learning intelligently for the happiness of adults and children. This is a great activity to do when it rains in Moorea.

10. Tiki Parc Tree Climbing

The Tiki Parc is an attraction such as we would like to see more of in French Polynesia. This leisure space offers several adventure courses in the forest, where you progress acrobatically between the trees. In the heart of the rainforest, Moorea’s tree climbing offers a magnificent natural setting. The experience is all the more surprising.

Wood carved tiki in Moorea, French Polynesia

For the more athletic and families with children, it will be an alternative to swimming and water activities. The contact with nature is made this time in the trees, in height. To get there, however, it is best to go through a car rental in Moorea.

Other Things to Do in Moorea? Follow the Guide!

Between the lagoon and the mountains, there is so much to explore and discover on the island. A moment of respite will be welcome after this sporty program. Let yourself be tempted by a Tahitian massage for a moment of total relaxation in a spa in Moorea. Or perhaps you’ll prefer the gastronomic pleasures of one of the many establishments on the island. Contact us if you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you organize your vacations in Polynesia!