Tahiti is located in the center of French Polynesia and is also its gateway. From Papeete, you will discover the paradise islands of the South Pacific. A cruise is an experience in itself. Mixing adventure and romance, the trip is also an initiation. Let’s discover together the advantages of a cruise to Tahiti and her islands.

Why Choose a Cruise to Tahiti?

No matter how you visit Tahiti and her islands, there is no wrong choice. It all depends on your personal motivations. A cruise aboard a pleasure boat has many advantages. To evaluate the price differences, find out the cost of a trip to Tahiti.

First of all, it is the choice of all-inclusive and tranquility. The company and its crew take care of the organization. During the whole trip, there is zero hassle and zero stress. Meals and accommodation are provided on board. The itinerary is already defined and all you have to do is let yourself be carried along by the water.

Then, during a cruise, the discoveries are made as much on land as on board. While you will enjoy the beauty of the islands at each stopover, the ship is at the center of your journey. Life on board is punctuated by cultural and sports activities, themed evenings or simply a relaxing session in the spa lounge. The possibilities are numerous.

Finally, a cruise to Tahiti, more than the inter-island flights, makes you aware of the distances and the majesty of the Pacific Ocean. In Polynesia, sailing is an ancestral art. And what a joy, what a wonder to see the islands taking shape before you when the boat arrives! The experience is initiatory and the journey counts almost as much as the destination.

Transpacific Cruises to Tahiti

Most often departing from Australia and the United States, gigantic ships take you to New Zealand and French Polynesia. You will live for three weeks on board real floating cities. Your stopover in Tahiti will be short and from French Polynesia you will only see the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora. This type of cruise is therefore reserved for people who essentially want to live an experience on board.

Cruise ship in front of Tahiti island

A shorter and more immersive alternative can be found with cruises linking Tahiti and Hawaï. The trip is divided into three parts: visit Tahiti and her islands (Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Raiatea); cross the Pacific Ocean; visit Hawaï and her islands (Honolulu, Nawiliwili, Kona). Thus, you will visit both archipelagos and enjoy a beautiful crossing on board.

Moreover, this magnificent cruise links two lands of the extended Polynesia. The journey makes sense and this two-week crossing is certainly the best transpacific cruise with Tahiti on the program. We recommend the Norwegian Cruise Line, known for its excellent service. Count $4,400 per person for a standard cabin and up to $9,900 for the suites.

Inter-Island Cruises From Tahiti

What Itinerary for a Cruise to Tahiti and Her Islands?

Most travelers will opt for an inter-island cruise. The itineraries start in Tahiti and encompass several Polynesian archipelagos depending on the destination. At the end, the boat returns to port in Papeete. It is therefore a question of round-trip loops. We shall retain the three main itineraries.

The cruise linking Tahiti and Leeward Islands is certainly the most popular. In 8 days, you will visit many islands. During the stopovers, you will go ashore to participate in the activities of your choice. The time at sea is reduced. It is a condensed version of French Polynesia.

A second cruise associates Leeward Islands with Tuamotu Archipelago. The itinerary allows you to visit both the high islands (mountains) and the low islands (atolls). During 11 days, you will meet the lands of the end of the world and an extraordinary nature.

Finally, a more intimate itinerary of two weeks takes you to the Marquesas Islands. A few days on board are necessary because of the distances. You will visit a Polynesian land still wild, where traditional rites and ancestral culture permeate daily life.

What Are the Best Shipping Companies?

Port of Papeete in Tahiti, with a cruise ship at the dock

Paul Gauguin cruises are certainly the best. It is quite simply French excellence. The quality of service on board is exceptional, according to the rules of elegance and refinement. It is the ideal setting for voluptuousness and relaxation, and also for honeymoons. Between romance and luxury, Paul Gauguin cruises are the mark of an extraordinary savoir-faire. Count on a budget of $3,300 to $11,000 per person depending on the category of the cabin.

With fewer passengers on board, Variety Cruises offer a more intimate and international atmosphere. It is aboard a magnificent two-masted ship, the Panorama II, that you will sail through the Leeward Islands. As a prestigious passenger, you will benefit from the special attention of a warm and competent crew. Count on a budget of $2,200 to $4,400 per person.

Aranui Cruises is a tribute to the Polynesian spirit. Its inimitable mixed cargo ship transports you to a surprising setting because all of Polynesia is there, not just the cruisers. This is the company to go through to undertake a cruise to remote islands, such as the Cook Islands or the Marquesas Islands. Less glamorous, the experience is more human and authentic. Count on a budget of $3,300 to $6,600 per person.

Will You Go on a Cruise to Tahiti?

We recommend that you choose excellence for an unforgettable cruise. At the end of your cruise, take advantage of the few remaining days to do some activities in Tahiti. Indeed, between the hikes in Tahiti, the cultural festivals and the daily life to discover, there is so much to see and do. Contact us to organize your stay in Tahiti and its islands.