Made famous by the epic of the Bounty Revolt, Tubuai is a huge island on the edge of the Austral archipelago. It is also a destination renowned for the diversity of its activities. After Rurutu, Raivavae and Rimatara, continue your trip to the south of Tahiti!

Welcome to Tubuai

Tubuai is the main administrative and economic center of the Austral Islands. Its 2200 inhabitants live in several villages, the most important of which is Mataura in the north. The temperate tropical climate allows for abundant agricultural crops. You will find potatoes, taro and lychees, the local pride.

Tubuai’s interior is covered with mountains that you can explore. Above all, the high island has one of the largest lagoons in French Polynesia. This amazing configuration allows for many water activities such as kayaking, diving and kitesurfing.

Tubuai lies 640 km south of Tahiti and is reachable in less than two hours. Count on four regular Air Tahiti flights per week and connections to neighboring islands. However, tourism is not very developed and the island remains an intimate destination.

Why Going to Tubuai?

The largest island of the Austral archipelago offers a playground for the most beautiful adventures. Its huge lagoon is rich in aquatic discoveries. Expect an extremely generous underwater fauna, which you will see and appreciate during multiple dives. There are also many boat or kayak expeditions that will take you to remote and paradisiacal motus.

A visit to Tubuai offers cultural visits to historical sites such as the marae of Vaitauarii and of course the discovery of colorful villages. The inhabitants reserve a warm and friendly welcome for their guests to better immerse you in the culture of the Austral Islands. Several times a year, festive events gather the inhabitants of the whole archipelago, notably during the Australs festival and the Litchis raid. On these occasions, dances and shows embellish even more the daily life of an island bathed in sunshine.

You will have the opportunity to stay at different addresses, each offering a unique experience. In the south of the island, the Tavaetu guesthouse offers bed and breakfast accommodation for a diving and water sports oriented stay. Closer to the village of Mataura, the Taitaa guesthouse offers a complete immersion in contact with the population and the surrounding mountains. These two pensions will make your stay on Tubuai wonderful and unforgettable.

Papaya plantations on Tubuai

Things to Do in Tubuai

Expedition to the Twin Motus Toena & Roa

The Tubuai lagoon is a huge aquatic reserve, where discoveries and activities combine in a dream setting. Once past the beautiful white sand beaches, venture aboard your kayak to the countless motus of the coral reef.

A few cables to the northeast of the island are enough to reach the paradise on earth. The turquoise waters of the lagoon look even more beautiful and promise excellent snorkeling sessions among fish of all colors. You will discover the motus Toena and Roa under the coconut trees with an extraordinary panorama on Tubuai. You should organize this excursion jointly with your hosts, who will surprise you by bringing a picnic lunch. This is one of the best things to do in the Australs.

Hiking on Mount Taitaa

Tubuai’s highest point is more than 1,300 ft high, in the heart of the island and the mountains. Starting from the village of Mataura, you will encounter beautiful, wild and abundant vegetation, crossing fruit plantations. Progressively, the views become more impressive and the arrival at the top of Mount Taitaa offers a superb 360° panorama of the island, the lagoon and the infinite ocean.

This hike takes most of the day and does not require any special physical preparation. However, the difficulty of some of the steeper sections requires caution and observation. The use of hands and ropes will sometimes be necessary to continue the hike. Moreover, the dense vegetation and the lack of markers invite you to undertake the ascent in the company of your hosts who know the route perfectly.

Tubuai, a Gigantic and Quiet Island

Tubuai is an excellent destination for a family vacation. You will enjoy the long beaches and can venture on the lagoon or inland. Of course, perhaps the main interest of the island will be to discover a charming population in search of Tubuai’s secret places. This adventure is to be experienced during a 3 to 4 night stay. Find your itinerary in the Australs and contact us to organize your trip to French Polynesia.