Of all types and price ranges, hotels in Tahiti are generally of good quality. Depending on the length of your stay on the island, you will choose accommodation close to the airport and Papeete. What are the best hotels in Tahiti? Let’s take a look at our selection!

Hotels in Tahiti Near the International Airport

Ease & Comfort Upon Arrival or Before Your Return

Flights to Tahiti: Practical Information to Choose Your Plane Ticket

Flights to Tahiti arrive at destination either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. In either case, you’ll enjoy dropping off your bags or going straight to your hotel to rest from the trip. If you are planning a short stopover in Tahiti before leaving for Bora Bora, Moorea or the islands of the Tuamotu archipelago, we recommend that you stay close to the airport. This will allow you to arrive in time for boarding.

This recommendation is also valid for the return flight, especially if it takes place very early in the morning. Due to the numerous traffic jams around the city of Faa’a where the airport is located, it is preferable to spend the night before boarding in an accommodation located just a few minutes from the terminal.

This practical solution avoids stressful situations and also allows for a good night’s sleep. However, it is still possible to combine business with pleasure, as some of the best accommodations near the airport are among the best hotels in Tahiti.

Best Luxury Hotels in Tahiti: Intercontinental Resort Tahiti

Hotel Intercontinental in Tahiti, French Polynesia

The Intercontinental Resort Tahiti is the perfect place to stay before heading off to other climes. Just 5 minutes from the airport, this 4-star hotel is located in a magnificent natural setting overlooking the lagoon. Here you will have your first postcard effect and your first swim: you are in the land of dreams and enchanting landscapes!

Several categories of accommodation are available. Travelers in transit will enjoy the standard and superior rooms, which are both spacious and modern. Others will choose the beautiful overwater bungalows and villas to admire the sunset on the neighboring island of Moorea in complete privacy.

It is possible to eat on site, but you can also spend the evening in Papeete which is only 10 minutes away by car. The Intercontinental Resort Tahiti is definitely more than a transit hotel: it is practical and pleasant. Count on a budget per night and for two people from $340 to $1,140 depending on the tourist season and the type of accommodation chosen.

Manaeva Lodge: Perfect for One Night and More!

Manaeva Lodge in Tahiti

Also close to the airport, the Manaeva Lodge offers guest rooms and private bungalows of exceptional quality. This time, you’ll have a view of a beautiful exotic garden. The place takes on the appearance of a small garden of Eden. This small hotel is particularly suitable for couples, but also for small families with a child.

You will stay in spacious rooms of impeccable cleanliness. The excellent bedding makes for a restful night. You also have your own bathroom and a small kitchen, ideal for longer stays. Your hosts are discreet, but they go out of their way to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Manaeva Lodge combines privacy, comfort and conviviality. It is simply one of the best addresses on Tahiti, both for travelers passing through and for those who would like to discover the island in more depth. Prices are also very attractive: expect to pay $160 and $200 per night for two people.

Lodging in Papeete

Perhaps you would like to discover the daily life in Papeete? You can visit its famous market and eat at the food trucks in Tahiti in the evening. And why not attend the Heiva show and admire the Tahitian Vahines? For you, an accommodation close to the city is essential.

Fare Tutehau : House & Guest Rooms

Fare Tutehau in Tahiti

A beautiful address awaits you in the east of the capital and only 15 minutes walk from the promenade. You will enjoy a privileged location to visit Papeete without having to take a rental car. Going out in the evening becomes a habit and taking the ferry to Moorea is no problem. Your hosts even provide bicycles for your travels.

Fare Tutehau offers quality and beautifully decorated accommodations. The rooms are spacious and have a real personality, and the bedding is very satisfactory. Depending on the model chosen, you will share the bathroom with other travelers. Another type of accommodation, a beautiful guest house offers the ideal setting for a family vacation in complete privacy and comfort.

Affable and available, your hosts are distinguished by their sense of welcome and their simplicity. Fare Tutehau is a pleasant alternative to hotels in Tahiti: quiet and close to everything. For a room for two people with air conditioning, count approximately $140, including breakfast.

Dream Location: Blue Manava

Blue Manava, Airbnb in Tahiti

Feel like getting away from it all in the middle of downtown? All you have to do is to take a little height. This is the experience that Blue Manava offers you. Located in a residence, a well-equipped apartment allows couples to stay in the very heart of Papeete. Everything is within walking distance in a few minutes.

