Tahiti’s sister island is located just a short distance from the port of Papeete. Why not reach it by boat? Fast and economical, this mode of transportation can save you a stopover on your inter-island package or to enjoy a day out. The Tahiti-Moorea shuttle is easy to access and has many advantages.

Why Take the Tahiti-Moorea Shuttle?

Advantages of Taking the Boat

If it is possible to reach Moorea by plane from Tahiti, the price of the flights is much higher than the one of a transport by boat. Moreover, the time saving is quite minor, barely 20 minutes, for a high carbon footprint. Therefore, we advise you to use the Tahiti-Moorea shuttle.

The sea crossing is practical and ecological. This nice excursion along the water will make you appreciate the panoramas on Papeete, Tahiti and Moorea. Even better: the crossing is very fast. Count on 25 to 45 minutes per one-way trip and shuttles are scheduled almost every 90 minutes.

Another strong argument in favor of the boat: you can take the ferry with a rental car in Tahiti. For those who rent by the week, the offer is very convenient as it allows you to visit points of interest on Moorea easily.

Think About Your Polynesian Itinerary

During your stay, you will probably visit several Polynesian islands. The local agency Air Tahiti offers its multi-flight packages, namely the passes. However, the number of stopovers and itineraries are limited depending on the package you choose but also on the possible connections between the islands.

By going to Moorea by boat, you can save a stopover on your Air Tahiti pass and choose another one. You can also start your inter-island package from Tahiti with a wider choice of destinations. Most importantly, you will save time because flights from Moorea are rarely direct to the Leeward Islands or the Tuamotus.

How Does the Tahiti-Moorea Shuttle Work?

Ferry Companies: Prices & Schedules

Three ferry companies provide the link by boat between the Papeete ferry terminal and the port of Vaiare on Moorea: Aremiti, Terevau and Vaeara. In total, count on 6 to 10 trips per day depending on the season and the day of the week. The crossing lasts from 25 to 45 minutes.

From Tahiti, the first boat leaves shortly before 6am on weekdays and from 7am on weekends. The last departure is around 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm respectively. In the opposite direction, the last boat leaves Moorea around 4:30 pm. Before planning a day trip, it is important to check the schedule. Also, plan the travel time to the port. Do not miss the last connection and keep in mind that there are fewer shuttles on weekends.

Regarding fares, expect to pay an average of $20-30 per adult (18-59 years old) for a round trip ticket. Children, students and people over 60 years old benefit from a reduced rate. Polynesian residents benefit from preferential prices (about 25%). For the transportation of a small car, the price starts at $80.

Moorea, a dream setting for a first diving experience

Taking the Tahiti-Moorea Shuttle: Practical Guide

From Tahiti, go to the Papeete ferry terminal to buy your ticket on the spot or directly at the cruise ship dock, located just a few hundred meters away. You can buy your ticket online on companies’ websites, but the seats are not nominative. For the boarding, you are asked to be there at least 30 minutes before the departure and provided with the vehicle registration document if necessary.

In Moorea, you will take the boat at the Vaiare ferry terminal. You will be close to the famous Temae beach but far enough from the main places of interest. If you do not have a car at your disposal from Tahiti, you can call a Moorea cab for your travels. Remember to make a reservation before your arrival. However, if you plan to stay several nights on the island, call your hotel which will organize transportation (expect an extra charge).

Things to Do in Moorea in One Day?

When you leave Tahiti for Moorea, you will quickly notice a real change of scenery. White sandy beaches, a more vacation-like atmosphere and much less crowded than in Papeete. The activities on the island are numerous: Moorea golf course, dream beaches for swimming and snorkeling, kayaking on the lagoon and why not climb a small mountain for a panoramic view of the ocean?

By taking one of the first ferries in the morning, you’ll arrive around 8:20 am, just enough time to participate in the activities starting around 9:30-10 am. Hop in your cab and head out on an adventure. What a dream to discover dolphins or practice va’a, the traditional Polynesian sport! At 2pm, the tours end and you’ll have another 90 minutes to get back to the ferry terminal.

Road to the Islands Passes Through Moorea!

If you didn’t plan to visit Moorea during your stay, take the chance to get there with the Tahiti-Moorea shuttle. Simple and practical, this boat will take you to discover a wonderful and essential island. Contact us and start organizing your trip to French Polynesia.