What is the cost of a trip to Tahiti? It is true that the price will often be high. However, there are a few tricks you can use to reduce your expenses and save money. In doing so, the journey becomes accessible to all. Let’s see what the real price of a trip to Tahiti is.

What Does a Basic Trip to Tahiti Cost?

There are three types of expenses that cannot be avoided: international flights, local accommodation and activities. However, with a little flexibility in your travel dates, you can reduce the cost of the first two.

Finding the Right Flight to Tahiti

Depending on the time of year, the price of a flight to Tahiti varies greatly. Generally, the best time to visit French Polynesia is during the dry season, from mid-April to mid-October. July and August are the most popular months. Therefore, air tickets are very expensive at this time. To get the best prices, we recommend using a flight comparator, such as Skyscanner:

In August, count up to $2,700 for the fastest return flight from Paris to Papeete with a stopover, and nearly $2,000 from Los Angeles, USA. On the other hand, by shifting the stay to May or September, the price drops to $1,500 and $950 respectively. In other words, by choosing the best time to visit Tahiti (September and October), you will cut the price of international airfare in half.

Air Tahiti Nui

Choosing Your Accommodation

In Tahiti, you will have plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation. Guesthouses and Hotels in Tahiti range from simple to luxurious. Often the location of your accommodation will be a source of savings or additional expenses.

Many accommodations are located in the urban area of Papeete the capital. The best ones are Airbnb-type vacation rentals at very affordable prices. Count about $100 per night. On the other hand, you will be away from the beaches and more relaxing places.

Following the East and West coasts and even more so on the peninsula in the South, several guesthouses offer high quality and exotic accommodation. Most of them have a private access to the lagoon. Count on $170 to $230 per couple for full board. However, due to the distance from Papeete, the question of mobility arises and requires the rental of a car to get around Tahiti. At the best price, count $45 per day.

Hotels in Tahiti: Find the Best Hotels and Guesthouses on the Island

Plan Some Activities

By choosing a seaside accommodation, you will have easy access to the lagoon with all its interest: swimming, snorkeling and kayaking, provided by the guesthouses. You will save a lot of money.

However, the activities in Tahiti are numerous and you must devote the necessary budget to them. It makes no sense to deprive yourself of the most beautiful experiences after crossing the oceans. Ideally, you should plan at least one activity per day. In this case, plan on an average daily budget of $120 per adult to participate in cultural and outdoor activities.

In addition, there are the meals. For guesthouses, we recommend choosing half board. This way, you will be assured of a hot meal in the evening, while lunch will be at your convenience, either by going to the food trucks in Tahiti or by preparing your own meal. For the rest, restaurants on the island offer reasonable prices, where you can eat well and in quantity.

Spectacular sunset during the jet-ski tour in Tahiti

Planning an Itinerary in Tahiti & Her Islands

Tahiti may be a wonderful island full of surprises, but you will probably want to see the other islands of the archipelago. Inter-island flights are prohibitively expensive, and visiting multiple islands can add to the overall cost of a trip to Tahiti, especially for large families and groups. Fortunately, changing horizons is within the reach of all budgets.

Comfortable Budget: Take Air Tahiti Pass

Dreaming of many islands, each one as heavenly as the next? The airline Air Tahiti offers you its famous multi-islands passes. These allow you to define an itinerary that includes several islands according to your preferences. More economical than domestic flights purchased individually, these passes will be amortized after two islands visited, in addition to Tahiti. The only constraint: the itinerary cannot be modified once validated on the day of boarding.

For a first approach to French Polynesia, we recommend the Bora Bora Pass. You will be able to choose among five islands of the Society Archipelago, without any obligation to visit them all. On the other hand, for those who would like to see the lands at the end of the world and especially practice scuba diving, the Bora-Tuamotu Pass seems more appropriate.

The price of an Air Tahiti Pass varies according to the tourist season and the package chosen. Count between $500 and $660 per person.

Tahiti Island, French Polynesia

Economical Budget: Visit Moorea

If you wish to experience inter-island travel in a more economical way and without losing quality, visit Moorea during your stay. This beautiful island is a true summary of Polynesian lands. The beaches are marvelous, the mountains call for the most beautiful hikes and the lagoon is of exceptional beauty. It is suddenly a new journey.

Moorea is quickly accessible by boat from the Papeete ferry terminal in Tahiti. Daily connections are provided by the Aremiti and Terevau companies and departures are every hour. The crossing costs about $10. This proximity makes Moorea an essential destination for your trip. It is even more so since the hotel offer meets all budgets.

Snorkeling in the Moorea lagoon during the pirogue tour

How Much Does a Trip to Tahiti Cost?

Because of the long distances and the time difference, a stay in French Polynesia requires time. Let’s try to evaluate how much a trip to Tahiti costs on the basis of a two-week stay. In the comfort package, you will have access to the best of Tahiti and her islands including several nights in luxury hotels. The economy version offers a quality stay in Tahiti and Moorea for those on a tighter budget.

For a two-week package including international flights, inter-island stopovers, lodging, activities and meals, the real price of a trip to Tahiti is about:

  • All comfort in high season: $17,000 per couple
  • All comfort in low season: $13,000
  • Economy in high season: $11,000
  • Economy in low season: $6,000

The cost of a trip to Tahiti ultimately depends on the season and the type of accommodation you are looking for. Postponing your trip by a few weeks can result in a saving of several thousand dollars. Limiting your stay to Tahiti and Moorea is not a default choice, as there is so much to do and see on both islands. Of course, a comfortable stay at the time of the year that suits you is the best option to fully appreciate the experience.

When asked about the cost of a trip to Tahiti, it appears that a reasonable budget is sufficient. A trip to the South Pacific Islands has never been more affordable. And don’t forget to bring back with you beautiful souvenirs from Tahiti! Contact us to start planning your next trip.