Raivavae is one of the most beautiful islands in all of Polynesia. Its colorful lagoon and numerous activities make it an ideal destination. After Tubuai, Rurutu and Rimatara, continue your journey in the southern islands of Tahiti.

Welcome to Raivavae

Raivavae has 900 inhabitants spread over four colorful villages: Anatonu, Mahanatoa, Rairua and Vaiuru. The local economy is mainly based on agriculture and fishing. Potatoes, taro, all kinds of fruits and even coffee are grown here! Traditional handicrafts play an important role, especially the manufacture of wooden dugout canoes sewn with outriggers.

With its 16 km², the island is covered with small mountains and has one of the most beautiful lagoons in Polynesia. This lagoon is full of motus, small heavenly islets with the most beautiful legends. Raivavae is of breathtaking natural beauty.

Tourism is gradually developing with a few hundred visitors per year. Raivavae is located more than 700 kilometers from Tahiti. Since the opening of an airfield in 2002, the island is connected by three weekly flights.

Why Go to Raivavae?

With such a beautiful lagoon, Raivavae is a romantic destination off the beaten path. Adventurous lovers will find long white sandy beaches, motus to visit, and generous aquatic fauna. All this far from the tourist circuits! It is the South Seas paradise you have been dreaming of.

The island has a very strong history and identity. In the company of your hosts, you will discover its numerous vestiges of the ancient civilization. You will be told the beautiful stories of the Ruatara and Hotuatua rocks, more commonly known as the rocks of the man and the woman. The cultural immersion takes place in an extraordinary natural setting.

For accommodation, you will have the choice between several guesthouses. We recommend the Ataha guesthouse with its studio accommodations. You will have an excellent overview of the hospitality in the Austral Islands and especially an idyllic setting and a range of activities to do alone or with your hosts. Families and groups can stay at the Vaimano guesthouse for bungalow accommodation, still on the east coast facing the wonderful Motu “Swimming Pool”.

Meet on the most beautiful motu in the world on Raivavae

Things to Do in Raivavae ?

Excursion to Motu Swimming Pool

Motu Vaiamanu, also called Motu Swimming Pool, is a natural wonder of the Polynesian islands. By boat from the main island, you will take part in a day trip organized by your hosts to reach the must-see site of Raivavae. A huge white sand beach awaits you, surrounded by the transparent waters of a lagoon with multiple shades of blue.

Swimming, snorkeling, walking along the reef and relaxation are part of the day’s program. This dreamy setting is conducive to wonder and romantic passions. On request, it is possible to stay overnight for an unforgettable experience. This is one of the best activities in the Austral Islands.

Hiking Mount Hiro

Raivavae is a high island with a striking relief and whose highest point exceeds 430 m. At the top of Mount Hiro, you will have an extraordinary panoramic view of the lagoon and its numerous motus, the infinite Pacific Ocean and the green mountains. It is a real explosion of colors, even more vivid and intense under the sun.

This hike is of medium difficulty. Because of the lack of markers and the luxuriant vegetation, it is necessary to undertake it in the company of an experienced hiker. Some passages are quite steep and you will sometimes have to help yourself with your hands and even with cables to reach the ridges. Fortunately, the arrival at the top fulfills all expectations!

Discovering the Austral Islands and Raivavae

Raivavae, a Beauty to Discover

With its dream setting, Raivavae is a wonderful island. Even better: the activities are numerous and varied. After climbing the mountains and swimming at Motu Swimming Pool, you’ll explore mysterious caves and cycle around the island to meet the locals. To fully appreciate this top quality destination, at least four nights on the island are recommended. Continue your itinerary in the Austral Islands and contact us to organize your trip to French Polynesia.