At the gateway to the Tuamotu Archipelago, Fakarava Atoll is the perfect destination for diving and a change of scenery. The airport makes it relatively easy to get there from Tahiti. However, the air rotations require you to think about your itinerary in French Polynesia. Find out about getting to Fakarava!

Where is Fakarava Atoll Located?


Fakarava is about 430 km from the island of Tahiti and belongs to the Palliser Islands. Sparsely populated, the atoll is mostly known for its extraordinary natural landscapes and the intense aquatic activity of its lagoon. It is the second largest lagoon in French Polynesia, just behind Rangiroa.

Of course, there are no flights to Fakarava from the North American continent and even more from Europe. You will first have to reach French Polynesia via Tahiti. Then, there are direct flights to Fakarava in less than an hour. Therefore, the atoll remains one of the most accessible destinations in the archipelago, but far less accessible than the atolls of Rangiroa and Tikehau with which air connections also exist. Getting to Fakarava immediately raises the question of your itinerary in French Polynesia.

Getting to Fakarava by Plane

Direct Flights?

There are five weekly flights between Tahiti and Fakarava, except on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, half of them are not direct and make a stopover on Rangiroa atoll. The stopover is short but doubles the travel time. If you only want a round trip, be sure to choose the right flights so as not to make the trip longer.

Above all, Tahiti-Fakarava flights are extremely expensive. Count approximately $390 for a round trip ticket. In other words, the sum is considerable and the offer is absolutely not adapted to the needs of international travelers. Fortunately, a more advantageous alternative can be found with Air Tahiti Passes, allowing you to combine Fakarava and other destinations in the same route plan.

Air Tahiti flight to Fakarava

Air Tahiti Passes to Fakarava

Air Tahiti offers preferential packages to visit several islands at the same time in a predefined itinerary. These multi-island packages expire 28 days after the date of the first domestic flight and the order of the stopovers cannot be changed once validated. In spite of many constraints, Air Tahiti Passes are a godsend for travelers eager to discover and an economically advantageous offer.

To get to Fakarava, you can choose between two packages: the Lagoon Pass and the Bora-Tuamotu Pass.

The Lagoon Pass (about $480) is essentially for scuba divers and those who love natural spaces at the end of the world. In addition to Fakarava, you can visit Moorea in the Society archipelago, as well as Rangiroa and Tikehau, two Tuamotu atolls.

Much more ambitious, the Bora-Tuamotu Pass (about $630) includes Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Maupiti, Rangiroa, Tikehau and Fakarava. You’ll get a great overview of the best that French Polynesia has to offer. Fortunately, it is not necessary to visit all the islands. Your trip will be eclectic, rich in encounters and landscapes.

Itinerary to Fakarava

For a first stay in French Polynesia, we recommend the Bora-Tuamotu Pass. Your itinerary will start in the Society Islands and then go to the Tuamotus. Experienced divers can validate their Lagoon Pass without hesitation and discover fascinating underwater trips.

In any case, it is better to end your Polynesian itinerary with Fakarava. First of all, you will be able to get back to Tahiti more easily thanks to a direct flight, subject to your schedule and the air rotations. Second, you will experience diving in Fakarava: the best for last. However, divers must respect a 12-hour delay before a domestic flight and 24 hours for international flights.

Pensions in Fakarava: Choose the best accommodation!

Upon Arrival on Fakarava

While thinking about your itinerary, you will also think about accommodation. Guesthouses in Fakarava offer relatively similar comfort and services. You will have the choice to stay either on Rotoava in the north or on Tetamanu in the extreme south of the atoll. Both sites are close to memorable dive spots.

The village of Rotoava is the closest to the airport. Only a few kilometers separate you from your accommodation. To get there, let your hosts know the day of your arrival so that they can pick you up by car. On the other hand, if you go to Tetamanu, plan a two-hour boat ride on the lagoon. Your guesthouse will provide the shuttle.

Fakarava, the Wonderful Atoll

A stay on the atoll will leave you with unforgettable memories. The landscapes are gorgeous and although diving is the main activity, there are still many things to do in Fakarava. First of all, you will discover an atoll where nature is intact and flourishing. Contact us to plan your South Pacific Islands itinerary.