Honeymooning in Bora Bora is a unique experience. However, it is possible to discover this paradise in other ways. On a cruise to Bora Bora, you’ll experience adventure on the water and enjoy a stopover on the romantic island in a Polynesian itinerary. Come aboard the boat of your dreams and explore the islands of French Polynesia.

Cruise With a Stopover in Bora Bora

The very principle of a cruise is to visit several islands in a chosen itinerary. For each island, there is a stopover of varying length. Depending on the formula chosen, the duration of the stopover varies from a few hours to a maximum of two days. These stopovers give passengers the opportunity to go ashore to discover the local life and do an activity.

What Are the Possible Tours?

The cruises depart from the port of Papeete on the island of Tahiti. The itineraries are generally looped circuits with a return to the initial embarkation point. The shipping companies offer different formulas depending on the destination chosen. Among the cruises with a stopover in Bora Bora, three itineraries stand out.

A romantic cruise in French Polynesia should always include a stop in Bora Bora

  • In the Society Islands: 7 days to the islands of Moorea, Huahine and Raiatea.
  • The Society and Tuamotu archipelagos: 10 days to the islands of Huahine, Tahaa, Moorea, Rangiroa and Fakarava.
  • The Society, Tuamotu and Marquesas archipelagos: 15 days with several days at sea.

All these cruises will stop in Bora Bora. However, we recommend the basic seven-day circuit in the Society Islands. This will allow you to shorten the time spent at sea and therefore the time spent on board the boat. It is the perfect cruise for a first experience of French Polynesia or a honeymoon.

Other itineraries exist to much more distant destinations such as Tonga, Fiji and even Hawaii. In addition, some round-the-world cruises will also stop over in Bora Bora. But these are special trips lasting several months.

What to Do in Bora Bora During Your Stopover?

Upon arrival in Bora Bora, you will have the opportunity to do many activities. There is no organized program for all passengers. Whether you feel like diving in Bora Bora or lounging on Matira beach, you will be free to choose according to your interests. We invite you to read our article on the best things to do in Bora Bora.

Before each stopover, the cruise staff suggests a range of possible activities on site. You will be able to plan your arrival with peace of mind and you will not miss any of the excursions you would like to take part in. However, the activities on land are not part of the services inherent to the cruise and are at your expense.

Shipping Companies for a Cruise in Bora Bora

Several companies organize cruises to Bora Bora. On board, the service is “all inclusive”. The total price of the cruise includes accommodation, meals and activities on board. Two agencies are of particular interest to us.

Luxury cruise ship in front of Bora Bora Island

Paul Gauguin Cruises: French Elegance

Aboard the Paul Gauguin ship, you’ll discover the beauty of the Pacific islands with all the refinement of French culture. At Paul Gauguin Cruises, the key words are quality and excellence. Quality first and foremost, given the exceptional services provided on board. The staff is highly professional, from the stewards and monitors to the starred chef. Yes, the food on board the Paul Gauguin is a tribute to French haute cuisine. Excellence above all because it is a charming cruise where elegance and refinement are honored, notably by a dress code in the common areas. Ideal for a honeymoon!

You will travel aboard a modern and luxurious liner that can accommodate nearly 300 people. With its five decks, its theater, its bars, its spa lounge and its gourmet restaurants, the ship takes the form of a small village where, nevertheless, the intimacy of each one is respected. The prices reflect the high quality of this cruise. Count on up to $5,600 for accommodation in a basic outside cabin and more than $17,000 for the most prestigious suites.

Variety Cruises: Best Value for Your Money

An even more intimate experience awaits you aboard the Panorama II. Variety Cruises specializes in yacht cruises. With two gigantic masts, your frigate cruises the South Seas with all sails drawn. Aesthetically, staying on board such a ship is already a beautiful memory. With 25 cabins at your disposal, the number of passengers is limited to about fifty. The atmosphere on board is felt and the adventure becomes more personal.

The ship offers several common areas: restaurant, lounge, deck terrace and bar. The staff on board is extremely competent and dedicated, attentive and incredibly kind. Spread over four decks, the cabins are quite small but well equipped. Depending on the category, you can expect to pay between 2,500 and $4,000 per person.

Is a Cruise to Bora Bora a Wise Choice?

During a cruise, you will see Bora Bora without really having time to visit it. But the trip is more important than the destination, especially since life on board is already an experience in itself. In other words, going on a cruise to Bora Bora means integrating the Pearl of the Pacific into a more global itinerary that includes the Polynesian islands. The important thing is to be aware of it. This formula will certainly suit people wishing to discover the islands by water.

Upon your return to Tahiti, you will have the opportunity to stay on the island for a while. What will you do in the next few days? You can contact us to borganize your itinerary.