Your apartment is large, comfortable and clean. Having breakfast on your terrace will make you feel at home. But happiness is found a little higher up. On the roof, a magnificent swimming pool awaits you with an incredible panoramic view of Papeete. The ideal place to relax and admire the city from a different angle.

For those looking for tranquility and proximity to the city, Blue Manava is a great place to stay. The experience is made even more pleasant by the fact that your hosts are both responsive and friendly. A very good address and an excellent value for money: on a minimum basis of two nights, count approximately $100 per night.

Some Addresses on the West Coast

Going down the West Coast, you leave the density of urban areas behind. The natural landscapes become more grandiose and the days pass more peacefully.

High-End Rental: Tahiti Luxury Apartment

Tahiti Luxury Apartment

Not far from Faa’a airport, a magnificent apartment welcomes you on the top floor of a modern residence. The quality of the sleeping arrangements and the equipment provided is of the highest standard. During your stay, you will have access to the residence’s huge swimming pool as well as to the fitness room.

Although relatively secluded, Tahiti Luxury Apartment is close to several shops and the waterfront. With its west-facing position, the apartment offers a breathtaking view of the ocean and the island of Moorea. However, you will need to rent a vehicle to get around.

Equipped with a concierge service, the Tahiti Luxury Apartment has little to envy the big hotels in Tahiti. It is an ideal destination for peaceful retreats with friends and family. Expect to pay around $230 per night, based on a minimum two-night rental.

Even Further South: Manomano Lodge

Manomano Lodge in Tahiti, French Polynesia

Far from Papeete but still on Tahiti Nui, Manomano Lodge offers simple and authentic accommodation. With direct access to a black sand beach, aquatic and nautical activities will be at the heart of your stay: snorkeling, paddle and surfing! You will also be close to the Tahiti Golf Course.

Beach bungalows can accommodate up to 6 people and all have a fully equipped kitchen and a private bathroom. Without a doubt, this is the ideal accommodation for families. Manomano Lodge also offers three comfortable, functional and very clean studios. For meals, you’ll find everything you need nearby: supermarkets, artisans and vendors of local products.

Manomano Lodge is a great place to stay if you want to enjoy a remarkable natural setting, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The prices are also very attractive: count from $100 to $170 per night for two people.

Hotels in Tahiti Iti

When you leave Tahiti Nui for the peninsula, you enter a wilder, more authentic environment and of course, farther away from everything. It is therefore necessary to have enough time and often a means of locomotion.

Omati Lodge: Intimacy & Immersion

Omati Lodge in Tahiti

On the east coast of Tahiti Iti, the Omati Lodge offers several high quality villas, two of which have a private pool. In the heart of a splendid landscaped garden, you will appreciate the calmness and the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean.

Your accommodation is beautifully decorated and very well equipped. The villas are very spacious and comfortable. You can spend a pleasant weekend with your family or as a couple. A reception service is available on the spot, and you will never be left alone in case of need.

Omati Lodge is especially the starting point to discover the peninsula. There are many possibilities for hiking. Because of its remoteness, renting a car is mandatory to visit the rest of Tahiti. Count about $270 per night for four people in a villa with swimming pool.

Best of Hotels in Tahiti Iti: Pension Reva Teahupoo

Pension Reva Teahupoo in Tahiti

At the end of the west coast, there is a nice guesthouse, accessible only by boat. The boat ride takes 15 minutes before arriving at the Pension Reva Teahupoo. In the middle of a wild landscape, the experience becomes almost initiatory.

The accommodation is in bungalows with a capacity of 2 to 4 persons. All are well equipped for sleeping and have a private bathroom. Larger families will have a more spacious bungalow at their disposal. Because of the total isolation, it is strongly recommended to choose a half board or even full board formula.

You will be in charge of everything, from transportation and food to organized activities. The Pension Reva Teahupoo is a quality address, both idyllic and demanding. It costs about $270 per night for two people in full board.

Choose Among the Best Hotels in Tahiti!

Finding a hotel in Tahiti is relatively easy. For express passages, it is best to stay in Faa’a. Heiva spectators will choose to stay in Papeete. Visitors wishing to discover the island in more depth will move away from the capital. It’s time for you to go hiking in Tahiti! Do not hesitate to contact us to organize your stay on the spot.