The Pearl of the Pacific is a dream destination and a must-see for any stay in French Polynesia. Just an hour’s flight from Papeete, Bora Bora is known for its fantastic nature, but also for its luxury hotels. The cost of a trip to Bora Bora is substantial, but there are a few tips to prepare for your arrival.

Basic Expenses to Stay in Bora Bora

Finding a Flight to Bora Bora

The first step will be to find a flight to Bora Bora. For several years, the airport of Bora Bora has not been able to accommodate long-haul flights from international destinations. Most travelers transit via Tahiti from where they will take a domestic flight. Depending on the season, the price of international tickets varies greatly. To guide you, discover the best time to visit Bora Bora.

During the high season, from June to September, a round trip flight from Europe or North America costs from 2200 and $2700 per person. Therefore, by being flexible with your vacation dates, it is possible to reduce your transportation budget by a third. The best rates are found in the period from mid-September to the end of October.

The island of Bora Bora seen from the window of a plane

Once you arrive in French Polynesia, turn to the local airline Air Tahiti to take advantage of the multi-destination passes. Very advantageous, these combined tickets allow you to visit Bora Bora but also other islands. Depending on your desires, you can choose between the Bora Bora Pass for the Leeward Islands and the Bora-Tuamotu Pass which includes a stopover in the Tuamotu archipelago, renowned for its scuba diving. The basic price of the most affordable Pass is $510 per person.

Choosing Your Accommodation

Bora Bora is committed to luxury tourism. The 5-star resorts offer near-perfect accommodations with an exceptional geographical location on the motus. It is the ideal way to spend your honeymoon in Bora Bora. A night in an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora facing the lagoon is negotiated between 900 and $3,100. The service also includes the transfer from the airport.

An alternative to luxury hotels is to stay on the main island. In this case you will stay in a guesthouse or simply in rented accommodation. In the heart of the local daily life, this economical solution will lower the price per night to less than $280 per couple. However, you will need to provide your own means of transportation, either a car or a bicycle, to get around.

Bike rental, an economical way to travel in Bora Bora

By making reservations well in advance, you will benefit from promotional offers. You will benefit from a package that reduces the total cost of the accommodation to less than 60% of the initial price. Obviously, these offers are more advantageous in low season. The savings considerably reduce the price of a trip to Bora Bora. To get your bearings, feel free to read our selection of the best hotels in Bora Bora.

Planning Your Activities

In addition to transportation and lodging costs, there are various activities and excursions, whether they are sporting, cultural or gastronomic. The options are numerous and varied to meet your expectations and desires. Count on an average of 110 to $145 per activity and per person. Add to this the restaurant bills, which can quickly soar depending on the establishment chosen. In the end, you should count on a budget of at least $340 per day for two adults.

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We advise you to plan at least one paid activity per day. It can be a boat trip on the lagoon, a dive in Bora Bora or a couple massage. You can also simply enjoy the exceptional natural surroundings. Lounging on the sandy beaches, watching the sunsets and the breathtaking scenery, that’s also Bora Bora. The savings are interesting and the possibilities are numerous. Have a look at the best things to do in Bora Bora.

Cost of a Trip to Bora Bora: Luxous or Comfort

Five Nights on Bora Bora

The packages proposed are only for stays on the island of Bora Bora. The price of international and domestic flights is not included, nor are any possible Polynesian stopovers added to the itineraries.

Sleep in a luxury hotel in Bora-Bora

For luxury-trips including accommodation in a prestigious hotel, activities and catering, the average price of a day in Bora Bora is $2,250 for two people. Based on a five-night stay, a budget of $11,300 is required. Depending on any promotional offers, it is possible to save up to $3,400 over the duration of your stay.

Comfort-trips favor accommodation in family boarding houses or in vacation rentals. On an average basis of $510 per day, a five night stay costs about $2,600 per couple. This is an opportunity to discover the Polynesian world at a reasonable cost.

What Place for Bora Bora in Your Trip to Polynesia?

Because of the distances and time difference, a stay in French Polynesia requires time. Generally, the average trip to the Pacific Islands is two to three weeks. Based on a five-night stay in Bora Bora, let’s estimate what the overall price would be for two weeks in Polynesia.

Aerial view of the lagoon of Bora Bora

By taking advantage of simpler, but quality accommodations, travelers can incorporate the islands of Moorea and Huahine into their itinerary. With a maximum daily budget of $570 for two people, you will have access to the best of these islands. Of course, you’ll have to spend some time on the island of Tahiti before your return with the international flight. Count then at least $340 for each day spent in Papeete, without activities.

Here is an itinerary that can be done in two weeks: two days in Tahiti, three days in Moorea, five days in Bora Bora, three days in Huahine and two days in Tahiti. This loop is made possible with the purchase of the Bora Bora Pass from Air Tahiti.

Real Cost of a Trip to Bora Bora

In the end, what is the total cost of a trip to Polynesia with a stay on Bora Bora? For 15 days on site, the price of a trip to Bora Bora – including stopovers on other islands and international flights – is about:

  • All comfort in high season : $22,600 per couple
  • All comfort in low season : $18,000
  • Economy in high season: $12,500
  • Economy in low season: $10,200

The packages and the seasons invite you to think carefully about your trip to French Polynesia. In addition, this may lead to consider the alternative of a cruise to Bora Bora, perhaps less restrictive. Contact us to benefit from our personalized recommendations.