The Tahiti International Golf Club, or more precisely Golf International Olivier Bréaud, offers a magnificent natural setting to golfers from the islands. Its course remains far from the standards in force on the circuit and offers a place of relaxation, sport and meeting. Take your putter and discover the Tahiti Golf Club.

What Does the Tahiti Golf Club Look Like?

Flat and Tropical Course

Far enough from Papeete, the Golf de Tahiti is located in the middle of nature. You will progress through an island of greenery with a view of the mountains. The first impression is that of a total change of scenery. The experience is very exciting, especially on the back nine and its various water hazards.

Unlike the Moorea Golf Course, the Tahiti Golf Club is almost entirely flat and you can play the course on foot. On the other hand, the distances are very long and the tropical heat may make you uncomfortable. In any case, remember to hydrate regularly and, if in doubt, know that golf carts are available for rent.

Offer on Site: Prices & Equipment

Approved by the French Golf Federation, the Tahiti Golf Club was designed in the late 1960s. Two courses are offered to golfers: an 18-hole par 72 and a 9-hole compact par 32. Both courses are accessible to beginners and advanced golfers. You will enjoy a brand new driving range where you can practice.

Open every day, the site is accessible from Papeete in one hour by car. On the spot, the rates are $70 on weekdays and $85 on weekends for the 18 holes course. To this, add $55 for the rental of a golf cart. You can also rent a golf set for about $45 more. However, we recommend that experienced golfers come to Tahiti with their own clubs. In the end, it will cost $315 for two people on Saturday, including golf sets and cart.

Tahiti Golf Club and Its Problems

Lack of Sporting Challenge

The course is quite easy to play without any major difficulty. Because of the length of some holes and the wide fairways, power replaces technique. Only the bunkers and sometimes the wind prevent you from attacking the green directly.

Beginners will appreciate this accessibility. On the other hand, more experienced golfers may want more. This is all the more true since there are few variations, especially on the Par 3s, which are often similar. At least they can console themselves with an excellent scorecard!

Maintenance and Renovation

Over the last decade, the Tahiti Golf Club has experienced a difficult management leading to a general decline in quality standards. Bunkers, fairways and rough suffered from obvious maintenance problems. The public authorities have recently initiated a modernization program. It will take some time to reach the standards of a nationally or even internationally renowned course.

However, the infrastructure is gradually being renovated or replaced. The magnitude of the work to be done and the global health crisis slowed the progress of the work. But at the beginning of 2023, successes were recorded: the club house finally reopened after several years of closure. It is magnificent and comes to relieve the Pro Shop which seemed to be alone at the time. It is a great success that underlines the obvious interest of Tahitians for golf.

Golf in a Tropical Landscape in Tahiti

The Tahiti Golf Club Is a Popular Place

Let’s hope that in a few years, the achievements will be effective and bear their effects. We must then be patient but also indulgent. The course remains appreciable and we have to accept some side effects. It is important to consider that golf on Tahiti is more and more appreciated by the local population.

There is a relaxed and picturesque atmosphere at the Tahiti International Golf Course. That etiquette is not always respected should not be considered offensive. It can also show how golf is becoming more democratic in Tahiti and her islands, especially for young people, with an approach that is unique to them. Maybe it’s an opportunity to recreate a link. In any case, this is an experience we recommend if you like golf and not only performance.

Choose Tahiti and Her Islands for Golf

The Tahitian and Moorea golf courses offer different experiences. So why not visit both? Before leaving for Moorea, take the time to discover Tahiti’s hiking trails and beautiful black sand beaches. Tahiti and her islands are waiting for you. Do not hesitate to contact us to organize your stay in the South Pacific Islands.