Food trucks in Tahiti are the equivalent of those that are flourishing in urban centers, to meet the need to eat quickly, easily and in accessible places. These mobile restaurants are indeed a real institution in French Polynesia and belong to the local cultural heritage, made of sharing and conviviality.

Concept of Food Trucks in Tahiti

Initially, as their name indicates, the food trucks went to meet customers who did not have the necessary food nearby. This was particularly the case in the valleys or on construction sites. The success was immediate. The food trucks in Tahiti spread all over the island. You can find them first on the famous Vaiete square in Papeete, the nerve center of the city near the port. Then, you will see them along the roads, all over Tahiti and her islands.

Thus, every late afternoon, the food trucks settle on their dedicated place, unfolding their signs and setting up folding tables, tablecloths and plastic stools. Here simplicity is the rule, the important thing is elsewhere…

Ask for the Menu!

Enjoy poisson cru (raw fish) at the Dominique de Tahiti trailer

There is something for everyone. Obviously, the Tahitian food specialties are unavoidable, especially raw fish in all its forms. You will be able to taste raw fish in coconut milk, the half-cooked tuna, the sashimi and the tuna tartar. Beef and chicken are also highlighted with grills. We note some oriental flavors such as Chinese dishes (chao men various). Some trucks also offer succulent pancakes or generous pizzas.

However, the Polynesians prefer the steak and French fries. Beware: it is a huge rib steak with a large portion of fries. This is one of the advantages of the food trucks: they don’t skimp on the quantity!

We advise you to have an appetite, but in the image of simplicity and sharing, nothing prevents you from leaving with your tray. As such, it is also possible to order your meals to go.

Eating at the Food Trucks in Tahiti at Low Prices

The success of the food trucks lies in the fact that they offer great portions at prices accessible to all budgets. Count from $8 for a dish and a little more with a drink. You will find water and sodas, in cans or bottles. However, there is no alcohol for sale. Also, note that except for some specialized food trucks, few of them offer desserts.

Authenticity in the Polynesian Way

Enjoy grilled meat in the trailers in Tahiti

As you can see, going to a food truck is a guarantee of good food. The quality is there. Indeed, the products cannot be preserved on site. Therefore, you can be sure of the freshness of the ingredients. Even better: this quantity is appreciated at an affordable price.

The food trucks in Tahiti are above all a place of sharing and conviviality. On the side of Vaiete Square, your dinner may be accompanied by the sound of ukuleles on certain evenings. Everyone meets at the food trucks, regardless of their social or ethnic background.

This quality of life has a price: the food trucks are only open in the evening and many close on Sundays. This is a great way to get in tune with the Polynesian rhythm. You will have a lot of pleasure to discover the food trucks along the roads, sometimes in surprising places. Let the smell of grilled food arouse your gustatory curiosity!

Best Food Trucks in Tahiti

Chez Dominique – Papeete – Vaiete Square

Dominique offers a tempting menu with typical Polynesian dishes. The generous portions will delight the good eaters. The service is fast and you will be impressed by how contagious the good mood can be! Their specialties are chao men, grilled fish (2 pieces) and steak/french fries. Count about $15 for a dish.

Roulotte Anita – Punnaauia – PK 11,5 seaside, roadside

Discover this time a more elaborate food truck with a shelter at the water’s edge. The Roulotte Anita offers you delicious meringue tarts with lemon, local fruits or nuts. You will eat tasty dishes and take advantage of the different formulas that are offered to you. At less than $15 per dish, Anita is a treat.

La Boule Rouge – Creperie – Papeete – Vaiete Square

Finally, lovers of traditional hamburgers or Breton crepes will go to La Boule Rouge. This food truck is one of the oldest on Vaiete square. It is a local institution and certainly an ideal address to vary the pleasures at very low prices!

A Visit to the Food Trucks in Tahiti Is a Must!

Daily life in Tahiti revolves around two symbolic places: the covered market of Papeete in the morning and Vaiete square in the early evening. Each time you will find an authentic and warm atmosphere. The culinary specialties of Polynesia will no longer hold any secrets for you.

French Polynesia is waiting for you. The beaches of Tahiti, the art of Taurumi massage and the green valleys of Fenua are all wonders to discover. Contact us to start planning your trip to the South Sea Islands.