Welcome to Raiatea, the original land of extended Polynesia. During your stay, you will discover the vestiges of the ancient civilization, green landscapes and an absolutely magnificent lagoon. The island is large, even gigantic, and to go around it requires a means of transportation. Car rental in Raiatea is essential to cover the 100 km of coastal road. What are your options: cars, scooters or electric bikes? The Sacred Island of Polynesia is yours to explore, let’s see what it has to offer.

Why Do You Want to Tour Raiatea?

There are several reasons why you should take a tour of the island by car. First of all, Raiatea offers several faces. The northern part is more populated and urbanized. Most of the island’s hotels are located in the north. On the other hand, the southern areas are wilder and the natural landscapes quickly become epic. The views on the lagoon are grandiose and those on the green mountains give the journey a fantastic character.

Then, several sights of the island are away from the resorts. A visit to the botanical garden of Faaroa will give you the opportunity to learn about the local flora. Further south, you will visit the Marae of Taputapuatea, the original site of Polynesian culture, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place is deserted, far from everything and unforgettable.

The Marae Taputapuatea in Raiatea, French Polynesia

Finally, you should not forget the initiatory aspect of your expedition. Starting from the village of Uturoa and following the coastal road in a clockwise direction, you will start a race against the sun. Passing by vanilla plantations whose flavors you cannot ignore, you will then go up the West coast as the sun disappears on the horizon. The lagoon and the ocean are ablaze, wonderful images before returning to your starting point.

Choosing the Right Means of Transportation

The Best Car Rental Agency in Raiatea : Raiatea Location

If we had to establish a ranking of the best car rental agencies in Polynesia, one of them would definitely be in Raiatea. Indeed, it is difficult to find more convincing and professional than Raiatea Location. This agency practices excellence both in customer service and in the quality of the vehicles provided.

Raiatea Location has a large enough fleet to give you the choice between small city cars and more robust vehicles for steep roads. Prices are very competitive: the basic price of a car for a day is 55€. At this price, you will quickly reserve your vehicle for the entire duration of your stay on the island.

The agency also distinguishes itself by a surprisingly friendly and honest staff. It is a real pleasure to deal with such professionals who know how to make the experience both useful and pleasant. A real favorite.

A Responsible and Sustainable Alternative: Electric Bikes

Electrically assisted bicycle on the beach of Temaruao in Raiatea

Of course, the car brings comfort and ease. However, other means of transportation exist, undoubtedly more respectful of the environment. Go to E-Sland Bike in Uturoa, the island’s electric bike rental store.

These E-Bikes offer an electric assistance that supports the action of the rider, helping him in his effort consequently reduced. In other words, you will be able to undertake long and distant excursions, without fearing hills and climbs. Moreover, your electric bike has enough autonomy to ride around the island at your own pace. A beautiful journey is offered to you.

Count on 40€ for a day’s rental, which in the end is quite low considering the experience that will be offered to you. The initiative is beautiful and should be supported and encouraged.

Choose Your Vehicle and Explore Raiatea

Raiatea is a mysterious island, surrounded by legends and ancient beliefs. But it is also a place of discovery, cultural innovation and encounters. The activities are numerous and Raiatea will certainly leave you with lasting memories. Contact us to organize your next stay in French Polynesia.