Although Raiatea is the largest island in the Leeward Islands, it does not have a large public beach. Some will be satisfied with the small private beaches on their accommodation, while others will go swimming from the rocks. Fortunately, there is an alternative: getting to the motus on the lagoon. Where are the beaches in Raiatea? We show you the way.

Tips for Enjoying the Beaches in Raiatea

The motus are small islands on the lagoon, generally on the edge of the reef. Going there is one of the best things to do in Raiatea during your stay.

Some people choose to go by sea shuttle from the port of Uturoa. Be sure to negotiate the time your boat will pick you up. You can contact the diving club Te Mara Nui, which also organizes transfers. Count on about $20 per round trip. Bring mosquito repellent and food and drink.

Other people want to go by kayak. Kayaks can be rented or lent by hotels in Raiatea. However, some remote motus or near the passes to the ocean are less accessible. It is necessary to have a good command of kayaking and to know the physical capacities of each person. Otherwise, it is better to choose the option of a taxi-boat.

Beaches in Raiatea Are Offshore!

Reef barrier between Tahaa and Raiatea

Motu Ofetaro for North

Located near the Teavapiti pass, Motu Ofetaro is the most accessible of Raiatea’s public islets. From Uturoa, it takes 5-10 mins by boat and 20-30 mins by kayak. On weekends, locals gather there to share a moment of conviviality.

Beautiful white sand beaches await you in a breathtaking natural setting. In addition to the amazing view on Raiatea, you will discover a preserved and very well maintained islet. The waters of the lagoon are turquoise and almost transparent. The moment is certainly for swimming but also for snorkeling.

Indeed, Motu Ofetaro benefits from an excellent spot for aquatic observation. You can see coral sponges and many tropical fish. This little adventure is particularly recommended for children.

How to Get to Motu Ofetaro?

Motu Iriru for East

Facing the Faaroa Bay, the Motu Iriru offers an ideal setting for a quiet day. The view is even more beautiful than before and the waters are still clear and turquoise. It is also the best beach in Raiatea. Swimming and snorkeling are on the agenda.

The islet belongs to the community, so it is freely accessible. It is also very well equipped with showers and toilets. Tables allow you to picnic at your ease.

From Uturoa, it is better to take a taxi-boat. On the other hand, it is a very beautiful expedition in kayak from the district of Avera. However, beware of the pass. Motu Iriru is an ideal spot for children.

How to Get to Motu Iriru?

Motu Oatara for South

Near the marae of Taputapuatea, Motu Oatara is a tiny wild islet covered with dense vegetation. Its name means “the island of birds” in Tahitian. A colony of frigate birds reigns over the place.

There is no sandy beach but rocks. That does not prevent a pleasant swim. You can observe the coral garden and the aquatic activity by snorkeling.

To get there, it is best to rent a kayak directly from the Atiapiti hotel. Count on a crossing of about 45 minutes. Coming to Motu Oatara is above all an adventure.

How to Get to Motu Oatara?

Motu Miri Miri for West

Motu Miri Miri is located in the northern part of the island. To get there, kayaking is the best option and the crossing will only take you about 20 minutes. People staying at the Raiatea Lodge will be better off as the hotel is located in front of the motu and has equipment at disposal.

Motu Miri Miri in Raiatea, French Polynesia

This islet is free to access. Its white sand beach is one of the most pleasant in Raiatea. The lagoon is still beautiful and you are sure to get into the water. In the horizon, you will notice Bora Bora emerging in the Pacific Ocean.

Motu Miri Miri especially highlights the Raiatea Lodge, one of the best hotels on the island. Therefore, we recommend the establishment as much for its qualities of accommodation and services as for its direct proximity to the motu.

How to Get to Motu Miri Miri?

Beaches in Raiatea Deserve Your Full Attention

Raiatea is known for not having white sand beaches. However, you only need a few minutes of kayaking to discover them on the motus and these beaches in Raiatea are beautiful. Sure, it takes more time. But what a thrill when you arrive at destination! Don’t wait any longer and contact us to start organizing your trip to French Polynesia.