Easter Island is a year-round destination. The subtropical climate guarantees average temperatures of 20ºC, much lower than in the rest of the Polynesian islands. However, there are differences between the seasons, partly linked to the rotating winds and the cultural offer. Discover the best time to visit Easter Island!

Easter Island During the Austral Winter

Arrival at Hanga Roa airport on Easter Island

June to September: Cooler Weather and Lower Prices

The austral winter begins at the end of March. This is also the time of year when rainfall is at its heaviest. So it’s best to avoid visiting the island before mid-June. At this time, the air becomes drier and temperatures drop. Then, in October, a new in-between period begins, before the arrival of full southern summer in December. Enough to reduce the cost of a trip to Easter Island!

This is the tourist industry’s low season. The price of flights becomes attractive and affordable. This trend is also reflected in Hanga Roa’s guesthouses and hotels: you’ll be spoilt for choice and sure to find the accommodation of your dreams. On the other hand, tour operators are operating at a slower pace. You may find it difficult to book a guided tour for the following day.

Cultural life on the island doesn’t come to a standstill, however. Smaller celebrations punctuate the winter months. And you’ll always find a place to eat. Your stay will be a peaceful one.

Best Time to Go Hiking on Easter Island

Hiking on Easter Island: among the volcanoes

During the low season, you’ll often have the impression of being alone on the island. So to speak, your stay can take the form of a voyage of initiation: the exploration of immense, absolutely silent spaces. Archaeological sites are less frequented by Chilean and international tourists, allowing for total immersion.

The dry weather of the southern winter and slightly cooler temperatures make for great hiking on Easter Island. Discover all the peaks, from the immense crater of Rano Kau to the summit of the Poike volcano. On the other hand, cold winds and chilly water temperatures may discourage you from going for a swim at Anakena beach.

Otherwise, the period from June to September is recommended for all those who dream of virgin and mysterious spaces, far from mass tourism. The holiday will focus more on hiking and discovering the statues of Easter Island. The vacation will also be spent in contact with the local population.

Best Time to Visit Easter Island: Austral Summer

Beaches on Easter Island: In the shadow of the Moai

December to March: Heat and Rising Prices

Once the intermediate period from October to November is over, the austral summer finally begins. Temperatures rise just a little. January and February are particularly hot, but also very humid. The UV index is very high, and it’s essential to protect yourself as much as possible from these sweltering conditions.

The austral summer is the ideal time for a vacation combining culture and relaxation. Easter Island’s beaches have never been so popular. It’s also peak season for tourism: Chileans take advantage of the sunny days to come to the island, while thousands of cruise passengers disembark at the same time. It’s a busy time of year, and business is booming.

As a result, prices for flights and overnight stays rise sharply. In January and February, the cost of a stay on Easter Island can double or even triple that of the winter months (June-September).

Don’t Miss Tapati Rapa Nui in February

Easter Island Festival: Tapati Rapa Nui

During the first two weeks of February, the Easter Island Festival takes place, a not-to-be-missed event in the local calendar. The Tapati Rapa Nui is an artistic and sporting competition designed to promote Rapanui cultural heritage. It’s a fast-paced affair, with horse races, a traditional triathlon in the heart of a volcano and a musical confrontation featuring traditional songs.

On this occasion, the whole population pitches in alongside the champions representing one of the two competing teams. Tourists themselves are also involved, helping to decide between the competitors. The colorful, festive atmosphere is extraordinary: good humor and communal meals are signs of the hospitality of the Easter Islanders.

Incredible sunrise overlooking the Moai on Easter Island

It’s also during this period that the sunrises are at their most spectacular. Head to Ahu Tongariki to witness the appearance of the sun, illuminating the sky, the ocean and the statues of Easter Island. The moment is almost magical.

When Will You Visit Easter Island?

Despite the much higher cost and greater number of visitors, we recommend that you visit Easter Island during the austral summer, in February to be exact. You’ll be able to attend the Tapati Rapa Nui and discover Rapanui culture in a whole new way: dynamic, lively and full of promise for the future. Plan your trip to Easter Island and Polynesia, and contact us to organize your activities.