On the edge of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is an atypical and demanding destination. Before you can admire the famous stone giants, you’ll have to cross hemispheres and fly long distances. Exploring the mysterious lands of Rapa Nui inevitably comes at a high price, but it’s possible to reduce it. Here’s the real price of a trip to Easter Island.

Basic Prices for a Trip to Easter Island

Find Flights to Chile and Easter Island

Arrival at Hanga Roa airport on Easter Island

To get to Easter Island, you’ll need to fly from Chile. This is the unfortunate aftermath of the 2020-2022 pandemic. The first step is to find an international flight to the capital Santiago de Chile. On arrival, you can take a domestic flight to Easter Island.

Flight prices vary greatly depending on the season and, of course, your point of departure. In fact, airfares are much more expensive during the austral summer, from November to March, with a peak in February. A more economical trip should then take place during the austral winter, ideally in August or September.

On average, whether from Europe or North America, expect to pay between $1,200 in May and $2,400 in February for your economy-class flights. Note that this variation mainly concerns air tickets to Easter Island: the increase is less for flights to Santiago.

Choosing Accommodation on Easter Island

Despite the island’s total isolation and the difficulties of resupplying, the question of accommodation will certainly be the easiest to answer. Hotels on Easter Island are plentiful, suitable for all budgets and, for the most part, of the highest quality. You’ll be able to choose between luxury, boutique, mid-range and homestay establishments.

Prices vary according to the type of accommodation, whether you choose full or half board, and the number of people accompanying you. You can start from a minimum of $110 per night for two people, and up to $1,100 for the most luxurious hotels. Please note: during the Tapati Rapa Nui festival in February, room rates double.

Planning Activities

Incredible sunrise overlooking the Moai on Easter Island

The first thing you’ll need to do on Easter Island is get a ticket to visit Rapa Nui National Park. Without this precious sesame, you won’t be able to admire the archaeological sites. It costs around $80 per adult and is valid for ten days. After that, you’ll need to take part in organized tours to the island’s most emblematic and mysterious places. The cost of a day trip ranges from $55 to $170 per person, depending on the package.

The Moai are not the only attractions on Easter Island. Other activities such as hiking and diving can complement your stay. Even activities that are free of charge will incur additional costs: to reach Anakena beach, you’ll need a rental car or the services of a cab. Expect to pay around $55 per day for car transport.

The cost of living is relatively higher than on the mainland. However, it’s not as exorbitant as on some other Polynesian islands. For an economical stay, you can start at a reasonable $45 per person. If, on the other hand, you’d like to sample some of the best restaurants in Hanga Roa, you should expect to pay at least $110 per person.

The Different Prices of a Trip to Easter Island

Length of Your Stay on Easter Island

Travelers usually visit Easter Island for an extended weekend, spending three nights there. This leaves two full days to visit the archaeological sites. This formula has the advantage of optimizing your stay and concentrating all expenses over a relatively short period. As a result, you’ll enjoy a top-quality experience for the best of stays.

To discover Easter Island in depth, it’s best to stay for at least five nights. This extra two days will allow you to take the time to visit lesser-known, more unusual places, and above all to soak up the island’s Mana. This is the formula we recommend: there’s enough to see and do on Easter Island to devote a whole week to it.

Thinking About an Itinerary in Chile

Discover the magic of Chile's natural landscapes

While you’re waiting for flights to reopen, it’s a good idea to consider a stay on Easter Island as part of your trip to Chile. The recommended length of stay on Rapa Nui is at least five nights. On a two-week trip, you’ll have a week to visit the port city of Valparaiso, Chile’s second largest city.

A three-week stay gives you the opportunity to head for more distant lands. North of Santiago, the arid climate offers surprising desert landscapes from the town of Calama. To the south, the road takes you to another land of legends: Patagonia, the region of lakes and fjords. These two territories offer very different but equally spectacular experiences. You can choose to travel by plane or bus.

The Real Price of a Trip to Easter Island

Two main questions are: how long will you spend in Chile, and when will you travel to Easter Island? Based on a two-week itinerary with five nights on Easter Island and a further ten on the mainland, the price of a trip including flights, accommodation, activities and meals, is approximately :

  • Comfortable trip in high season: $16,500 per couple
  • Comfortable trip in low season: $11,000
  • Economy trip in high season: $8,700
  • Economy trip in low season: $6,500

Ana Kakenga cave on Easter Island

Obviously, these are non-tour operator itineraries, and do not include agency fees. What’s more, the overall cost of your trip may vary according to your desires. In addition to a Polynesian holiday, you can also discover Chile, its continental landscapes and South American culture. For a trip to the Polynesian Triangle, contact us to organize your activities.