The French Polynesian Marathon was born during the South Pacific Games organized in Papeete in 1971. Since 1988, the event has been held on Tahiti’s sister island. The Moorea Marathon has become a major event in the local calendar. It now welcomes several hundred athletes from all over the world. Ready to put on the bib? Let’s go for the most beautiful 42 km of the world.

Polynesian Race Conditions

Traditionally, the Moorea Marathon takes place in the north of the island. Starting from Temae, on of the most beautiful beaches in Moorea, the runners take the coastal road up to kilometer 21 for the turnaround. On the road, all the diversity and richness of Moorea’s landscapes appear. The beauty of the lagoon, the Cook and Opunohu bays, at the foot of the magnificent mountains, are breathtaking. The exotic setting is wonderful.

For optimal race conditions, the start is in the dark around 4:30 am. Despite water points every 2.5 kilometers, the runners will quickly feel the heat and humidity. The Moorea Marathon is both a physical and mental challenge, requiring a real surpassing of oneself.

Moorea Marathon: A Family and Cultural Event

The festivities of the Moorea Marathon are inaugurated the day before the event. In addition to the Polynesian dance demonstrations, you will be able to participate in a festive night race with fluorescent accessories. The atmosphere is very convivial and friendly.

On the day of the event, other races of different distances are organized to allow a wider participation of the population. Everyone can participate according to their physical abilities, especially children. The side races start and finish in the same areas. Therefore, the atmosphere is essentially festive and family oriented.

On the race course, drumming and singing groups accompany all participants. Their members wear traditional clothes and are volunteers to create a great atmosphere. The event mobilizes the whole island. Numerous animations welcome young and old runners in an atmosphere celebrating the Polynesian culture.

The event is both popular and solemn. Everything is there to remind the local culture. Moreover, each marathon runner will leave with a medal carved in a shell.

What Are the Registration Procedures?

Of course, in order to compete, you’ll need to figure out how to get to Moorea and book a flight and hotel nights. However, find out beforehand when the event will be held. Indeed, the Moorea Marathon does not have a fixed annual date. The event can be held in March, June or November.

The registration fee is approximately $90 for one of the three endurance races. For the festive race, the fee is $45. Local runners can register directly with the organizers in Papeete, Tahiti. For the others, an online registration is still possible. They will have to withdraw their race envelope at the latest three before the beginning of the event. You can pick up the documents at the docks in Papeete.

In addition to the official documents and the bib number, the race envelope also contains the round trip ferry tickets from Papeete. Participants do not have to spend the night on Moorea and can return to Tahiti after the race if they wish.

Ready to Run the Moorea Marathon?

The marathon is the event of the year on the island of Moorea. It is a great popular festival, where sport becomes a pretext to get together. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to participate in the festival: the 5 km night race is already an excellent option.

Between the many hikes, dives and golf in Moorea, there are so many things to do on the island. What’s next? Contact us to organize your next trip to the Pacific Islands.