With good water temperature and visibility, diving in Tahiti is a year-round experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, you’ll find many diving spots. Their great variety allows you to discover the underwater world at your own pace. Snorkeling enthusiasts can also take advantage of the beaches in Tahiti to observe the lagoon’s aquatic fauna, which is abundant and multicolored.

Tahiti definitely holds many treasures. Put on your wetsuit and grab your snorkel, because adventure is calling! Let’s discover together the best sites for snorkeling and diving in Tahiti.

The Best Diving Spots in Tahiti

The Aquarium: The Place to Go for Your first dive

On Tahiti Nui, near Tahiti-Faa’a airport, the Aquarium is an excellent place to start your diving experience. You will dive in the warm waters of the lagoon and observe a multitude of tropical fish. Indeed, the place is a real aquatic reserve. This discovery continues with the exploration of the wreck of a plane.

The Aquarium, a great diving spot in Tahiti

This beautiful outing is done quietly, without current, at low depth and peacefully installed on the sandy bottom. The Aquarium is therefore very suitable for children and first dives. Amateur photographers will also find their pleasure here.

Exploring the Wrecks in the Lagoon

The lagoon of Tahiti has the particularity of sheltering several wrecks. Not far from the Aquarium, you can discover a mysterious and very photogenic site. In front of you, you will suddenly see the hull of a seaplane and the remains of a ship. The wreck of the plane lies on the sandy bottom at a depth of about ten meters. The whole thing is still very well preserved, so much so that it is even possible to enter it through the side door. Nearby, the huge wooden schooner has deteriorated considerably. But it offers, on the contrary, a fantastic visual.

These two wrecks are now the place of intense aquatic activity. Indeed, many fishes have made their privileged habitat, protected from predators. Exploration and observation are therefore part of the program. Easily accessible, this magnificent dive in Tahiti Nui is suitable for all levels.

The White Valley: Meeting the Sharks

Off the coast of Tahiti Nui, this ocean trip takes place on one of the best dive sites in Tahiti. The White Valley owes its reputation to the numerous species of sharks that live there. Thus, you will meet the black and white tips, the greys and the lemons. Sometimes you will even cross the path of the tiger shark. But that’s not all, as jacks and countless tropical fishes also put on a show.

Encounter lemon sharks while diving in Tahiti, French Polynesia

The site is more and more frequented by tourists. The majestic sharks remain predators and some of them can impress by their size. For obvious security reasons and to preserve the natural balance, feeding is not allowed. On the other hand, the current makes the dive almost drifting. Also, this trip requires Open Water Diver PADI and seems more adapted to experienced divers.

Arue Cave: The Best Dive in Tahiti

On Tahiti Nui, this oceanic dive meets the wind, which can make underwater visibility quite difficult. At first, a shallow plateau gives a nice view on the coral gardens. Quickly, an impressive drop-off appears. The very vertical coral wall reveals numerous cavities where a nice aquatic fauna prospers. At about 30 meters, an underwater cave offers a fantastic sight.

The experience is to be lived in Tahiti in all serenity. However, diving is also technical and requires a certain autonomy. Therefore, we recommended having at least an Advanced Open Water PADI certification to see the cave.

What About Diving in Tahiti Iti?

It would be wrong to ignore the underwater sites of the peninsula. Far from the urban centers, the diving conditions are purer. Visibility is often much better. The corals are in very good condition. The intense colors and the numerous multicolored fish are a treat for the eyes.

The experience is not only contemplative. Indeed, the exploration of the bottom is highlighted by a surprising topology. You will be able to appreciate the numerous drop-offs and caves.

Diving in Tahiti Iti

The spots on Tahiti Iti are much less frequented by the local population and tourists. Most of them are accessible for Open Water Diver PADI divers. In other words, Tahiti Iti is a dream destination for divers looking for peace, privacy and unspoiled natural beauty.

Choosing a Diving Center in Tahiti

There is no shortage of diving centers in Tahiti. Two of them stand out, either because of their varied offer or the quality of their welcome. They are both located on Tahiti Nui, at the Marina Taina in Punaauia.

Fluid Tahiti: Quality Made Simple

The dynamic team of Fluid Tahiti welcomes you in a simple and relaxed atmosphere. Its members show a great conviviality. This apparent simplicity is the mark of a great professionalism. This allows us to establish trust, to reassure the anxieties of the first dives and, of course, to have a good time together.

A personalized contact, quality equipment and an interest in environmental issues make Fluid Tahiti Diving Center an essential address in the local scene.

Eleuthera Tahiti Diving Center: The Polynesian Experience

Eleuthera Tahiti Diving Center is a reference in terms of guidance and professionalism. As such, the diving instructors are all highly qualified. We also appreciate the well thought-out teaching methods and the special attention given to children.

The Eleuthera Tahiti Diving Center belongs to the “Te Moana” network. With a 10-dive package, you can also access the dives of other member clubs, in Bora Bora or Rangiroa for example. Simply unmissable for all diving lovers.

An Alternative to Diving: Discover Snorkeling

You want a more spontaneous and less supervised solution? The island of Tahiti has several sites where you can discover the aquatic fauna on your own. Indeed, snorkeling, or observation with a mask and a snorkel, is a popular and now widespread practice. Access is usually from the beaches in Tahiti.

Snorkeling in Tahiti, A Great Alternative to Diving

Some Recommendations Before Going Alone

The use of fins is strongly discouraged. Most of the interesting areas are protected reserves. A flipper blow will quickly damage the coral.

Then, the beaches are generally not watched over. Also for your safety, never go beyond the coral reef which, depending on the place, can be quite close to the shore, a few hundred meters away. On the other side, the swell and the violent currents would carry you away.

We recommend that you stay along the beach strips, within a maximum distance of 100 to 150 meters. You don’t have to go that far. Sometimes it takes only a few dozen meters to see a lot of colorful fish.

The Best Spots for Snorkeling

Generally speaking, you will find beautiful snorkeling spots along the West coast of Tahiti Nui. You just have to go to the beaches located between the towns of Punaauia and Paea.

The public beach of Vaiava is one of the most beautiful in Tahiti. Although it is quite crowded, it offers a wide access to the clear waters of the lagoon. You will see several more or less preserved coral reefs, as well as a nice aquatic fauna. It is even possible to cross the path of leopard rays and black tip sharks. A water course has been set up in the lagoon to make exploration even more fun.

Will You Make Your First Dive in Tahiti?

Woman snorkeling with a sting ray in Tahiti

Tahiti does not have the reputation of being a must-see diving spot in French Polynesia. However, there are many and varied aquatic excursions that deserve your attention. And besides, why not wait until September to go and meet the humpback whales?

It is also true that there are many other things to do in Tahiti. Many people prefer to go hiking in Tahiti and then diving on another island of the archipelago. You will then have to think about your itinerary in French Polynesia. You can contact us so that we can organize your stay in the South Pacific islands together.