Easter Island offers visitors a unique combination of historical mystery, natural beauty and adventure. These characteristics come together in a particularly attractive activity: hiking. There are several itineraries to choose from, offering panoramic views, often melancholy natural landscapes and unique destinations. Don’t wait any longer to go hiking on Easter Island!

Hiking the Volcanoes on Easter Island

Start your first hike on Easter Island with an ascent of the Rano Kau volcano. Departing from Hanga Roa, you’ll make your way to the south-west of the island to reach an impressive caldera over 1 mile in diameter, transformed by time into a veritable natural water reserve covered by humid vegetation. The view is absolutely fantastic. This hike of just a few kilometers is one of the best activities on Easter Island. Allow half a day for the round trip.

To the north-west, the ascent of Mount Terevaka is more demanding: the route is longer and sometimes quite steep. From Hanga Roa, it takes more than four hours to reach the summit, more than 500 m high. However, the effort will be rewarded by a breathtaking panoramic view of the whole island and the surrounding ocean.

A third, even more remote itinerary takes you to the north-east of the island, to the Poike volcano. Quite difficult, this Easter Island hike can be part of a larger itinerary that includes a visit to the Rano Raraku site, a veritable graveyard of Moai statues.

Hanga Roa-Anakena Coastal Trek

Anakena Beach, north of Easter Island

For total immersion in the landscapes of Easter Island, the 15 miles coastal walk from Hanga Roa to Anakena is a must. This 6-7 hour hike follows the coastline towards the north coast. Panoramas unfold between the azure ocean and volcanic reliefs, offering views and landscapes typical of the island, as well as surprising archaeological discoveries.

With the exception of wild horses, you won’t meet a soul along the way: a complete change of scenery! This hike takes place on flat terrain, but can be challenging due to the distance and lack of shade. The destination is the famous Anakena beach, where you can cool off. Remember to book a cab for the return journey.

Exploring the Ana Kakenga Cave

Here’s a daring hike where the destination counts even more than the route! Departing from Hanga Roa, you’ll reach the Ana Kakenga cave, also known as the Cave with Two Windows. This fifty-metre-long volcanic tube leads to two vantage points overlooking the ocean: the famous two windows on the cliffside. The natural spectacle is impressive.

Access to the cave is difficult. You’ll have to plunge into the darkness (remember to bring a headlamp), several meters below the surface, without being able to stand up fully. Claustrophobic people prone to vertigo should refrain from such an experience. Due to slippery floors, this visit is also not recommended for young children.

Ana Kakenga cave on Easter Island

The Ana Kakenga cave is a mysterious and atypical place. The presence of a guide is necessary to fully appreciate the site and follow the safety instructions. It takes around 90 minutes to walk from Hanga Roa and 20 minutes on site.

Tips Before Hiking on Easter Island

As well as taking the usual precautions to protect yourself from the sun (hat and sun cream), remember to take enough water with you – at least 1.5 liters per person. In some places, it will be impossible to refuel. It’s best to start walking very early in the morning to avoid the heat. Hiking boots are highly recommended, as is a light raincoat in case of rain.

To avoid any mishaps, we recommend that you hike with a guide. He’ll make sure you’re comfortable and tell you all about the stories and legends of Easter Island. Make sure you always have your entrance ticket for the Rapa Nui National Park, which you can only enter with a guide and for a fee. Don’t touch the archaeological remains, and don’t climb on them. Of course, photos are permitted, so don’t forget your favorite camera!

Go Hiking on Easter Island

It’s time to head to the Pacific and discover a land full of mysteries. The statues of Easter Island are just one of the sights to be seen on the island, while the beaches, hiking and Rapanui culture also deserve your full attention. Don’t delay, choose your flight to Easter Island. Contact us to organize your activities in the Polynesian Triangle.