On the wonderful atoll of Fakarava, you will not find any big hotel. Accommodation is provided by the dozen or so family-run guesthouses, which offer you room and board. Indeed, a half-board formula is recommended during your stay. Let’s take a look at the best pensions in Fakarava.

Staying in Rotoava or Tetamanu?

Most of the pensions in Fakarava are located on Rotoava, in the north of the atoll. This is also where the village and its few shops are located. The airport and the Garuae pass are several kilometers away. You will be close to the local life, to the activity centers and to an unavoidable diving site in French Polynesia. You will also have plenty of room for bike rides or walks along the beaches.

At the southern end of the atoll, Tetamanu is much more isolated, almost uninhabited. Upon arrival at the airport on Rotoava, you will still have to take a 1.5 hour sea shuttle to reach your accommodation. Staying in South Fakarava will feel like living in a cocoon, in a diver’s paradise and in a wonderful and unforgettable natural setting. By all accounts, a much more immersive space than Rotoava

What to choose between Rotoava and Tetamanu? Diving in Fakarava is mainly around the sites of Garuae and Tumakohua. Dive clubs in the north organize day trips to dive in Tetamanu. However, those in the south do not go to Garuae Pass. Therefore, we recommend to stay in Rotoava to enjoy all the dives on the atoll. A good compromise would be to divide your stay equally between Rotoava and Tetamanu.

Sunset in Fakarava, French Polynesia

Best Pensions in Fakarava

Pakokota Lodge, at the End of the World

Go literally to the end of the road for a unique stay. Pakokota Lodge offers an immersive experience in the midst of unspoiled nature. More than 20 km from the airport, you will feel like you are alone in the world. The beach becomes your playground with swimming, snorkeling and excursions on the lagoon with kayaks at your disposal. Despite the remoteness of the resort, the diving club shuttles provide transfers if you wish to dive.

The beach bungalows are comfortable and suitable for couples as well as families with children. The half-board formula with breakfast allows you to enjoy the daytime activities and the evening meals together. Count on approximately $550 for a double bungalow on the basis of a two-night stay, including airport transfers.

Hawaiki Lodge, Most Comfortable Pension in Fakarava

Hawaiki Lodge is the closest thing to a hotel on Fakarava, with quality service and dining. This vacation village is located close to the centers of interest on the atoll. In itself, a stay here can be an all-inclusive package, as the offer is so rich and diversified. With its private beach and bar, this guesthouse is ideal for a comfortable vacation without worrying about organization.

Several types of bungalows are available, some with direct access to the beach. Comfortable and functional, they have very good bedding for restful nights. Hawaiki Lodge is one of the most expensive pensions in Fakarava: about $375 per night in a beach bungalow for two people, including airport transfers.

Pension Kaipolanie Garden, Small Prices and Big Heart

In the heart of Rotoava, a tiny pension offers two garden bungalows, refurbished and comfortable. This time, no direct access to the beach, but a small private garden that you can use as you wish. Discreet and warm, your hosts are authentic and passionate people. Their communicative good mood is matched only by the generosity of their cooking. The evening meals taken at the common table are convivial and unforgettable moments.

More than a pension or a hotel, Kaipolanie Garden is a must for those who wish to discover Fakarava in full autonomy. You will be in the heart of the village, its inhabitants and their daily life, but also close to the diving clubs. This beautiful discovery is also very cheap: count $550 for two people for a three-night stay with half board.

Discover Fakarava and Its Diving

To enjoy the natural wonders of the atoll, all you have to do is organize your trip to French Polynesia. When to visit Fakarava? The climatic seasons offer very different experiences. Rest assured: the activities in Fakarava promise a timeless adventure in contact with nature. Contact us to plan your stay in the South Sea Islands.