Like the Tahitian Vahines, massage is a strong symbol of Polynesian culture. You will rediscover your body in the scents of monoi and essential oils. The perfect experience to let go. Let’s explore together the massage in Tahiti, its particularities and of course its best addresses on the Queen Island of Polynesia.

Taurumi: Art of Massage in Tahiti

Literally, Taurumi can mean massage in the Tahitian language, namely the art of touching. In practice, Taurumi is above all a story of transmission. The transmission of a traditional know-how first. The transmission of a cultural legacy and identity. Indeed, the massage is recognized as much for its therapeutic virtues as for the philosophy of life that it carries within it. Massage in Tahiti is part of a quest for both physical and psychological well-being.

The particularity of Taurumi lies in the idea of unifying the body, from the soles of the feet to the palms of the hands and the scalp, to form a harmonious whole. Tahitian massage is both invigorating and relaxing. It rebalances the body’s energies to achieve well-being.

A Tahitian Massage With Essential Oils

What would a Tahitian massage be without essential oils? You will escape in the scents of vanilla, coconut and especially monoi, known for its nourishing properties. In doing so, the experience will put all your senses to work to achieve a moment of plenitude and serenity.

Benefits of a Massage in Tahiti

Too much stress at work? Permanent fatigue that accumulates over the days? The desire to regain inner harmony? Or simply the need to invigorate yourself after a long plane ride? The traditional Polynesian massage is for you.

A massage will help you release physical tension and prevent muscular pain. The energy of your entire body is rebalanced for a feeling of intense vitality. This regeneration is accompanied by the evacuation of negative waves. Finally, the Tahitian massage is also a beauty ritual. You will feel all the Polynesian know-how in a touch of spirituality: the body and psychic well-being in an indissociable whole.

Where to Get a Massage in Tahiti?

Tamatoa Tahitian Massages: Beauty of Taurumi

Come to the salon of excellence at Pointe Vénus, one of the most beautiful beaches of Tahiti. Located in a villa on the heights, the center offers a magnificent setting with a beautiful view of the ocean. After an outdoor whirlpool, you will enjoy exceptional massages. Tamatoa Tahitian Massages offers an unforgettable experience at affordable rates. This trip can be enjoyed alone or in duo. Ideal for lovers and a must for those who wish to discover Taurumi.

Monoi, used in Tahitian massages, is obtained from the maceration of Tiare flowers

Hina Massages: Taurumi at Home

No means of transportation? Call on Hina Massages and you will enjoy an unforgettable massage directly at your vacation home. The intimacy and gentleness of the meeting with your talented masseuse will put you in the best conditions. The prices are well below the quality offered. The only risk is that you will want to do it again the next day.

Visit Deep Nature Spa

Guests of the InterContinental Tahiti Resort will be able to go the Deep Nature Spa. This salon has all the facilities one would expect in this range of establishments. The setting is beautifully decorated to better appreciate a moment of relaxation upon arrival in Tahiti. The program includes several traditional massages, including the famous Taurumi.

Well-Being to Better Visit Tahiti!

Don’t underestimate the effects of such a long plane trip on your body. A massage in Tahiti will allow your body to recover more quickly and will give you a first glimpse of the Polynesian culture. Prepare your trip to Tahiti and contact us to organize your stay in Tahiti.