Easily recognizable by its round shape, Rimatara is the smallest of the Austral Islands. Despite a very small lagoon and the absence of high mountains, this destination will seduce you. After Tubuai, Rurutu and Raivavae, continue your itinerary in the south of Tahiti!

Welcome to Rimatara

With a circumference of less than 9 km, the tiny island of Rimatara looks like a volcanic plateau bordered by small cliffs. Its highest point is less than 300 feet high. This tropical paradise on a human scale is easily visited on foot or by bicycle.

The 900 or so inhabitants of Rimatara are spread over three villages: Anapoto and Amaru on the north coast, and Motuaura in the south.  The local economy, largely self-sufficient, is dominated by agriculture which benefits from a particularly favourable climate. On the other hand, tourism is still struggling to develop.

The population practices localism and fiercely defends its identity, its way of life and its ancestral culture. Rimatara is one of the last Polynesian islands to have an airfield at the end of 2000. Its preserved authenticity offers a unique discovery.

Why Go to Rimatara?

The island has a surprising geology offering magnificent landscapes and panoramas. Like Rurutu, the ancient volcanic activity has raised the coral reef to reveal limestone cliffs where mysterious caves remain to be discovered. On the south-western coastline, these caves overlook beautiful white sand beaches. Rimatara is above all a natural diamond.

Rimatara reveals itself through the contact with its friendly people who have an incredible sense of hospitality. Expect beautiful encounters to share the tranquility of the islands together. The locals will be happy to show you their handicrafts and the archaeological remains of the island, including marae and royal burials.

Your stay on Rimatara will be like a trip to the heart of ancient Polynesia. For the accommodation, you will have the choice between the Ueue pension and the Red Parakeet pension. Both offer charming bungalow style and generous dining facilities. Your hosts will also organize all your activities.

Things to Do in Rimatara

Discovering the Coastline

The natural wonders of Rimatara are revealed during a walk on the south coast. The beautiful cliffs let appear small heavenly creeks and magnificent white sand beaches. With its motus, Motuaura Bay is the most beautiful place on the island: incredible colors and the impression of a paradise of its own.

You will take the opportunity to explore, in the company of your hosts, the secret caves of the island, especially the Teruatavai cave. The stories are beautiful and sometimes even terrifying. A visit is necessary to better understand the ancient beliefs and past rites.

Meet the Ura Parakeets

Rimatara is home to several endemic animal species, including the famous red Ura parakeet. This brightly colored bird is in danger of extinction. Thanks to the islanders, it is protected and now breeds in the Cook Islands as well, sealing an eternal friendship.

Together with your hosts, you will explore the interior of the island in search of the Ura parakeet. They will have heart to tell you Rimatara, its secrets, through a dense and tropical vegetation, until the appearance of the wonderful bird. This is one of the best things to do in the Australs.

Rimatara, the Rhythm of the Austral Islands

Rimatara will certainly please people looking for intimacy and a privileged contact with the population of the Austral Islands. It is a corner of paradise offering a complete disconnection, in all simplicity. Three nights on site are a minimum. Continue your itinerary in the Austral Islands and contact us to prepare your trip to French Polynesia.