The island of Tahiti is a natural beauty, wild and intense. Her beaches have the particularity of being covered with black sand. Of volcanic origin, this sand is both soft and warm. It gives to the Queen Island a fantastic and timeless side. The moment is perfect for swimming and relaxing. Discover the most beautiful beaches in Tahiti.

1. Tautira Beach

Tautira Beach in Tahiti - Credit: Creative Commons Author: peterfatson

Far from Papeete, it is on the southern peninsula that you will find the most incredible of all beaches in Tahiti. Tautira beach is just like the Queen Island: wild, enigmatic and unusual. Covered with pitch-black sand, it offers an incomparable view of the mountainous valleys of Tahiti Nui. This fabulous landscape is worthy of the greatest adventures. Tahiti Iti hides many mysteries, but it is especially the place where nature appears most authentic.

The waves are quite small and make the site an ideal place for swimming. Even better, the surroundings offer access to sanitary facilities, playgrounds and restaurants. Activities in Tahiti are numerous. On Tahiti Iti, for example, you can see the Wave of Teahupoo and then enjoy Tautira Beach for a few hours. The day will be a memorable one.

How To Get To Tautira Beach?

2. Beach of Pointe Vénus

The lighthouse next to the beach of la Pointe Vénus

North of Tahiti Nui, there is a beautiful black sand beach. The setting is surreal. The mountains pass by on the horizon, the anthracite colored sand gives way to the transparent waters of the lagoon. In the absence of coral reef and with a less agitated sea, the beach of Pointe Vénus is highly recommended for swimming and relaxation. The place is also very appreciated by the locals who frequent it in number on weekends.

The site also stands out for its historical importance. Several small monuments, including a beautiful period lighthouse, recall the adventure of European sailors and the discovery of the island of Tahiti. This is an opportunity for a little cultural visit after a swim. But that’s not all: the beach has landscaped grounds to enjoy a picnic or a nice family afternoon.

How To Get To The Beach Of Pointe Vénus?

3. Vaiava Beach

Sunset over Tahiti, French Polynesia

Located on the west coast of Tahiti Nui, the huge Vaiava beach is one of the most emblematic beaches of the island. And for good reason! The natural setting is magnificent. The sand is white, the translucent waters of the lagoon are beautifully blue and the view of the island of Moorea sees the sky blazing at sunset. The place also lends itself to snorkeling. It is possible to follow an aquatic trail for about 30 minutes to meet the underwater fauna.

Vaiava beach is the Tahitian equivalent of Temea beach in Moorea and Matira beach in Bora Bora: a place not to be missed. Therefore, it is very popular with the local population and tourists, especially on weekends. It is therefore preferable to go there in the morning during the week to enjoy some peace and quiet. The facilities around the beach are also aging and insufficient in number. Major redevelopment and modernization work is planned for the year 2022.

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4. Taharuu Beach

Taharuu Beach in Tahiti - Creative Commons - Author: Lyle Rains

In the southwest of Tahiti Nui, Taharuu beach is a beautiful black sand beach. The natural setting is once again equal to the beauty of the Queen Island. Because of the current and the powerful waves, the place is not recommended for swimming. At best, you will be satisfied with the shore.

In addition to its fantastic landscape, the main interest of Taharuu beach lies in the fact that the site is a recognized and appreciated surfing spot in Tahiti. The surfers practice their sport daily in a fascinating show. Observation is the order of the day and the images are impressive. The beach is also the ideal place to relax in the late afternoon.

How To Get To Taharuu Beach?

5. Toaroto Beach

Toaroto Beach in Tahiti - Creative Commons - Author: ggallezot

In the commune of Punaauia on the west coast of Tahiti Nui, there is a small white sand beach. From the parking lot, access is via a pleasantly shaded path. The whole area is well laid out in a relaxing decorative style. Next to tables for picnics, a sanitary block with pebble walls allows the use of toilets and showers.

Unlike Vaiava beach, the setting is more peaceful. It is also grandiose with a view of the ocean and the island of Moorea. The beach has the particularity of being crossed by a strip of coral at the level of the entry into the lagoon. However, avoiding possible slips, the white sand, the shallow water and the cleanliness of the place will delight children and their parents. Toaroto beach is the ideal place to relax in a family and intimate atmosphere.

How To Get To Toaroto Beach?

Discover Now The Beaches In Tahiti!

The Queen Island of French Polynesia has beaches that live up to its reputation. As such, the black sand beaches offer a unique experience in the Society Islands. To get around Tahiti, we advise you to bring your own means of transportation. Contact us today to plan your trip to French Polynesia.