A stay in French Polynesia is difficult to improvise. You will have to choose the best time to visit Tahiti, draw up an itinerary and of course find the accommodation of your dreams. In short, all this requires time and organization. But preparing your trip to Tahiti also requires thinking about what you will take in your suitcase. After so much effort, it would be a shame to be caught off guard. Here is the list of essentials to take with you on a trip to Tahiti.

Preparing for a Trip to Tahiti Means First of All Having the Right Papers

The validity dates of your passport must cover the entire duration of your stay in Polynesia. Knowing that the trip is prepared months in advance, your identity card may not be valid on the day of departure, or even worse on the day of the return flight. To renew your identity card or passport, allow between one and three months.

On the other hand, European Union citizens, British subjects and North American citizens need no tourist visa. A valid passport is sufficient.

Passport and a visa for French Polynesia

Non US citizens should not forget to get an electronic travel authorization (ESTA), which is the only way to travel through the United States to North America. This administrative procedure, which is not free, is done online one month in advance and payment is made by credit card or PayPal account.

Finally, we recommend that you take out travel insurance to prevent any problems that could require hospitalization or the cancellation of your stay. Please note that no special vaccinations are required to visit Tahiti and its islands.

Preparing Your Trip to Tahiti: The Essentials Not to Forget

For Hiking

If you are planning to travel around Tahiti and its islands and climb the lush mountains, then don’t forget to take a good shoes with you. It is both a question of comfort and safety, to avoid accidents and possible injuries. It is unthinkable to walk through the jungle or along rocky paths in flip-flops or slippers.

During your trip to Tahiti, it is best to carry a metal water bottle, a head covering that protects both the head and the neck, and above all, a powerful mosquito repellent. Because of the heat and humidity of the forest, mosquitoes are numerous and very enterprising. Without protection, you are in for a very stressful experience.

Finally, even during the austral winter in the middle of August, sudden and torrential rains can occur. Therefore, hikers should bring a raincoat (poncho) to protect themselves as much as possible.

For Water Activities

Protect yourself from the sun! Bring a head covering, a good glasses and sun cream with the maximum protection factor. To protect your body from the sun’s reflection on the surface of the water, we recommend to bring a covering swimsuit in addition to your usual one.

For snorkeling, water shoes are essential. They will protect you from coral cuttings and potentially poisonous fish hidden on the ground. For personal comfort, you can bring your own mask and snorkel in your size. And why not also bring an underwater camera to capture your aquatic encounters?

Surfers will find in Tahiti many of the most impressive spots in the world. The waves are hollow and reefs cover the bottom. In addition to water shoes, wearing a helmet is essential.

Be prepared for your water activites in Tahiti

For Scuba Diving

Certified divers should not forget their diving certificate. They will have to present it in the clubs on the various islands. Because of the 24-hour delay before taking a flight, we recommend that you dive the day after your arrival on an island. In case of cancellation due to bad weather or damage, you will be able to postpone your dive in Tahiti to the next day.

For the Rest: Travel Light!

The climate is tropical in French Polynesia, so you won’t have to fill your suitcases with tons of clothes. Moreover, the stores in Tahiti are not lacking in anything and you will easily be able to make last minute purchases (especially flip-flops).

Pack the most important things: shorts, t-shirts, and light pants and a warmer vest for the evening. Otherwise, life on the islands is fairly casual. However, elegant attire will be required in luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants. Finally, the biggest challenge will be not to leave overloaded, with suitcases full of souvenirs from Tahiti! Be sure to observe the weight limits on each flight.

Preparing Your Arrival to Tahiti Before the Trip: Contact Your Hosts!

Whether you are staying in a guesthouse or a hotel in Tahiti, don’t forget to announce your arrival time. Your hosts will be able to pick you up directly at the airport and drive you to your place of residence. The South Pacific islands are open to you: have you thought about a cruise to Tahiti? Find out the cost of a stay in Tahiti and establish your budget. Contact us to organize your trip to French Polynesia.